Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 349, The Growth of Young Beasts

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Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


*Haaaa…* Yu Zi Yu heaved a sigh, feeling a bit helpless.


At this moment, as if sensing Yu Zi Yu’s emotions, soft whimpers sounded in his ears.


Looking up, three young creatures entered his sight.


One was a wolf cub, as big as a calf, but with two heads.


One was a golden monkey with multiple big ears that fluttered in the wind.


And the last one was a snake with multiple heads, which looked a bit ferocious.


However, looking at these three oddly shaped and somewhat menacing little creatures, Yu Zi Yu could not help but smile. 


“I must say, you three have grown real quick.” Saying this, Yu Zi Yu noticed that Slytherin and Lupin both were Tier-1 Transcendents.


Their cultivation speed was impressive.


However, considering that they were born with superior Talents and were vigorously cultivated by Yu Zi Yu, it was not surprising that they could advance so quickly.


Of course, with just tens of thousands of Spiritual Energy, they were far behind White Tiger, who had already reached the peak of Tier-1.


At this point, it was worth mentioning that after the last incident, these three were brought to Yu Zi Yu for safety.


Coincidentally, Lupin and Slytherin also had a certain demand for Ice-Attribute Spirit Stone Mine.


*Rooaar, Rooaar…* With a series of low roars, both heads of Lupin rose consecutively, rubbing affectionately against Yu Zi Yu’s trunk.


Smiling, Yu Zi Yu glanced deeply at the wolf cub, which was as big as a little calf.


Race: Mutant Azure Wolf

Rank: Tier-1 Transcendent

Innate Talent: Dual Elements – It possesses both ice and fire Elemental Talent, which allows it to breathe both ice and fire. 

Unique Abilities: Savage Bite – As an Azure Wolf with two heads, its biting speed is several times faster than ordinary Azure Wolves, as fast as lightning. 

Multiple Consciousness – Each head can independently think and judge, and cooperate with each other.

Extreme Ice – Surging with formidable Ice-Attribute Spiritual Energy, it can unleash the coldest ice breath.

Scorching Fire – Gathering its fire-like seething Spiritual Energy, it can burn everything around.


“He can proficiently manipulate Ice and Fire Elements!?” muttering to himself, Yu Zi Yu also realized the terrifying potential  Lupin had.


With two heads, one focused on fire, and the other on ice, the Dual Elements Talent of Ice and Fire made him an extraordinary Ice-Fire Wolf.


It was not as simple as having an extra ahead. Even more terrifyingly, while having an extra head, he also gained an additional consciousness, almost undergoing a qualitative change in his mastery of the Elements.


Now, Yu Zi Yu raised a branch and pointed at a distant ice peak.


“Show me your strength.” 


Hearing Yu Zi Yu’s voice, Lupin suddenly lifted his heads and howled, seemingly excited.


In his howls, there was a touch of innocence.


After a moment, Lupin leaped lightly, jumping to an ice peak dozens of meters away. Then, one of his heads slowly rose as a cluster of deep red flames flickered in his eyes.


Immediately after, that head let out a long howl before it was ablaze with raging flames.


However, before anyone could react, Lupin’s other head, unwilling to be outdone, also craned his neck and howled.


*Aoooo..* While an even more terrifying howl reverberated across the sky, a layer of ice started condensing beneath Lupin’s feet, freezing the ground on the side of Ice-Attribute head.


Looking from afar, half of the ground under Lupin’s feet was ablaze with fire, melting the ice peak, while the other half was frozen, a cold mist rising from the ground.


Right at this moment…


*Aoooo, Aoooo…* Both of Lupin’s heads howled, and two beams of energy shot out from each mouth. However, one was scorching hot like fire, and the other was cold as ice.


These two beams of energy constantly brushed against each other, and by the time they reached the end, the blue and red beams of energy had merged into a thicker beam of energy, reaching a length of a hundred meters.


At this precise moment…


*Boom…* Accompanied by a deafening noise, a mountain dozens of meters away quietly disappeared, as if evaporating from the world.


Yu Zi Yu could not help but nod, with a touch of amazement visible in the depths of his eyes.


Unlike ordinary Mutant Beasts, Lupin could easily integrate Ice and Fire Elements, thereby exponentially increasing their power.


In other words, with the same amount of Spiritual Energy, Lupin’s elemental attacks were several times, even tens of times, stronger than others.


What did this mean?


Just thinking about it, Yu Zi Yu’s gaze became heated as he looked towards Lupin.


[This little guy is really something.]


Although his rapid advancement to Tier-1 could be accredited to the Fire-Attribute and Ice-Attribute Spirit Stone Mines, his Innate Talent could not be underestimated either.


And now, apart from his amazing cultivation talent, he had another talent: spectacular combat power.


His combat power was simply amazing.


Unlike other Mutant Beasts, Yu Zi Yu saw something called hope in Lupin.


[If he can advance to Tier-2, his combat power, supplemented by his Ice and Fire Element, would definitely be nothing short of terrifying.


At that time, this little guy might become my powerful aide, bearing the title of Ice-Fire Devil Wolf.


Thinking of this, Yu Zi Yu gave a subtle approving look to Lupin.


[This little guy has lived up to my expectations.]


Just at this moment…


*Hisss, hisss…* Several hisses suddenly drew Yu Zi Yu’s attention.


Looking up, he saw the three-headed Green Snake excitedly hissing.


“You do not want to be left out either, huh?”


Smiling, Yu Zi Yu’s eyes narrowed slightly as a series of information appeared before him.


Race: Mutant Green Snake

Rank: Tier-1 Transcendent

Innate Talent: Immortality – As a Snake with three heads, it’s immortal. It possesses a terrifying regenerative ability. Even if it lost its one head, it can regrow it in an instant with sufficient Spiritual Energy.

(After advancing to Tier-1, its three heads gained the ability of steal. It can steal its prey’s abilities by devouring their flesh and blood. Each time it steals an ability, it undergoes metamorphosis, growing another head.)

Unique Abilities: Lethal Poison – The poison it emits is highly toxic. Even beings several ranks higher can get poisoned if they are careless, potentially reducing them to a puddle of toxic water.

Scale Armor – Its bluish-black, fish-like scales constitute its most formidable defense, capable of nullifying the majority of attacks.

Aquatic Warfare – As a species that excels at aquatic warfare, it should have lived in the ocean or large rivers. In the water, its combat power can greatly increase.

Growth – With abundant food, it can grow rapidly, continuously increasing in size.


After going through Slytherin’s status screen, Yu Zi Yu increasingly felt the need to release Slytherin into the ocean.


Although this little guy could also live on land, judging by its talent and abilities, it was born for the sea.


More importantly, Yu Zi Yu indeed needed more deep-sea combatants.


Although he now had a Mutant Orca, one creature was far from enough.


And one thing was certain, with Slytherin’s talent, if it was set free into the ocean, it would undoubtedly be like a Dragon returning to the sea. While it might not become the strongest, ruling a part of the sea should not be difficult for it.



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