Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 342, Terrifying Combat Power

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Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


“Kill…” A murmur echoed in the air, and waves of flame swept through the sky as a fox, resembling the embodiment of flames, lunged straight towards two golden figures from the distance. 


Add more to the dread, the flames converged together, and in the blink of an eye, took the shape of another Red Fox.


To be precise, it should be called Flame Fox.


It was created out of flames, but was vivid and lifelike.


If not for Nine Tails’ pair of ruby-like eyes, an ordinary person would have hard distinguishing between the two.


And now, this Flame Fox happened to be heading straight towards a pale figure not far away, with an illusory black python coiled around it.


Clearly, Nine Tails realized that among those present, the three were the most threatening, and surprisingly, was planning on taking on all three alone.


“What arrogance…” Noticing this point, Zhao Jiao’s face turned dark. He had always been the one to challenge opponents beyond his level. He had always been the one to underestimate others. Never did he expect that after being suppressed by a Mutant Bull tonight, another beast would appear planning to challenge him in a one-on-three battle.


[Do they all think of me as an easy target?] As this thought flashed in Zhao Jiao’s mind, Zhao Jiao’s illusory Black Python hissed.


Immediately after, its body distorted, transforming into a wisp of black, flying straight toward the oncoming Flame Fox.


A deafening clap followed as black smoke and waves of flames intertwined with each other.


Faintly, one could see an illusory Black Python and an illusory Flame Fox fighting to the death within the black smoke and scorching waves of flames. 


At the sight of this, Zhao Jiao’s pupils shrank to the size of pinpricks instantly, a look of disbelief blanketing his face.


“Impossible!?” Zhao Jiao exclaimed subconsciously, feeling perplexed. He could not believe that a fox, created from mere Fire-Attribute Spiritual Energy, could contend with his natal lineage, the Darkness Serpent.


Nonetheless, Nine Tails had no intention of explaining it to him.


As a member of Celestial Fox Lineage with the most outstanding Innate Talent, her mastery over Spiritual Energy had reached an unbelievable level. Moreover, she also had a certain proficiency in psychic power.


Created using her ‘will’ as the foundation, supplemented by her terrifying Spiritual Energy, not to mention the now weakened Darkness Serpent, even the Darkness Serpent at its peak would not pose a threat to the Flame Fox.


Meanwhile, the real Nine Tails also pounced towards the two golden figures.


*Boom…* As billowing waves of flame swept towards them, a scorching heat blew on their faces. And from the sea of flames, a claw emerged, slashing in their direction as if tearing the air.




The terrifying force from it made the faces of two golden figures change.


Without hesitation, No.7, who was holding a saber, fiercely slashed toward it.


*Sssiii* Accompanied by a dreadful hiss, more than half of the waves of flames were split apart. Immediately after, the saber collided with Nine Tails’ claws.


But the next second, No.7’s expression changed, completely changed as he felt his saber cutting nothing but the air.


“Was it an illusion!?”  Skeptical, No.7 widened his eyes.


The next moment, a pair of ruby-red eyes entered his sight, with flames like pupils, glittering and shining.


For a moment, No.7 was a bit stunned.


But the next moment….


*Schlick* With a ripping sound, No.7 felt an excruciating pain in his back, and his figure flew towards the distance, like a kite with a broken string.


At this moment, a half-meter-long claw wound had appeared on his back.


Intentional or not, this claw wound was surprisingly in the same position as the cut on Bull Demon’s back, and equally deep, revealing bones. 


“You beast…” No.7 roared in fury, the golden longbow in his hand trembling in between his fingers.


*Swoosh swoosh swoosh…* One after another, the golden arrows swished through the air.


However Nine Tails, who had sensed the incoming arrows, just curled her lips, displaying a mocking smile.


“If it weren’t for others’ intervention, do you think you could have hit Old Second with your pathetic skills?” Seemingly disdainful, Nine Tails’ voice was filled with mockery.


The next moment, in No.7’s incredulous gaze, Nine Tails’ figure actually blurred.


The next moment, her figure flickered again and again, as if she was teleporting.


By the time No.7 came to his senses, Nine Tails had already dodged all the golden arrows, one by one, and was standing right before No.7.


Unfortunately, just as Nine Tails was about to tear No.7 apart, the sound of something rapidly approaching came from behind. 


“How tenacious…”


With a cold smile, Nine Tails decisively pulled away, shooting towards the distance.


She never liked direct confrontation that was not the course of action of a wise person.


She believed that the best way to take lives should be quiet, using charm and distortion of the air caused by the Waves of Flame.


This was the biggest difference between her and Bull Demon…


While Nine Tails faced three enemies alone, White Tiger and Thorns found themselves in a rare moment of disadvantage.


After all, they still had not broken through to Tier-2.


Even the terrifying Mutant Tiger Family, which had the most formidable combat power in the same level, could not endure a prolonged battle with the obese Mayor.


After all, this Mayor, even if unimpressive, was still a Tier-2 Superhuman.


By charging from a distance, White Tiger had already shaken him to the point where he was riddled with wounds and coughing blood, a testament to White Tiger’s combat power.


The reason why White Tiger could achieve such an amazing feat came down to the fact that, as the king of Mutant Beasts, he possessed strength far greater than his peers.


The bodies of ordinary Mutant Beasts were already much stronger than Humans. Furthermore, after numerous evolutions, White Tiger’s body had become even more formidable.


Of course, the wings grown by White Tiger were, as described by Yu Zi Yu, like adding wings to a tiger.


With a fearsome body, coupled with terrifying speed, White Tiger was not inferior to Tier 2 Superhumans in terms of explosive power.


Although this kind of Tier-2 Superhuman could only include bottom-tier Tier-2 Superhumans like the fat Mayor.



At this moment, if one looked towards the battlefield where White Tiger was fighting, they would be astonished to find a chubby figure, welding a chopper, agilely maneuvering through the forest.


At times, he would leap high into the air, slashing ruthlessly at the airborne White Tiger; at other times, he would swing his chopper backhand, unleashing a ten meters long energy black.


In the sky, White Tiger could only dodge the incoming attacks again and again.


Although White Tiger was a bit dim-witted, his combat sense was pretty exceptional.


He was well aware of his advantages; he relied upon his ability to fly to engage the Mayor, even if he was in a disadvantageous position.


However, compared to White Tiger, Thorns, on the other hand, had a serious expression on her face.


Only because there were too many Tier-1 Superhumans.


While countless blood-red vines shot out like a volley of arrows with the dance of her fingers, targeting the crowd, one or two individuals still managed to get close to her.


“Go to Hell!”


As these words fell, a mysterious figure emerged from Thorns’ shadow, holding a dagger, which it ruthlessly stabbed towards Thorns’ heart.


“Hmph!” Thorns let out a cold snort, seemingly having anticipated it already.


The moment the figure merged from her shadow, a blood-red vine shot out instantly, precisely piercing through the figure’s heart.


The precise attack left the Humans, who had risen from the shadows, filled with incredulity.


“How did she discover me?” Until his consciousness was extinguished, this question left him puzzled.


As a famous assassin in China, his assassination skills were highly praised even by Tier-2 Superhumans.


However, he had still been discovered.


Moreover, his heart was pierced by a blood-red vine, which appeared to have been prepared long ago.






He was unable to close his eyes in peace. Suddenly, his corpse began to convulse, because at this moment, the blood-red vine swelled and contracted, devouring his flesh and blood.


“My Innate Talent is Absolute Defense you know…”


Thorns chuckled, looking completely satisfied.


Innate Talent: Absolute Defense – Qian Qin’s superb sense of intuition as a Human combined with the innate instinct of the blood-red plant allows her to automatically defend and even attack using blood-red vines when sensing danger, preemptively quelling threats.


This was quite a terrifying Innate Talent.


Thanks to this Innate Talent, Thorns was not afraid of being surrounded.


The reason for her serious expression was just to mislead these Humans.


As the saying went, ‘The more beautiful a woman is, the more she likes to deceive others.’


And Thorns happened to be one such woman.



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