Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 3, The Peerless–––Willow Deity


Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


In Yu Zi Yu’s previous life, the Willow Deity was a peerless character in films and novels, whose main body was a Willow Tree.


She was a peerless and magnificent character, whose strength had no bound, and her battle prowess shook the past and present. Even now, Yu Zi Yu clearly remembered the paragraph describing her, ‘A tall and slender figure walked out of the Willow Tree, exuding an air of magnificence and invincibility. It was gazing disdainfully upon all things, looking down upon the world.


Its figure was awe-inspiring and otherworldly. It possessed an immaculate physical body, not just limited to its tree form. Its figure was a piece of art; it was otherworldly. Its snow-white clothes were simply flawless, shining bright like a moon. In addition, it was surrounded by faint white mist, and had three thousand orbs of light floating around it, every single orb was a world! ‘

(Ashish: It’s referring to Liu Shen or Willow Deity in the Perfect World.)


[Tsk tsk, a man should be like this.]


Yu Zi Yu did not have that high ambitions; he was not hoping to carry three thousand worlds on his back like the Willow Deity, all he was hoping to be free from the tree and transform into a human being.


Yu Zi Yu rarely did fall into delusions of grandeur, but he still could not help but have flights of fancy. After all, he had Evolution Points, and with its help, he had a promising future ahead of him.


Of course, transforming into a human was purely Yu Zi Yu’s fantasy. The Evolution Points may be quite amazing, but they had not exhibited a near Heaven-defying means of creation.


“Cough…” Letting out a forceful cough, Yu Zi Yu, who was immersed in his own delusions of grandeur, finally pulled his mind back to reality. Immediately, he looked around, feeling a little embarrassed.


[Fortunately, there is no one present.] 


After reacting, Yu Zi Yu added.


[Well…It would rather be surprising if someone was there in this canyon that was rarely visited by people.]


Immediately afterward, he got to the main point. [Upgrade… I need to quickly upgrade!]


Originally, he had planned to save the Evolution Points for the rainy day, but he had not expected to acquire so many Evolution Points by killing and plundering other creatures. In light of this, Yu Zi Yu naturally gave priority to upgrading himself first.


[Only by being stronger can I kill more…no, no, I can survive longer.]


In a flash, he put all 0.3 Evolution Points he had left into other branches.


*Rustle… Rustle…*


The next moment, the Willow Tree started shaking as another three branches started glowing.


However, because the sun was on the horizon, it was not as obvious as the night.

Except, Yu Zi Yu clearly felt an unknown energy coursing through these branches this time.


Upon taking a closer look, Yu Zi Yu also discovered that his three strengthened branches were more lush and greener than before.


*Swish… swish…*


One after another, three green afterimages swished through the air. Immediately followed by three loud and sonorous sonic booms, faintly reverberating throughout the canyon.


“Four branches…” Looking at the four branches dancing in the air according to his will, Yu Zi Yu became a little excited. Just one branch was already enough to give someone goosebumps. It could easily be imagined how terrifying the sight of four branches whacking someone would be.


*Swish… Swish… Swish…*


[Anyone who gets hit can simply forget about surviving! And, I have a a total of fifty branches! If I upgraded all fifty…] Imagining this, Yu Zi Yu’s heart also started pounding in excitement…


“At that time, I’m afraid I would become a Tree Demon. ‘



It takes ten years for a Human to grow, but a hundred years to raise a tree.


Time, it was the most worthless thing for a tree.


In the blink of an eye, half a month had already passed by..


In the depths of the canyon, there happened to be a twenty to thirty meters Willow Tree, tall and straight.


There were many trees in the canyon. Be that as it may, if someone ventured into this canyon, he or she would presumably notice only this Willow Tree.


It was mainly because this Willow Tree had thousands of branches. Sometimes they were drooping down, and other times they were dancing in the air like lively sprites. Every single branch was like a vibrant green waterfall, gracefully swaying in the air.


At this time, the Willow Tree came to a complete halt as if it had received some kind of command.


Immediately after…


*Swish… Swish… Swish…*


The thousands of branches suddenly thrust toward a point in succession.




The next moment, a deafening clap reverberated through the canyon as a shockwave spread out in all directions.


Even after creating such a loud and deafening clap, the thousands of willow branches stopped just about half a meter away from a huge rock. Out of reach, that would be the apt way to put it.


Thanks to his phenomenal growth, Yu Zi Yu’s height might have reached twenty meters or so in just half a month, and his branches might have become ten or so meters long. But, Yu Zi Yu was still helpless in the face of this out-of-reach rock.


Be that as it may, there was one thing that was still very much hard to ignore. Although his branches failed to reach the rock, Yu Zi Yu did manage to upgrade all his branches in the span of half month. When they struck in unison, their subsequent movements caused the surrounding air to be compressed and shot forward, which when struck that half-a-meter-away rock, smashed it into pieces.




With a cracking sound, the two to three meter tall rock was reduced into pieces.




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