Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 346, The Unknown Gazes

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Translator:  Ashish

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After a momentary stupefaction, White Tiger fell into contemplation.


At this moment, he could not help but feel fortunate that he had not sparred with Golden Ant regularly.


[Could anyone survive this punch? I think only Old Fourth (Sarcosuchus), Old Seventh (Mammoth), and Old Eighth (Tyrannotitan) can withstand Fifth Brother’s punch. Of course, it is a given that Elder Sister (Nine Tails) and Old Ninth can resist it.]



The battle ended quickly.


Once Nine Tails and Brewmaster took action, the entire battle became completely one-sided.


Not to mention resistance, even escaping was as difficult as ascending to the Heavens.


However, with so many Superhumans present, there were still bound to a few surprises.


“I’ll remember this…”


A gloomy and cold voice echoed through the forest.


The next moment, a pale figure, whose heart had been pierced, suddenly shook.


Immediately after, much to the surprise of Nine Tails, Brewmaster, and other Mutant Beasts, an illusory figure emerged from it.


“What’s this!?” Puzzled, a rare confused look appeared on Nine Tails’ face, looking at this scene.


“This should be the so-called Soul.” Taking a big gulp of win, Brewmaster slowly approached.


At this precise moment, Bull Demon recuperating in the distance, shot a deep glance at the near-tangible illusory figure and explained, “Eldest Sister once said that this guy’s Innate Talent is Darkness Serpent. He can summon a creature resembling an ancient being. If my guess is right, this guy’s Soul should be very powerful. That’s why he can separate from the body like this before his death…”




Hearing Bull Demon’s explanation, the Mutant Beasts were completely dumbfounded.


Obviously, they did not have a deep understanding of the mysterious existence called the Soul.


However, looking at the swaying illusory figure in the distance, resembling a wisp of cyan smoke, the gazes of the Mutant Beasts also turned grave.


If they did not stop it soon, this wisp of cyan smoke would escape.


However, the question remained: how should they stop it?


Everyone glanced at each other, feeling helpless.


It was nearly impervious to ordinary physical attacks, and as for the so-called elemental attacks, the illusory black python was desperately blocking them.


Even the flames spewed by someone as strong as Nine Tails failed to harm the wisp of cyan smoke protected by the black python.


For a moment, all the Mutant Beasts could do was stare blankly, helplessly watch the illusory Black Python covered in scars carry the wisp of cyan smoke, slithering its way into the depths of the night sky.


Before leaving, a cold voice rang in every Mutant Beast’s mind, “Remember this, you bastards…I won’t let you off…”


Filled with resentment and coldness, Zhao Jiao, now a Soul, stared down at the ancient forest, as if he wanted every Mutant Beast to etch it into their hearts.


However, it made sense.


This time, he not only failed to acquire the Spirit Flower, but also almost lost his life. No, to be more precise, he was already dead. The only reason he could survive was that his Soul was powerful enough to survive in this state.


However, fortunately enough, the memories he had inherited thanks to his Innate Talent–Darkness Serpent contained a method of reincarnation. If he could find someone with the same bloodline, he still had hope of being reborn.


Thinking this, Zhao Jiao drove the Darkness Serpent and headed towards China.



At this moment, on the ground, flames surged around Nine Tails as she watched the departing figure, her terrifying Spiritual Energy intensifying.


However, before she could chase after, a voice echoed in her mind, “You probably don’t need to pursue him. That guy has already been targeted by a mysterious woman; he won’t live much longer.”


“Mysterious woman!?”


Slightly puzzled, Nine Tails looked towards Bull Demon’s shoulder with a perplexed look on her face, at the Five-Color Spirit Flower that seemed to embrace the beauty of the world.


“Mhmm, a very mysterious woman. It was she who asked me to join Misty Mountains.”


“Is that so?”


Murmuring to herself, realization dawned upon Nine Tails.


[If my guess is right, it should be Eldest Sister, who is currently living among Humans. Only she could make this Spirit Flower join Misty Mountains.] Thinking this, Nine Tails looked in the direction of fleeing illusory Black Python, a rare smile blooming on her face.


Since he was targeted by Qing Er, this guy’s death was definitely not that far off. After all, Qing Er was originally just a Soul. Ordinary Souls before her would be no different than children.


More importantly, Qing Er’s had a terrifying ability–Soul Devouring, which allowed her to grow stronger by devouring powerful Souls.


Initially, Qing Er became a Transcendent after devouring the Soul of a Tier-2 Silver Centipede. Now, given Zhao Jiao’s powerful Soul, and the Darkness Serpent accompanying him, how could Qing Er miss this opportunity?


As these thoughts swirled in Nine Tails’ mind, she gave up on the notion of chasing Zhao Jia. She turned around and ordered, “Clean up the battlefield. Bring everyone you can, and kill those you can’t.”


Hearing their Elder Sister’s orders, the Mutant Beasts all nodded in response.


“Yes, Elder Sister.”



After midnight, the entire ancient forest returned to silence.


Only the craters and scorched areas remaining in the forest spoke of the terrifying battle that had occurred here.


At this moment, if one looked into the distance, one could vaguely see several fearsome silhouettes slowly walking towards the depths of the night.


For Nine Tails and the others, this battle was just an episode.


The Spirit Flower was in their hands, and all their enemies were completely destroyed.


Although Bull Demon was injured, his life was not in danger.


Considering this, it was indeed a perfect victory.


However, shortly after their departure, unbeknownst to Nine Tails and others, several figures with glimmering eyes silently appeared on a peak, quietly looking at the departing backs of Nine Tails and other Mutant Beasts.


“Fortunately, we didn’t make a move.” With a touch of relief, a very charming voice echoed in the air.


“So, this is Misty Mountains!” Sighing, a three-meter-tall, beautiful Black Fox narrowed its eyes and added, “If I’m not mistaken, Misty Mountains is the most indomitable force among us Mutant Beasts. Even the Tyrant in the depths of the desert can’t match it.”


“Even the Tyrant of the desert can’t match it?”


Listening to the nearby White Fox with intelligent eyes, Black Fox shook its head and explained, “Although the Tyrant is strong, its foundation is still shallow. Whereas Misty Mountains have been operating since the resurgence of Spiritual Energy. Its power has already taken shape. Currently, just the Mutant Beasts under that Divine Tree are already terrifyingly powerful. Just that is enough to tell how formidable Misty Mountains are at present.”


Speaking to this point, the Black Fox sighed softly, as if recalling something.


“Only, I hadn’t expected that there would be someone from our Fox Clan under that Divine Tree, and for her strength to be so terrifying.”


“Uh…” Slightly dumbfounded, the White Fox fell silent for a moment.


Among Mutant Beasts, the Fox Clan was not known for their combat strength. It was their intelligence that had gotten them this far.


From the early stages of mutation, the leaders of the Fox Clan learned to unite and rallied their people step by step to reach where they are today.


Even so, they still lacked a prominent figure to represent them on the stage.


Now, witnessing from a distance the Red Fox with three tails displaying great power, it was easy to understand the complicated emotions within them—resentment, bitterness, and an indescribable mix of feelings.


Of course, there was also an indescribable sense of surprise… as if they had caught a glimpse of something called hope.



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