Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 34, Awakening Talent!


Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


Meanwhile, in the village at the foot of the mountain, In an earthen house with a roof made up of blue tiles, which happened to have water leaking through the roof at some corner…


*Drip, drip…* One drop after another, water kept dripping on the ground, enough to form a sizable puddle. Be that as it may, no one paid any attention to it at the moment.


“Old man, take your time and tell me slowly what has happened.” Sitting on a wooden chair, Yan Gao Yuan looked at the nearby old man with significant white hair. Despite his old age, the old man’s posture remained upright.


*Haaa!* Another sigh escaped the Village Chief’s lips. He then wiped the moist corner of his eyes and bitterly narrated, “my two unfortunate granddaughters were attacked by a Mutant Green Snake when they were returning home late at night. One of them died from the poison, and we buried her just before you arrived.”


As he spoke, the Village Chief could not help but choke up.


“Well…” Yan Gao Yuan’s lips parted, but no words came out. He could kill the mutant beasts without batting an eye, but consoling a grieving elder was a whole other thing for him.


On the other hand, the thirty year old Colonel, who had accompanied Yan Gao Yuan to the Village Chief’s house, had some experience in such matters. He stood up, walked to the elderly man and patted his shoulder, comforting him, “Old man, please accept our condolences.”


The Colonel seemed to have remembered something and asked, “Did you kill that beast? If not, we’ll go and kill it tonight, offer it as a sacrifice for your granddaughter.”


“We killed it, we killed it…”


Repeatedly nodding, the old man managed to squeeze a smile on his wrinkled face. “We villagers beat that snake to death with sticks.”


Saying so, the old man hurriedly added as if he had suddenly recalled something, “But it was because my granddaughter has swallowed that Green Snake’s gall that she has not woken up yet.”


“Snake’s gall!?” A furrow appeared on a puzzled Yan Gao Yuan’s brow.


“In the mountains, there is a saying that if you get bitten by a venomous snake, eat its gall to detoxify,” explained the scruffy Colonel, tilting his head, as if he knew about it a little. However, the twitching of the corner of his lips betrayed his thoughts.


[Who knows who came up with the idea of eating snake gall for detoxification, but it is too absurd. Even snakes themself could potentially die from their own venom. So, how could snake gall detoxify anyone? If that was really the case, after Humans got bitten by the snake, they would kill it right away no matter what and eat its gall. If that happens, this practice would have caused the snakes to go extinct ages ago.]


Apparently, the old man saw through the Colonel’s thoughts and choked up even more as he added, “I also know that it’s a folk remedy, but at that time, my granddaughter was at death’s door, and her entire body had turned blue…”


Before he could finish his sentence, the old man broke into tears, recalling something.


*Haaa….* The Colonel and Yan Gao Yuan looked at each other before a sigh escaped their lips in unison.


If things really came to that point, everyone would grasp at the last straw to save the victim. It was just Human nature and it was understandable.


“Old Man, how about I take a look?” Looking at the sobbing old man, Yan Gao Yuan could not help but suggest.


“Well…” Looking at Yan Gao Yuan’s youthful face, the Village Chief hesitated.


“Don’t worry, old man, this guy is quite awesome,” after saying so, the scruffy Colonel candidly added, “Don’t let his young age fool you, he’s my superior. If I wasn’t a few years older than him, he would be addressing me as ‘brother’, and I would be saluting him every time I saw him.”


“Uh…” The corner of the old man’s eyes twitched as the wrinkles on his brow creased together into a furrow.


But after a moment, he took a closer look at Yan Gao Yuan, who was exuding a sense of righteousness, and picked up the smoking pipe, sighing. “You folks finally found shelter in our village for the night, and now you’re still troubling yourselves… haaa…”


Saying so, the old man took a step and headed toward the bedroom.



The bedroom was not big, probably around twenty square meters. Besides a table and a chair, there was a large bed and lying on the bed was a young girl. 


She was not very old, around seventeen or eighteen years old. She looked quite clean, and she had the type of beauty that grew more appealing the longer one looked at her. However,a hint of pain was visible on her pale face, as if she was enduring something.


“This is my unfortunate granddaughter, who has been unconscious for three days,” saying so, the old man looked back at the Colonel and Yan Gao Yuan, pleading, “Gentlemen, if there’s any way, please help me. Even if it costs me my old bones, I’m willing to pay.”


“Stop stop stop. There’s no need for this…” The Colonel lifted up the bowing old man and tactfully pulled him to one side.


At this point, if anyone could find a solution, it could only be the Superhuman in front of them.


Furthermore, when they entered the bedroom, the Colonel had already noticed that something was wrong with Yan Gao Yuan, as if he was surprised by something.



At this moment, Yan Gao Yuan was indeed shaken, just as the Colonel had guessed.


“Awakening, she is going through an awakening.” 


Looking at the pale young girl lying on the bed not far away, Yan Gao Yuan showed signs of forgetting himself for the first time.


As a Superhuman, Yan Gao Yuan was no stranger to awakenings. It was a painful transformation, akin to breaking out of a cocoon and being reborn. The body was cleansed by Spiritual Energy, and the Soul resonated with it.


As for outward manifestation, it varied from person to person.


Some people completed their awakening in just a night’s sleep, while others suffered for three days and nights, enduring painful torment before completing their awakening.


And the girl in front of him was currently undergoing an awakening…


Her body was already enveloped in Spiritual Energy, and the colorful and mystical Spiritual Energy was desperately trying to seep into her body…


At the same time, Yan Gao Yuan also sensed a surge of intense heat radiating from her.


“Fire-Attribute Elemental Talent!…” Muttering to himself, Yan Gao Yuan’s gaze toward the young girl was filled with complex emotions.


Elemental Talent was among the most formidable talents among the Superhumans. Furthermore, fire was the most volatile and destructive among the Elemental Talents.


Up until now, very few people had awakened such talent in the entire country. Even Yan Gao Yuan himself had only awakened Physical Enhancement, nothing more.


There was no need for further explanation, Yan Gao Yuan knew that he had truly struck gold this time. As for whether he could wake the girl up, that was not his concern. After all, if those old-timers at the Research Institute were to find out, they would probably go crazy and use all sorts of method to awaken this girl.




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