Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 33, Qing Er’s Advancement


Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


“Xiao Qing, did you do what I asked you to do?” Yu Zi Yu’s cold voice was like a gust of piercing-cold wind, making Xiao Qing, who was playing with the eight Peregrine Falcons on the top of the tree, uncontrollably shudder. 


She had never heard Yu Zi Yu speak in such an icy tone. Never.


Her usually amiably Master was actually displaying such a cold attitude.


Stunned and caught off guard, Xiao Qing could not even react. However, a hint of panic flickered in her eyes, and even her lips pouted as if she was on the verge of tears.


Seeing Xiao Qing’s distressed appearance, Yu Zi Yu let out a sigh, realizing that his tone was too harsh. [This isn’t the time to get angry….]


*Haaa….* taking a long, deep breath, Yu Zi Yu composed himself and asked gently, “I was asking if you had erased the memories of that girl as I had instructed you to a couple of days ago.”


“I did, I did.” Repeatedly nodding, Xiao Qing added, frantically gesturing with her fingers in a flustered manner, “Master, I followed all your instructions and thoroughly shattered her psyche into pieces. But unexpectedly, the shattered fragments of her psyche flowed into my body.”


“Flowed into your body!?” Slightly startled, Yu Zi Yu revealed a hint of surprise.


“Yes, they flowed into my body.” Like a girl who had been caught red-handed with a secret, Xiao Qing appeared uneasy.


But after a moment, she strongly asserted, “I didn’t want it, I really didn’t. But when I crushed her Soul, the fragmented pieces uncontrollably transformed into streaks of light and rushed into my body, one by one.”


Saying so, Xiao Qing raised her arm and pointed at it. “Look, Master, my body seems to have become more solid.”


Yu Zi Yu took a closer look at Xiao Qing’s arm. Indeed, her body had become more solid compared to a few days ago.


At first glance, one might even mistake her for a real person.


[Could it be the result of absorbing He Ling Er’s Soul?] A rare speculation crossed Yu Zi Yu’s mind as his expression became somewhat strange.


As twins, He Qing Er and He Ling Er had a close connection, so it was understandable.


In other words, their Souls could be said to have the same origin. Because of this, it was theoretically possible for their Souls to merge with each other, and the possibility of rejection was very low.


As for the fact that the elder sister had devoured her younger sister’s Soul, there was no need to delve into this matter further.


After all, the real He Qing Er was already dead. The He Qing Er before him was just a mutated Soul.


Apart from the physical resemblance with the Human He Qing Er, they could be regarded as two different life forms. Moreover, according to the ancient legends, the departed Souls would return to the mortal realm and take away their loved ones!


[If the legends are really true, then He Qing Er had accidentally done something similar…]



[But if He Qing Er is speaking the truth, then why did these Humans come here for? Because of me!? But, in light of the current circumstance, that possibility is very small. After all, I have eliminated the only possible leak of my existence.] At this moment, Yu Zi Yu’s gaze inadvertently fell on the little girl sitting on the treetop, who looked a little distressed, and his eyes suddenly lit up.


[Since I can’t guess it, can’t I just ask?] Thinking of this, Yu Zi Yu suddenly broke the tip of one branch as a drop of rich Life Essence seeped out from the broken tip.


“Qing Er, take it,” ordered Yu Zi Yu, handing a drop of precious Life Essence to the girl.


“Mas…ter.” Looking at the precious green essence, Qing Er’s first reaction was not to consume it, but rather fear. After all, her Master had acted so coldly toward her just moments ago.


“I need you to become stronger and help me with some things. Don’t disappoint me, okay!?” 


Listening to Yu Zi Yu’s helpless voice, Qing Er suddenly jolted and repeatedly nodded. “Okay, Master, I won’t disappoint you.”


As soon as she stated this, Yu Zi Yu put the green essence, along with the branch, into Qing Er’s mouth.


Qing Er made a gulping sound as if she had swallowed it. Immediately after, Qing Er suddenly started trembling.




Accompanied by slight vibrations in the air, an inexplicable force began to circulate around Qing Er.


At the same time, as the inexplicable surge into Qing Er, her body began to grow bigger, reaching to the height of 1.6 meters in the blink of an eye, reminiscent of her previous life. 


In that flowing white dress, she resembled a fairy. Her jet black hair was dancing along the wind like a waterfall…


“Master…” Qing Er gently called, but this time, her voice carried a touch of coldness that did not belong to the mortal realm.


Race: Mutated Soul

Rank: Tier-0 Level 5

Innate Talent: Immunity to physical attacks.

Abilities: Enhanced Psyche – One of the few psychic abilities that allows her to briefly exist in the world after death, and to some extent, interfere with reality.

Telepathy – Somewhere, there is a similar flower that is connected to her mind.


“Tier-0 Level 5!? Only two levels higher than before!?” Muttering to himself, Yu Zi Yu’s mood became a little complicated. He had already guessed that even if he gave Qing Er the Life Essence for the second time, it would not bring a significant breakthrough, and it proved to be true.


According to his speculations, Tier-0 Level 5 should be a considerable threshold. Unless he was willing to spend a hefty amount of Life Essence, it would be difficult to help someone break through to a higher level. It was like trying to reach the heavens.


After giving it a thought, Yu Zi Yu also found it reasonable. His Life Essence was already extremely extraordinary; it basically went against everything. It could help stabilize one’s foundation, and accelerate the evolution of other species. If it was not bound by any limitations, Yu Zi Yu would have to first consider his own life and death. After all, there was no shortage of greedy people in the world!


The fact that it was only effective in breaking through at the lower levels actually provided Yu Zi Yu a slight sense of security.




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