Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 27, Peak Spiritual Energy


Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


Meanwhile, in a mysterious corner of this country, while Yu Zi Yu was deeply engrossed in spreading his mist…


A middle-aged military officer with a square face happened to be calmly sitting in his office.


*Knock, Knock*


Furrowing his brows, the middle-aged officer heaved a sign and granted his permission, “Come in.”


“Yes, Sir.” 


Immediately after, a young soldier covered in dust hurriedly entered the office.


“Sir, the outbreak of mutated beasts in our province has recently intensified. Incidents of people getting injured have become more frequent. “ Saying so, the young soldier unfolded a map and reported in a grave voice, pointing at the red circles that had just been drawn on it, “The concentration of Spiritual Energy has further increased in these areas, it might be caused by infestation of mutant beasts.”


“Is that so? Looking at the grave expression of the young soldier named Yan Gao Yuan, the middle-aged officer heaved a sigh. 


This was not the first time the concentration of the Spiritual Energy had intensified.


Since the existence of Spiritual Energy had been confirmed, the country had repeatedly discovered abnormal rises in the concentration of Spiritual Energy across various regions. This kind of situation was followed by the potential appearance of stronger mutant beasts.


Among such rises, the most famous was the ‘Penghu Incident’.


Penghu Islands is an archipelago of 90 islands and islets in the Taiwan Strait. In addition, it was also known as ‘Asian Bermuda’ because the number of air crashes in the Penghu Channel since 1967, which had reached a staggering eleven times!


However, such a shocking record had been broken in the past half year!


In just short six months, there had been 17 plane crashes, and over 20 ships had disappeared.


Such a record was scary enough to make even those people sitting in high positions feel uneasy.


But what could be done about it?


As early as two months ago, the country had confirmed the existence of a terrifying group of mutant crows and mutant sea creatures lurking there. The murder of mutant crows swallowed passenger planes, and the mutant sea creatures sank the ships. The combination of the two had turned the Penghu Channel into a death zone.


And according to the experts, ‘as they grew stronger, the territorial instincts of the mutant beasts would become stronger. Any living being that attempts to enter their territories would be viewed as prey by them.’


The passenger planes and ships, which made loud noises, were the first to bear the brunt.


However, faced with these mutant crows and mutant sea creatures, the country was at a loss.


Dealing with the crows was relatively easier.


The country had already deployed special forces to conduct sniper attacks. However, when it came to the mutant sea creatures, their exact locations still remained unknown.


Besides, the depths of the ocean was an unfamiliar territory for Humans. Especially now, with the resurgence of Spiritual Energy, the deep sea has become more of a forbidden zone.


Worst, oceans were the first place where Spiritual Energy first returned. And now, who knows what kind of monster lurked in the depths of the oceans?


The square-face, middle-aged military officer shook his head as a helpless look blanketed his face. For over thirty years of military service, it was the first time he truly found the situation thorny.


Fortunately, the special forces were handling the major incidents, and his current task was to oversee the areas with abnormal Spiritual Energy in the province. If any anomaly or dangers were detected, they were dealt with or eliminated forthwith. After all, according to some experts’ speculations, as these mutant beasts evolved, they might not be satisfied with their territories, and would literally start to venture out to hunt.


At that time, it was quite possible that those mutant beasts would attack the city. As such, as a Lieutenant General responsible for guarding a region, the burden on his shoulder was quite heavy.


“Sort out the regions where the detected Peak Spiritual Energy has exceeded 5000, and submit it to me. “


“Yes, Sir.” Nodding, the young soldier, Yan Gao Yuan, glanced at the map, the corners of his eyes involuntarily twitching.


[Peak Spiritual Energy exceeding 5,000… well, I guess Lieutenant General is going to have a headache this time.] 


Peak Spiritual Energy was the standard used by the Humans to measure the strength of the highest level of Spiritual Energy detected. Generally speaking, in regions with Peak Spiritual Energy exceeding 5000, there was a high chance of a mutant beast with Peak Spiritual Energy exceeding 5000 would emerge.


Creatures with Spiritual Energy exceeding 1000 were already capable of threatening armed soldiers. Whereas creatures with Spiritual Energy exceeding 5000 could disregard bullets and other conventional weapons. In other words, they possessed terrifying destructive power, and were monsters that regular troops and experts of similar power level could not confront.


And once monsters of this level stormed a city, the devastation they would bring could be imagined.


As such, it was the responsibility of this mysterious organization to prevent and eliminate creatures of this level.


Shortly after the young soldier handed the map to the square-faced, middle-aged officer, a cry of surprise echoed in the office.


“What!? There are a total of eight regions with Peak Spiritual Energy exceeding 5000 have appeared? And there’s one region with a Peak Spiritual Energy reaching 18,000!? Are you fucking kidding me!? Are you sure it’s not an instrumental error!? “



Shaking his head like a rattle drum, the young soldier, Yan Gao Yuan’s expression also became solemn.


“Sir, we conducted multiple tests to ensure accuracy, but we cannot rule out the possibility of the emergence of Spirit Rivers or Spirit Mines.”


*Haaaa…* Letting out a long, deep breath, the middle-aged officer with the square face glanced at the young soldier and bitterly smiled.


“Do you think Spirit Rivers and Spirit Mines are as common as cabbages!!” Saying so, his gaze slightly focused as he stared at the region marked in blood-red on the map.


North Canyon, located deep in the mountains of Sichuan Prefecture.


It not only had poor transportation facilities, but the mountain roads were extremely treacherous. It would not be surprising if an extremely terrifying mutant beast appeared there.


However, just how terrifying would a mutant beast detected to have Peak Spiritual Energy of 18,000 be?




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