Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 28, Taming! Beat the Dog Before the Lion


Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


It was nearing noon. As the sunlight broke through the clouds, it cast enormous patches of rays in the sky. There were particles floating in the air, slowly flowing along like countless rivers of stars. They looked like those tiny galaxies in the slides shown in geography class.


But it was no illusion.


In this era of Resurgence of Spiritual Energy, colorful and dreamy Spiritual Energy was permeating the air. If one possessed special perception, they could sense the flow of the Spiritual Energy, and even see it.


As a Tier-1 creature, Yu Zi Yu naturally had the ability to see Spiritual Energy.


Gazing at the sky, Yu Zi Yu was captivated by the fantastic colors in the sky.


“How mesmerizing!“ Yu Zi Yu smiled before he shifted his gaze back to the canyon.


At this moment, the entire canyon was shrouded in thick mist, which seemed to be erupting from the earth’s crust, continuously rising from the floor of the canyon and rushing toward the distance after reaching a sufficient height, resembling a tide.


“In a few days, these mountains will become my turf.” His words were filled with anticipation, and Yu Zi Yu did not hide his excitement either.


He alone was the ruler of this canyon. The rest were animals and ghosts, non-competitors.


No one could understand his joy at this moment.


The mist was his second pair of eyes.


With the aid of the mist, Yu Zi Yu’s perception had undergone a qualitative change. Although he was not able to discern every minute detail, he could still detect major movements. Thus, he could feel truly at ease.


At least, as long as Humans did not resort to medium-range missiles or intercontinental missiles, his safety was guaranteed. As such, he had ample time to develop.


While Yu Zi Yu was lost in thought, a sudden howl suddenly broke his trance.


Raising his gaze, he saw the Gray Wolves imprisoned in the tree cages standing up in succession.


*Aooo~, Aooo~, Aooo~…* The wolves kept howling as their green eyes flickered with a ferocious gleam.


Wolves were pack animals. At night, in the open mountains and tranquil forests, if one wolf howled, the rest would follow suit, their howls echoing throughout the area, sending chills down one’s spine.


And now, these imprisoned Gray Wolves were baring their sharp teeth, lolling their long, blood-red tongues, their gaze dead fixed on the nearby Giant Golden Eagle carcass.


“Are they hungry? “ A little dumbfounded, Yu Zi Yu slowly extended his branch.


The next moment, the branch twirled through the air and entered a tree cage.


*Aooo~* Howling, the wolf in the tree cage slightly bent its hind legs and stretched its front legs forward, assuming an upward pouncing stance. Its eyes flickering with a fierce gleam were staring dead straight on Yu Zi Yu’s oncoming branch.


“Want to give it a try!? “ Yu Zi Yu sneered. Even though he knew that the Gray Wolf could not hear him, Yu Zi Yu translated the meaning behind his words with actions.


Like a Human finger, he bent the tip of his branch and moved it back and forth, appearing extremely arrogant.


*Aooo~* The Gray Wolf let out another howl as it took a step back in caution. It had witnessed the fearsome might of the Tree Demon. It could feel it in its bones, there was a deep awe for powerful beings, which made it hesitate.




*Grrr…* With its stomach grumbling, it could no longer resist the temptation of the foot in the distance.


With a thud, the Gray Wolf’s hind legs kick the ground as it leapt into the air, its mouth full of pungent smell fiercely biting toward Yu Zi Yu’s branch.


*Snap!* A crisp sonorous snapping sound suddenly echoed in the thick fog.


As if to make it clear to the other animals, Yu Zi Yu intentionally dissipated the dense fog around him.


At this moment, a Gray Wolf trapped in the nearby tree cage was cowering in a corner, uncontrollably trembling.


Surprisingly, there was a bone-deep gaping lash wound on its body.


It was softly whimpering. Fear was clearly visible in the depths of its eyes.


At this moment, the branch slowly extended toward it once again…


Approaching it little by little, until it was almost within the Gray Wolf’s reach. Out of instinct, the Gray Wolf bared its sharp teeth.


*Swish!* The branch accelerated in an instant, and abruptly lashed it.


A crisp, sonorous cracking sound reverberated as another bone-deep gaping wound appeared on the Gray Wolf’s body.


“You want to go again!?“ Coldly smiling, Yu Zi Yu slowly extended the branch once more.


However, he was disappointed this time.


Watching the Gray Wolf burying its head, uncontrollably trembling, and allowing his branch to get closer, Yu Zi Yu shook his head.


“You made the right choice. “ Saying so, Yu Zi Yu’s gaze shifted on the other animals, such as the White Crane, and the other quiet Gray Wolves imprisoned in their respective cages.


“Beating the dog before the lion strategy is really effective. “ Yu Zi Yu’s patience was wearing thin, and it was about time to tame these animals. By the looks of it, this method was working quite well.


Smiling, Yu Zi Yu suddenly broke the tip of his branch.


Immediately after, a bit of crystal-clear essence seeped out from the broken end.


And the moment this crystal-clear essence seeped out, all the animals imprisoned in the tree cages opened their eyes, one after another.


Also, the Wild Buffalo with crescent black horns slowly stood up, while its front legs began to scrape against the ground.


On another side, the little Golden Monkey on the treetop started screaming and jumping up and down.


At the same time, the Honey Badger that had been desperately digging into the ground also stopped. It slowly emerged from the deep pit, eagerly smacking its mouth.




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