Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 347, China Shakes

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Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


“Elder Sister, we…” Before the White Fox could finish her sentence, the Black Fox shook her head slightly, and interrupted, “Let’s go, let’s not think about this for now.”


At this point, the Black Fox took a deep look in the direction of Nine Tails and other Mutant Beasts left, before adding with a sigh, “Her bloodline is by no means ordinary. Even from such a distance, I can feel a faint pressure.”


“Indeed,” nodding, the White Fox also agreed.


As someone carrying the purest bloodline in the Fox Clan, even she could feel the faint pressure from Nine Tails. It was quite easy to understand what this signified.


[Unfortunately, that Red Fox is already a member of Misty Mountains. And Misty Mountains…] As if thinking something, the White Fox’s eyes dimmed slightly.


[Compared to the Humans, Misty Mountains can’t be underestimated even more so. Especially their Divine Tree; it is an existence that can only be looked up to.]



Meanwhile, in a remote mountain forest…


A graceful figure stood quietly on a peak.


As she raised her gaze slowly, an illusory Black Python winding around a wisp of cyan smoke shooting towards the distance entered her eyes.


“It must have really been a grueling battle.” With a shadow of smile on her lips, Ling Er raised her right arm.


*Swoosh…” Accompanied by a swishing sound, a white rainbow tore through the night sky.


The next moment…


“No, this can’t be…” a painful shriek echoed through the night before abruptly ceasing.


If one looked closer, he or she would see that at the end of white rainbow was the head of a grim Centipede.


The Centipede was entirely silver, as if cast from silver, while its each section gleaming and ferocious.


Its pair of eyes were as red as blood, and happened to be flickering intermittently.


*Chi, chi…* Amidst the sound of chewing, an unwilling illusory Black Python was slowly eroded, bit by bit, in the mouth of the lifelike Silver Centipede.  What was even more horrifying was that there was also a wisp of cyan smoke emitting a miserable scream filled with unwillingness and panic.


Faintly, there was even a tinge of disbelief.


However, this miserable scream vanished as quickly as it had appeared. 


In just one breath, the white rainbow that shot through the sky slowly returned.


“Clang, clang…* Along with the sounds akin to iron chains being dragged, the Silver Centipede, dragging an illusory body of over a hundred meters tall, arrived and lay coiled before Ling Er.


The next moment, it opened its mouth, and spat a greatly diminished illusory Black Python to the ground in front of Ling Er.


Holding it up with one hand, Ling Er looked at the illusory Black Python, revealing a satisfied smile. 


“Well done.” Saying so, the graceful figure slowly disappeared from the beak, as if she had never been here.


However, this was just the beginning.


The next morning, a piece of news shook the entire China.


“The Superhumans who tried to obtain the Spirit Flower were all annihilated, not a single one remained alive.”


This news from an unknown source caused a sensation throughout China.


“That’s impossible! You know, both White Emperor and Zhao Jiao went to acquire the Spirit Flower. With their might, how could they possibly fall?


“Right, it’s just a Spirit Flower. Even if that Spirit Flower is strange, it should be impossible for it to do something like this, right!?”



In voices filled with disbelief, countless people expressed their skeptical thoughts.


However, shortly after they voiced their doubts, more detailed information was revealed.


“It is said that they were about to capture the Spirit Flower, but at that moment, a powerful Mutant Beast from Misty Mountains appeared — Bull Demon. It took away the Spirit Flower right from under everyone’s nose. Later, numerous Humans and Mutant Beasts alike chased after it. But… but…”


At this point, a rough big man in a bar hesitated.


“Speak up…”


“Take your time… right, let me buy you a drink to moisten your throat…”


Sheepishly smiling, the big man quickly took the money and continued vividly describing, “But they were encircled in an ancient forest. Even now, there are towering walls of earth still there. And inside those walls, most of the forest is scorched… Tsk, tsk, it looks like Hell on earth… I heard that there’s even a Horse’s skull…”


Saying this, the big man slapped the counter and said in an earnest voice, “If nothing unexpected had happened, then it should be the work of Misty Mountains.”


“Misty Mountains!”


Just as these words fell, the entire bar fell silent.


There was no denying that these two words seemed to have a magical power. Just by uttering them, a faint pressure had filled the air.



Meanwhile, inside China’s highest office in Beijing, the air was a bit solemn, even a bit frozen…


“Has it been confirmed?” The man sitting in the highest seat acquired once again with his hands crossed.


“Yes, sir.” Saying so, the figure in a golden figure in golden attire continued, “Until now, we have confirmed that among the Dragon Guards, No.7, No.8, and No.9 have all died in battle, and the genius Zhao Jiao has also perished, both his body and soul. The corpse of Gourmet City’s Mayor bears a fist mark on the chest, and all his internal organs are shattered… there’s also the severed head of a Tier-2 Black Wild Horse, and its body is nowhere to be found. Judging from the injuries, it appears to have been severed by the giant axe wielded by Misty Mountains’ Bull Demon…”




At this point, the President of China raised his brow and asked in a serious voice, “what else?”


The calm voice, although very soft, carried a kind of awe-inspiring aura. Even this Dragon Guard, ranked fifth among them, could not help but shiver slightly. 


After a moment, lowering his head, he continued, “Also, White Emperor–Wang Hao, and the Flame Princess–Ling Er encountered an ambush on their way back. Although they managed to survive, Wang Hao lost his right arm. According to Wang Hao before he passed out, he was besieged by a team of Humanoid creatures with characteristics of Mutant Beasts. As for the Flame Princess, she is currently missing. If my guess is correct, they should be the genetic products born from the gene experiments that we had stopped conducting a long time ago…”


As these words fell, the entire office fell into dead silence.


Compared to the demise of top Superhumans, this piece of news seemed to have shaken everyone’s hearts even more.


At this moment, if one looked closely at the President of China, he or she would notice that his face had darkened.


“Somebody secretly started the genetic experiments again, and even decided to go against us…” His cold voice was devoid of any warmth, and caused the air of the entire office to freeze.


“Yes…” Nodding, the golden figure standing at the door reported once again, “Before coming here, we had conducted an investigation. All the data from the original Genomarines base was stolen, and the scientists who knew the inside story had all perished before we had arrive…”



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