Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 344, Earthen Wall! Seamless Encirclement

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Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


*Boom, boom, boom…*


Accompanied by tremors, the Titanoboa, nearly a hundred meters long, crashed into the forest in the distance.


*Boom…* With one last tremor, the Titanoboa finally came to a halt, and could not help but let out a mournful hiss.


That terrifying force was like an unbearable pain. Even now, the Titanoboa could feel its body trembling faintly.


Or maybe, it was just fear and terror.


As the Titanoboa lifted its head, looking towards Bremaster, a hint of fear flickered in its eyes.


Not only the Tier-2 Mutant Wild Horse, but even the strange Mutant Beast resembling a Gray Wolf, also jolted and instantly halted in their tracks.


However, compared to these Mutant Beast, the shock from Brewmaster seemed even greater to Humans.


Because at this moment, most people finally noticed that a terrifying entity had appeared out of nowhere, wearing Human clothes, and a straw hat on its head.


Although its body was hidden, they could still make out the outline of its true form.


“A Panda! Are my eyes deceiving me!?”


“How is this possible? How could such a thing exist in the wild, and be this strong!?”



Cries filled with incredulity rang as the Superhumans of China looked at Brewmaster’s figure with complex emotions.


Among them, the two golden figures could not help but clench their fists so tightly that their veins bulge.


The Panda was the guardian beast of China. After the resurgence of Spiritual Energy, China raised its throne, pushing the Pandas to the pinnacle of evolution.


Now, the famous and formidable unit, the Iron Knights, was centered around Pandas.


This illustrated the relationship between China and the Pandas.


According to the words of Chinese high-ranking officials, they had entered an alliance with the Pandas. Their fates were tied together; they would advance and retreat together, live and die together. This was just for better survival in this Era of Transcendence.


Thinking about this, an unfamiliar and powerful voice resounded through the dark sky, “I don’t know where you came from, but do you know that your race is the guardians of our China and your patriarch has signed an alliance treaty with us?”


No.7, the golden figure wielding the saber, shouted, his voice tinged with anxiety.


While others might not know, as a Dragon Guard, how could he not know the terror of a Panda?


Not to mention, this Panda before them had grown to this extent.


Although he had no idea how powerful this Panda had become, having witnessed it send a Tier-2 Mutant Wild Horse flying, along with the terrifying Titanoboa with a single blow, No.7 knew that they were in big trouble, extremely big trouble.


The strength of this Panda might have surpassed the most formidable Panda in China. And that Panda was so strong that it once single-handedly wiped out half of the Dragon Guards. In the end, it stopped only because it was tired and did not want to fight anymore.


So far, no one has been able to tame it.


Because of this, the Panda known as ‘His Highness’ had become the guardian beast of China, and one of the few deepest hidden cards of China. 


“Race!? Alliance!?” Murmuring, Brewmaster gave a nonchalant smile.


Then, he took a few sips of the wine and shouted aloud, “I only know that I’m Brewmaster, ranked ninth among the Nine Great Beasts under the Divine Tree. As for the rest, I have no idea.”


Having said this, Brewmaster lifted his foot.


Then, with a surge of Spiritual Energy, ice, visible to the naked eyes, surged towards the Titanoboa and the Tier-2 Mutant Wild Horse.


“Damn it!” No.7 gnashed his teeth as a gloomy look blanketed his face.


A terrifying Panda, ranked ninth among the Nine Great Beasts under Divine Tree was not good news for him or even the entire China.


Since the resurgence of Spiritual Energy, the Pandas have become one of the most perfect and evolved races. They could even be called the Royal Clan of the Mutant Beasts.


Their terrifying potential, which made them true to their nickname Iron-Eating Beast, gave them the ability to gain elemental resistance and strengthen their bodies by devouring various minerals and Spirit Stones.


If this species was allowed to grow, they could undoubtedly be considered as indestructible meat shields.


Even some Human scholars collectively referred to the Pandas and several other powerful Mutant Beast species as the Royal Clan.


Every species crowned as Royal Clan possessed terrifying Innate Talents. Their combat power was far beyond that of Humans of the same level, or even the ordinary Mutant Beasts.


Now, looking at the Panda before him, some speculations flashed in No.7’s mind.


[It should be that Panda that escaped back then. At that time, it was just in Tier-0, and yet it managed to escape from right under the noses of thousands of Chinese soldiers. That event

made the high-officials furious. I wonder how furious those high-officials will be when they come to know that the Panda that had escaped back then had grown to this extent!?]


At this moment, as if recalling something, No.7’s expression became even more complicated.


[Damn it! iNow that I think about it, isn’t this guy also the younger brother of that Panda known as His Highness!? The Innate Talents of these two brothers is really terrifying. Both of them are truly unfathomable!]


Thinking this, No.7 threw one last sentence, “Your brother said: ‘If you don’t behave well outside, then don’t bother coming back in the future.’”


“Brother…” Listening to this, a hint of nostalgia also appeared on Brewmaster’s face. [To think he still cared about me. But, unfortunately, I have my own aspirations. I do not want to be bound to China.]


*Haaa…* Sighing, Brewmaster also fell silent.


At the same time, even more terrifying Ice-Element Spiritual Energy spread from under his feet.


In just a few breaths, three streams of cold currents flowed along the ground towards the three Tier-2 Transcendent Beasts in the distance.



At this moment, watching the approaching terrifying cold currents, the depths of the eyes of strange Mutant Beast, resembling a Gray Wolf, could not help but incessantly flicker.


After a moment, as if making a decision, the Mutant Beast actually kicked the ground and decisively retreated.


It realized that it was pointless to fight.


With such a terrifying Mutant Beast before it, it certainly would not walk into the lion’s den willingly. It was not stupid.


Not only it, even the Tier-2 Mutant Wild Horse, as well as Titanoboa, after a moment of hesitation, decisively retreated.


Mutant Beasts were not stupid.


In some ways, they were even more straightforward than Humans. If one could not win, running away was the best choice, it was common sense.


Having grown into Tier-2 Transcendents, they possessed some self-awareness.


Unfortunately, sometimes escaping was a luxury.


Since they had taken action against Misty Mountains, there were only two roads before them: submit or be destroyed.


Naturally, this ‘submission’ depended on the feelings of the parties involved like Bull Demon and the Divine Tree.


As for the so-called escape, it was absolutely impossible.


Misty Mountains did not tolerate defiance.


All those who dared to challenge the Misty Mountains, and even the majesty of Divine Tree, were destined to become corpses, adding to the terror and notoriety of Misty Mountains.


At this precise moment…


“You want to come and go as you please. Do you really think our Misty Mountains is so easy to bully?” A deep and resonant voice echoed from the ground.


At the same time, terrifying tremors shook the ground before walls of earth rose from the ground one after another.


In the blink of an eye, walls of earth enclosed the entire forest. What was even more terrifying was that these walls were still rising, as if they had no end.


In a few breaths, they rose to the height of dozens of meters, blocking all routes of retreat.



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