Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 29, The Cowardly Flathead Bro


Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


“The allure of my Life Essence to these animals is truly extraordinary.“ Yu Zi Yu shook his branch, but he did not drop the essence right away.


Be that as it may, the wounded Gray Wolf, who was closest to the Life Essence, was unable to resist the temptation before its eyes. It opened its mouth wide and took another bite.


*Snap!* Before the Gray Wolf could react, a brutal lash flung it a meter away, crashing heavily into the tree cage.


*Wu wu…* Whimpering in pain, the fallen Gray Wolf tried to lift itself up, but stumbled, its entire body becoming limp. Consequently, crimson red blood also started gushing out of its wounds.


In a flash, the strong nauseating smell of blood masked the fragrance of the Life Essence.


“If I don’t give it to you, you can’t have it.“ Regardless of whether the Gray Wolf could hear it, Yu Zi Yu stated in a cold voice.


“Mas…ter, aren’t you being too cruel?“ Watching the Gray Wolf licking its wounds not far away, wearing an extremely aggrieved expression, He Qing Er, who was sitting on the branch, dangling her small feet, could not help voice her complaint.


“Cruel!?” Dumbfounded, Yu Zi Yu could not help but break into laughter, his mood had recovered a bit. Then, he shook the branch once again, and explained, “Mutant beasts are difficult to tame, especially Wolves. They are the most rebellious. If I’m not harsh…”


Before finishing his sentence, Yu Zi Yu’s branch suddenly swished through the air, creating a sonic boom-like crack.


The next moment…


With a bang, a nearby giant rock was split into two by his branch, revealing a cut that was as smooth as a mirror.


“This is the only fate that awaits them.“ After explaining, Yu Zi Yu focused his attention on the nearby whimpering Gray Wolf.


After this, the Gray Wolf had finally become obedient after Yu Zi Yu’s training. Even when starving and tempted by Life Essence, it had its head lowered and never glanced at the treasure.


Of course, it was not that it did not want to look, but rather it dared not. After all, the lashes of Yu Zi Yu’s branch were extremely difficult to bear – cracking its bones with one lash was not impossible.


Chuckling, Yu Zi Yu continued teasing the Gray Wolf for a while.


Fortunately, the Gray Wolf did not disappoint him.


It truly became obedient.


“That’s better!“ Saying so, Yu Zi Yu finally let the Life Essence fall.


*Drip…* As the Life Essence dripped, the rest of the animals’ eyes widened, and some impatient ones were even about to rush.


But the next moment…


*Swish swish swish* As the tree roots and branches swished through the air, the Wild Buffalo outside the cage that was already charging toward the dripping Life Essence abruptly stopped, leaving a two to three meters long trail on the ground.


And that impatient Golden Monkey, in its eagerness, also suffered a mishap and fell from the tree, looking terrified.


Animals were very simple-minded. Even if they became intelligent, it was difficult for them to learn how to genuinely think and plan right away without undergoing systematic training.


At this moment, they were like infants, as white as a blank sheet of paper. 


It was precisely because Yu Zi Yu understood this fact that he was confident in taming them.


But despite his confidence, if they themselves refuse to learn from the mistakes, Yu Zi Yu did not mind resorting to extreme measures.


With this in mind, one of Yu Zi Yu’s branches swished toward the Honey Badger, creating sonic booms, as his branch danced over it.




Without voicing any protest, the Honey Badger shrunk its neck and decisively retreated back into its burrow. Despite its recklessness, it was not stupid.


Furthermore, the reason for its recklessness was its eye structure, which resembled that of a goose. In its eyes, there was not that much difference between large animals and its own size. As such, thanks to its strong defense and immunity to toxins, the Honey Badger was naturally reckless to the extreme.


There was a saying about their kind, ‘I am Brother Flathead. With my white hair, silver cape, I’m the fiercest in Africa. I’ve spent my whole life in battles…’


This basically highlights the reckless spirit of Honey Badgers.


However, things generally don’t end well for species so reckless. It might lead to its own extinction, which aligns with another saying, ‘When one is not afraid of death, they always end up dead.’


And the Honey Badger’s recklessness might turn ineffective in this era.


While eyes were indeed a way to observe enemies, the problem was other ways to perceive enemies.


Spiritual Energy perception, judging the strength of the enemy based on the concentration of their Spiritual Energy.


All the mutant animals possessed this ability to some extent.


And in the Honey Badger’s perception, the concentration of Spiritual Energy around the Willow Tree was like a raging fire, terrifying to the extreme.


As for itself, it was like a mere spark.


Given such a vast disparity, it naturally made it apprehensive. Therefore, the very first thing it tried to do when it was captured was run for its life, fleeing desperately. It realized  early on that it truly could not provoke this willow tree.


It did not want to end up like its parents, foolishly picking fights with monsters, only to vanish from the face of the earth in the blink of an eye, without even having a chance to make a sound.




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