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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 341, Thorns

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“Second Brother…”  a thunderous shout, akin to a clap of thunder, reverberated through the sky.


In the distant horizon, a huge White Tiger with wings was rushing over.


However, just at this moment, White Tiger’s pupils suddenly contracted, as if noticing something.


In his gaze, he saw his Second Brother, Bull Demon, sitting on the ground, his entire body covered in blood. At multiple places, the blood had already clotted into a dark red color.


However, that was not the focal point.


The focal point was the half-meter-long, bone-deep cut on Bull Demon’s back. At a glance, it was evident that this attack had almost split Bull Demon into two gruesome halves. 


“You, you guys…” White Tiger could hardly contain the burning fury in his heart.


*Rooaar!* White Tiger roared in rage, generating fearsome shockwaves that swept through the surroundings like ocean waves.




“This roar…”



Amidst cries of shocks, dozens of Tier-1 Superhumans covered their ears. However, even if they covered their ears, they were still bleeding from it.


However, things did not end with just this.


*Boom…*  White Tiger also flapped his snow-white, Dragon-like wings hard, generating a fearsome gale.


The next moment, White Tiger dove down toward the crowd, stirring up a storm.


“Damn it!” A mysterious dressed fatty burst into cursing, watching the Mutant White Tiger suddenly charging at him, his expression changing drastically.


[I didn’t even make a move! Why are you attacking me!?]


Nevertheless, witnessing the White Tiger coming at him with such fearsome momentum, he raised the chopper in his hand, ready to meet the challenge.


At this moment, surviving was more important than questioning why. 


As a Mayor, renowned for his extravagant taste, the obese Mayor cherished his life very dearly.


However, in a moment…


When White Tiger’s claws clashed with his chopper with a boom, the Tier-2 obese Mayor’s expression changed drastically.


An unprecedented power surged through his chopped, entering his arm, causing his entire body to tremble uncontrollably. Furthermore, much to the obese Mayor’s dismay, the Mutant White Tiger had spread its wings at some point, and flapped them, aiming in his direction.


*Boom!* With a boom, a storm, visible to the naked eyes, erupted, fiercely battering the obese Mayor’s body. 


*Spurt…* The obese Mayor did not get even the time to react and spurted a mouthful of blood.


“Damn it…” Cursing vehemently, the obese Mayor looked at White Tiger with a resentful gaze. Then, he glanced at the crowd of Superhumans behind him, and shouted aloud, “Still watching the show? Are you seeking death!?”


Everyone jolted upon hearing this.


Indeed, now was not the time to be enjoying the show.


Just from the majestic momentum displayed by the approaching Mutant Beasts, they knew that they were in big trouble, and not just an ordinary one. Thinking this, everyone exchanged glances, held their weapons tighter, and swarmed towards White Tiger’s direction.


As for Nine Tails, apparently, everyone realized that the Mutant Red Fox was an existence they did not dare to provoke. They were clearly not in the same league.


Just sensing her aura gave them jitters. So, how could anyone provoke her?


Mutant Beasts of that level, of course, would have stronger Superhumans to deal with them.


For example, Dragon Guards, or the prodigy Zhao Jiao…


Right at that very moment, a soft voice suddenly came from above White Tiger, “Are you planning to surround him?”




Slightly taken aback, everyone raised their heads.


The next moment, a young girl caught their eyes. However, the girl happened to be sitting on the branches, her fair and tender feet dangling in the air.


However, what puzzled everyone was that this stunning girl was actually covering her body with leaves, and even more strangely, blood-red vines were entwined around her whole body.




“A woman!?”



Some incredulous voices rang. Everyone was surprised that a girl had appeared out of nowhere. 


Then, after a moment, a somewhat puzzled voice suddenly echoed, “Why can’t I feel a Human aura from her?”


As these words fell, everyone’s expression drastically changed.


[No Human aura?! But she looks like a girl! This… Could she possibly be a Mutant Beast that has completely taken Human Form!?]


As these thoughts circled in everyone’s mind, not to mention Tier-1 Superhumans, even obese Tier-2 Mayor was dumbfounded.


Humanoid Mutant Beasts were not a secret.


For instance, Bull Demon was a Mutant Wild Buffalo that had taken a Human form.


When China’s populace discovered Bull Demon’s existence, it created quite a sensation, causing many debates and discussions about Bull Demon’s existence. 


In the end, they reached a conclusion that Bull Demon’s transformation was a successful case of evolution.


If this continued, a true Humanoid Beast might appear in the world.


By then, Bull Demon’s head would not be that of a Bull anymore, but would resemble that of a Human.


However, if he evolved to that extent, Bull Demon’s strength would likely surpass everyone’s cognition.


And now, a Mutant Beast that had completely become humanoid was sitting before them.


Looking at Thorns, adorned in leaves arranged in a revealing manner…


Her exquisite countenance, her smooth and slender neck, graceful contour of her collarbone, her enchanting bosom clad in leaves, her lithe waist, and her long and slender legs, it did not evoke any kind of lust in everyone’s heart…


Rather, it sent a chill down everyone’s spine.


“This can’t be real!?” muttering in a dry voice, a Human shuddered.


The most terrifying thing was the unknown. And worse than the unknown was the speculation coming to reality. It was also called foreknowledge.


The possibility of a Mutant Beast appearing, having completed its humanoid transformation, with strength that might surpass Human understanding, made it difficult for the Tier-1 Superhumans to even hold their weapons.


However, just at that moment, as if sensing the fear of the crowd, Thorns covered her mouth and chuckled.


She naturally understood the fear these Humans were feeling. Though, she had no plan on explaining anything to them. On the contrary, she preferred to exploit this fear to ambush and kill her enemies.


For instance, now, countless blood-red vine seeds silently fell to the ground, and even on the bodies of the crowd.


After a moment, her Spiritual Energy’s surged, and Thorns’s voice echoed through the night sky, “Grow, Forest of Thorns.”


Just as these words echoed in the forest…


*Boom, boom, boom…* Countless blood red vines shot up from the ground. What was even more scary was the sight of some vines, several meters long, growing from the bodies of some Humans.


“No, no…”


“Kill me, please kill me…”


Amidst screams of despair, the forest within a hundred meters radius turned into a Hell on earth, turned into a forest of blood-red thorns.


Not just because of the color of the vines, but also because of the red blood.


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