Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 343, True Terror!

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Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


While Thorns, White Tiger, and Nine Tails were engaged in an all-out war against the Humans…


In the distance, the Titanoboa, lying coiled like a small mountain, had its pair of lantern-like crimson eyes intermittently flickering.


Right beside it, the Tier-2 Mutant Wild Horse, as well as the strange Mutant Beast resembling a Gray Wolf, also had their eyes flickering.


The next moment, they exchange a glance before suddenly charging toward the recuperating Bull Demon together, as if reaching some kind of agreement.


*Hisss, hisss…* Flicking its tongue, Titanoboa’s body slithered left and right, mowing down large stretches of forest. The huge commotion it created caused even White Tiger and Nine Tails to glance over. 


On another side, the Tier-2 Mutant Wild Horse also transformed into a green ball of storm. 


Compared to them, the Tier-2 Mutant Beast, resembling a Gray Wolf, kicked the ground and the tall trees in its path. Using everything as its foothold, it transformed into a ‘Z’-shaped bolt of lightning and instantly approached Bull Demon.


“These guys…” Nine Tails’ heart turned colder, but she pretended as if she did not notice.


However, if one paid close attention, they would definitely discover that Nine Tails’ attacks had become more fierce.


In a moment, the pressure on the two golden figures and Zhao Jiao increased significantly.


On the other side, White Tiger could not help but roar, seemingly quite anxious.


After all, Bull Demon was still healing. If they attacked now, given Bull Demon’s current condition, he might be in real danger.



Right then, a voice suddenly rang in the recuperating Bull Demon’s mind, “Be careful, they’re coming.”


The Spirit Flower’s voice trembled a little with a sense of urgency. [Haaa… I thought we could relax since the reinforcements have arrived, but these reinforcements turned out to be totally unreliable. Everyone went on the attack, and none of them stayed behind to protect us. Don’t they know that this stupid Bull’s combat power has greatly decreased? Worst, I’m also on the stupid bull’s shoulder, a fatal temptation for these Mutant Beasts. It would be horribly wrong if they did not rush over.]


However, what surprised the Spirit Flower was that even after hearing her reminder, Bull Demon’s eyelids just twitched slightly, and he remained completely still. Instead, he comforted her, “Don’t worry, nothing will happen.”


Having said so, Bull Demon already started channeling his Spiritual Energy, and began to truly heal his injuries.


“This guy…” The Spirit Flower gawked at all of this, rendered completely speechless. [Is it really okay to be so calm? Does he not know that the Titanoboa and the other Mutant Beasts are not Humans!? You can’t underestimate them!]


Just then, as if he remembered something, Bull Demon’s lips suddenly moved as he stated, “I want to eat horse meat tonight.”


“Okay!” A voice suddenly resonated from an unknown location.


Listening to this voice, the Spirit Flower was utterly bewildered. Her face was filled with confusion. She could not understand how someone could get so close without her noticing.


In a rare state of shock, the Spirit Flower searched the surroundings.


The next moment, much to her disbelief, a chubby figure, wearing a bamboo hat, happened to have appeared beside Bull Demon at some point.


The figure was tall but also rotund, with a round physique that could not be concealed even by its height. It wore a straw hat and clothes that resembled Human attire, and between the gaps not covered by the clothes, she could spot black and white hair. It also wore a pair of black boots.


However, looking at the pair of black boots, the Spirit Flower fell silent. Even she could sense the extraordinariness of these boots.


[That is not ordinary leather…] muttering in her heart, the Spirit Flower observed the chubby figure, who wore a completely calm look on its face, watching the Mutant Beasts rushing over.


Surprisingly, it grabbed a wine pot from its waist and started drinking.


*Gulp, gulp…* After drinking heartily, the plump figure could not help but burp. However, a sigh echoed in the night sky moments later.


“I don’t like getting blood on me, but alas… you guys just don’t know what’s good for you.” Saying so, Brewmaster looked towards the green storm, who was first to arrive.


“Horse meat, huh!? I guess you’ve really pissed off Second Brother!” Brewmaster chuckled with an air of nonchalance, a subtle but discernible undertone of coldness surging in his voice.


The next moment, Brewmaster raised his right paw.


*Boom…* With a loud and thunderous roar, a wave of dust rose, spanning over a hundred meters.


Astonishingly, the seemingly unstoppable green storm froze in mid-air, stopping right in front of Bull Demon.


At this moment, if one looked towards the battlefield, they would witness the sight of a black Mutant Wild Horse, its mane dancing in the wind, frozen in place, incapable of moving the slightest.


It was because a paw was pressing against its forehead.


It was really an unbelievable sight, truly an unbelievable sight.


A Tier-2 Mutant Wild Horse, that had been charging with almost unstoppable force, was now stopped by a single paw.


Moreover, judging by Brewmaster’s expression, he seemed quite relaxed. 


And right at this very moment, if one were to look at Brewmaster, they would undoubtedly discover a more dreadful fact.


Brewmaster had not even taken a step back; his posture was as stable as a mountain.


*Nay, nay…* Amidst high-pitched neighing, the Tier-2 Mutant Wild Horse, facing Brewmaster in such close proximity, fell into panic. Its body could not help but tremble at this moment.


Only upon contact could it feel the incomparably majestic Spiritual Energy coursing through the figure before it. It was an indescribable terror, the most terrifying nightmare.


Just at that moment, as if sensing the Tier-2 Mutant Wild Horse’s panic, Brewmaster’s corners of lips rose.


Then, with a laugh, he stated, “Good…bye…”


With each word, Brewmaster exerted force with its right paw on the forehead of the Tier-2 Mutant Wild Horse.


*Schlick, schlick…” One after another, Brewmaster’s fingers stabbed into the Mutant Wild Horse’s skull.


Before the Tier-2 Mutant Wild Horse could scream, it felt a tremendous force suddenly coming from its forehead.


With a deafening boom, its entire body flew out like a shooting star, fiercely crashing towards the approaching Titanoboa.


*Hisss, hisss…* Accompanied by terrifying hisses, the Titanoboa’s expression subtly changed. However, its body was too massive, forcing it to watch helplessly as the Tier-2 Mutant Wild Horse came crashing towards it.


Fortunately, being an Atavistic Mutant Beast, it possessed formidable defenses, nothing short of terrifying. Thus, as it observed the approaching Mutant Wild Horse, the Titanoboa remained calm.


Yet, in the next moment…




A terrifying roar echoed, like a bolt of lightning striking from a clear sky, causing the Titanoboa’s expression to drastically change. This was because, at this moment, an immense force surged along the body of the Tier-2 Mutant Wild Horse.


It was terrifying, unimaginably terrifying.


Even a colossal creature like the Titanoboa stumbled.


Immediately after, in the shocked gazes of the numerous Humans and Mutant Beasts, the Titanoboa, spanning over a hundred meters, was sent flying.


Furthermore, its body happened to have caved in, leaving behind a massive depression visible to the naked eyes.



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