Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 348, Collective Disappearance?

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Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


“Understood.” Tapping his fingers on the table, the President of China’s expression became grave and serious. 


Even he had not anticipated this news. He had always believed that China was under his control. But now, an event outside his expectations had occurred: a mysterious force lurking in the shadows has set its eyes on the Genomarines, even manipulating them to act against China.


Thinking about this, the President of China’s expression grew even darker.


After a moment, a cold voice echoed in the office, “Quickly fill No.7, No.8. and No.9’s positions. Next, dispatch No.3 to investigate the mysterious force that attacked Ling Er and Wang Hao. I want to see results within the next few days.” 


“Yes, sir,” accepting the orders, the golden figure disappeared silently from the office.


As for No.7, No.8, and even the Mayor of Gourmet City, who had perished in battle, it was inconsequential for these prominent figures.


China never lacked talents. If one person left, others would step up to take his or her positions.


Take the Dragon Guards, for example; they only had eighteen members, but their reserve members numbered fifty.


As for the Mayor’s position, Gourmet City still had two Deputy Mayors.


The only thing regretful was the loss of Zhao Jiao and Wang Hao, and the disappearance of Ling Er. They were all top prodigies.


Even for China, cultivating someone of their caliber was not easy.


As these thoughts swirled in his mind, the President of China heaved a sigh.


“Misty Mountains is indeed a great threat!”


“Indeed.” Amidst a unanimous agreement, the faces of numerous influential figures turned solemn.


However, the next moment, a helpless look flashed on the faces of everyone, as if they had thought of something.


Compared to Misty Mountains, other places were not much better either. Moreover, while Misty Mountains was terrifying, it did not actively attack and conquer cities.


But in other places, such as the grasslands that often faced wolf tides, another town with a population of ten thousand was massacred just a day ago.


Or the remote city, left in ruins within just half a day by a sudden rat tide.


This was the current state of China—surrounded on all sides.


In other words, it was not that they did not want to take action against Misty Mountains; they simply dared not.


Misty Mountains was much more terrifying than the wolf and rat tides. If they were to go to war with Misty Mountains, China’s power would significantly weaken, and what awaited them next would be beast tides of millions of beasts.


Thinking this, people could not help but think of Australia… the continent once called the ‘World Museum of Living Fossils.’ Now, their situation was far from wonderful.


Some even said that the continent no longer belonged to Humans.


It sounded cruel, but it was the harsh reality.


Compared to other continents where powerful nations still existed, the Australians were barely hanging on. Australia’s vastness provided no sense of security to the Australians, instead, it bestowed upon them too much uncertainty and mystery.


Especially those living fossils that resembled ancient creatures; after multiple mutations, their strength had far exceeded Human imagination.


According to news from Australia, someone witnessed one of these ancient creatures almost lay waste to a city with a single attack.


This gave a clear picture of how extraordinary the Mutant Beasts in Australia were.


Some even speculated that these ancient creatures were no less terrifying than the legendary Tree Monster…


“If we don’t want our country to become the next Australia, then don’t provoke Misty Mountains…”


Speaking up to this point, the President of China slowly rose from his seat, paused, and added, “At least, until we have powerful Superhumans breaking through to Tier-3 at least, don’t provoke… The strength of that kind of entity is beyond your imagination…”


With these words, the President of China, paying no attention to the complex expressions of the crowd, chose to leave.



Meanwhile, while China was reeling from the sensational news…


On a solitary island in the northern pole, Yu Zi Yu, who had just awakened from deep cultivation, also heard an interesting piece of news.


“A Spirit Flower no less powerful than me has appeared?” Yu Zi Yu broke into a light laughter, even his branches could not help but shake.


Maybe it was excitement or something else, regardless, one thing was certain, this piece of news surprised him.


[Mutant Plants gaining sentience was already rare, and to grow to this level…] Just thinking about it made Yu Zi Yu’s scalp tingle.


[And now, Flathead says that the Spirit Flower is no weaker than me…]


“Hmmm…” Yu Zi Yu pondered, finding it amusing.


He did not doubt the authenticity of these words. After all, this news was sent back by Qing Er. However, after giving it a thought, Yu Zi Yu reckoned that the Spirit Flower’s situation would not be that wonderful.


Back then, he went to great lengths to conceal the fluctuation of Spiritual Energy just to become a Transcendent. Even if he later succeeded in advancing, he failed to cover up the phenomena. It was Misty Mountains’ geographical advantage and the protection of many Mutant Beasts that saved him from the ‘Human Disaster.’


Moreover, at that time, Misty Mountains had gained a certain reputation, and no one dared to step foot in there.


Now, however, the appearance of the Spirit Flower was widely known.


Without thinking, Yu Zi Yu was able to guess the current situation of that Spirit Flower.


But just at this moment, as if discovering something, Yu Zi Yu’s brows suddenly furrowed, and he asked, “Where are Nine Tails and others?”


“Elder Sister and others, after hearing that Second Brother had gone to grab the Spirit Flower, rushed to support him.”


Hearing Honey Badger’s answer, Yu Zi Yu’s expression immediately froze.


[Grab the Spirit Flower!? Provide support!? When did these guys become so bold? Who do they think they are? Do they really believe they are up to the task of competing with Humans and Mutant Beasts for the Spirit Flower? White Tiger, Golden Ant, and Thorns are merely Tier-1 Transcendents. While they are not weak, they also lack the strength to compete with true powerhouses. I’ve been thinking of training them after my cultivation ends, training them until they had reached Tier-2.]


Yu Zi Yu had reached a bottleneck in his cultivation. And instead of waiting for a breakthrough, he thought it was better to take the opportunity to train them.


[But now… they have collectively disappeared?]




A myriad of thoughts raced in Yu Zi Yu’s mind, and his expression turned somewhat gloomy.


He did not mind Nine Tails and the others leaving without saying anything. But, he was worried only for White Tiger, Thorn, and the other Tier-1 Transcendents.


[Considering the current level of evolution, Tier-2 Transcendents are the main combatants. Given the impressive Innate Talent White Tiger, Thorns, and the others have, going against a new Tier-2 Transcendent should not pose a significant challenge. Likewise, breaking through should not be an issue. However, everyone’s Innate Talent varies in strength, and their breakthrough also involves some elements of luck. That’s why they are a step behind the rest. Still, given their Innate Talents, breaking through to Tier-2 is inevitable, but if something happened to them on this trip, that would be disasterous…]



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