Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 345, Everyone Arrives

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Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


“An Earth Wall!?”


“Are you kidding me? What do these guys want to do?”


“Could it be that they want to bury us all here?”


Amidst cries of shock and bewilderment, the faces of Superhumans’ drastically changed.


In contrast, the retreating Tier-2 Mutant Beasts, the strange Mutant Beasts resembling Gray Wolf, Titanoboa, and others, had their pupils constricted one after another.


In an instant, before others could react, a fierce gleam flickered in their eyes.


*Howl, howl…* Giving out a howl, the strange Gray Wolf-like Mutant Beast leaped up, soaring dozens of meters high, just enough to jump over the wall of earth.


However, right at that very moment, a halo suddenly flickered across the wall of earth.


Then, in the bewildered gaze of the strange Gray Wolf-like Mutant Beast, an enormous fist of rocks emerged from the wall of earth.


“With me here, do you think you can escape?” Qing Gang coldly snorted as the gigantic fist of rock, tens of meters wide, punched the Wolf-like Mutant Beast.


*Boom!* The next moment, a thunderous clap resounded, accompanied by a painful howl, as the Wolf-like Mutant Beast was sent flying toward the ground like a cannonball.


On another side, witnessing this, the Titanoboa chose not to retreat and advanced.


*Hisss, hisss…* Giving out spine-chilling hisses, the Titanoboa transformed into a black torrent, slithering straight towards the wall of earth.


In the fact of its terrifying body, even the walls of earth as massive as mountains seemed small. However, just at this moment, a face appeared on the soil wall, with sharp, distinct, and angular features.


Yet, at this moment, a hint of seriousness pervaded Qing Gang’s face.


Facing the full-force charge of an Atavistic Mutant Beast, even he had to tread carefully.


Not because of anything else but due to their extraordinary Innate Talent, and fearsome strength they possessed.


Fortunately, he had already become a Tier-2 Transcendent, and his mastery over earth had already reached terrifying heights.


Now, he could reinforce the entire Earth Wall by borrowing the power of the mountains.


Thinking this, concealed within the wall of earth, Qing Gang’s Spiritual Energy surged.


The next moment…


*Boom, boom, boom…* Accompanied by tremors, visible yellowish Spiritual Energy surged, converging towards a corner of the wall of earth.


In just a moment, that part of the soil wall seemed to harden, taking on a metallic texture. However, it was still not enough.


As if realizing something, Qing Gang whispered again, “Wall of Sighs…”


Amidst his murmur, an inexplicable force suddenly flowed towards that corner of the wall of earth.


Wall of Sighs was a formidable ability born for the sake of defense. The more steadfast his belief was, the more formidable this ability was.


This was a terrifying ability born out of the Qing Gang’s determination to protect, now used to reinforce the Earth Wall.


At this precise moment…


A thunderous crash reverberated through the sky as the colossal Titanoboa, nearly a hundred meters long, crashed into the wall of earth.


However, something shocking happened.


The mighty Titanoboa, which resembled a mountain, only managed to leave a dent on the wall.


Just a dent, and not that deep either. It was quite shallow, more like an imprint.


*Gulp…* The Superhumans nervously swallowed a mouthful of saliva, standing dumbfounded.


The Titanoboa, which had crashed into the wall of earth, was even more bewildered at this moment. It did not understand why, with its magnificent strength, could not break through this wall made of earth.


Though, it was not like anyone could or was willing to explain.


Simply because of the limited time, these Mutant Beasts, and Superhumans alike, needed to be suppressed.


Thinking this, Qing Gang’s robust voice echoed through the night sky, “Go all out.”


“Alright,” shouting in response, Brewmaster burst into laughter.


Following that, even more terrifying Ice-Attribute Spiritual Energy spread along the earth.


*Crack, crack, crack…* With the condensation of ice, more than half of Titanoboa was frozen.


On the other side, the Wolf-like Mutant Beast, as well as Tier-2 Mutant Wild Horse were chased by the spreading cold stream. 


At this moment, hearing Qing Gang’s voice, the other Mutant Beast also threw all their reservations aside.


*Kon…* With a Fox’s howl, a terrifying flame swept across the sky.


And from this terrifying sea of flames, a Fox’s claw emerged, slashing on the chest on a golden figure named No.7.


*Schlish…* The claw ripped through No.7’s flesh, splattering blood and depriving him of most of his vitality.


“Seven…” No.9 with the golden longbow mournfully cried as his expression drastically changed.


But before he could do anything…




The sky and earth shook as a white lightning bolt as thick as a water bucket descended from the sky.


“Uh!?” No.9 stood gawking, dumbfounded.


However, the next moment, a thunderous clap ran as his entire figure was engulfed in the thunderbolt.


“Elder Sister, I’m not late, am I!?”


As these words fell, atop the distant wall of earth, a giant white bear with lightning crackling around it stood with its paws raised, manipulating a pitch-black cloud.




Grinning, Nine Tails stepped on the waves of flames, descending towards Zhao Jiao, whose face had long turned pale as paper.


He was the most troublesome, as such, Nine Tails decided to deal with him early on.



On the other side, on the battlefield where White Tiger and Thorns were fighting…


*Boom!* With an earth-shattering roar, the entire forest shook violently, as if an immense force had descended, shaking even the mountain ranges.


At this moment, if one were to look towards the center of the battlefield, he or she would see a obese Mayor lying in a pit, covering his chest with an unbelievable expression.


*Cough, cough, cough…*


Coughing continuously, the obese Mayor stared at the broken chopper in his hand with disbelief.


This chopper was crafted from China’s top-grade materials, making it exceptionally sturdy. It was unthinkable that it could be damaged, let alone broken into two.


Despite being strengthened by his Spiritual Energy, the chopper broke into two upon impact from the oncoming golden beam, leaving him severely injured.


It was unbelievable, truly so.


Slowly lifting his gaze, as the fat Mayor looked above the pit, a small petite figure entered his sight.


The figure was draped in golden scales, and appeared quite menacing.


Just one glance was enough to tell that it was quite extraordinary.


“A Mutant… Ant!?” the obese Mayor mumbled in a weak voice, confusion clearly written on his face.


[Although the power of Mutant Ants is terrifying, it should not be to such an extent, right?! This thing is just a Tier-1 Transcendent!]


But before he could say anything, intense bouts of pain from his abdomen made him grimace.


The next moment…


He spurted a mouthful of blood before fainting.


“My goodness, Little Fifth, your strength is too terrifying.” Witnessing this, White Tiger in the distance gasped in shock.


With just one punch, Golden Ant had directly blasted a massive hole dozens of meters deep into the earth!


It sent shivers down the spine.


At this moment, as if noticing White Tiger’s astonishment, a rare grin bloomed on Golden Ant’s face as he stated, “My strength has far surpassed those of the same rank. My full-force strike can be compared with Old Forth’s, and those Atavistic Mutant Beasts. In some ways, I even surpass them.”



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