Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 35, Investigation!! Spiritual Energy Monitoring Satellite


Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


The arrival of twilight brought a slight chill along with it. In the south part of the house was a low and dilapidated room that remained in a perpetual darkness. It was damp and gloomy. The paint on the wall had long since peeled off, and its surface was uneven.


At this moment, a groan suddenly broke the deathly silence in the room.


Much to Yan Gao Yuan’s astonishment, the eyelids of the pale girl lying on the bed trembled slightly.


“Uh, could she be waking up?” Slightly surprised, Yan Gao Yuan also found himself momentarily stunned.


[The girl actually woke up without anything being done! Does it mean that I can bring this girl with me?] Thinking of this, Yan Gao Yuan stepped forward and pulled out a vial from his pocket, a vial he had always kept close to himself.


It was a Spiritual Energy Potion.


Through painstaking research, the old fogies at the Research Institute managed to extract Spiritual Energy from the air. 


This one vial could replenish the Spiritual Energy required by a Superhuman in a short period of time, and also promote the awakening of a person’s talent. Except, this excellent Spiritual Energy Potion was highly toxic to ordinary people.


At this moment, Yan Gao Yuan had concluded that the girl before him was undergoing an awakening, otherwise he would not have taken out the Spiritual Energy Potion.



Meanwhile, deep within the canyon, the branches of a tall willow tree swayed amidst billowing dense fog, creating an atmosphere resembling a ferocious ancient beast selecting its prey.


“Well, how is it going?” Yu Zi Yu gently asked, but he carried a hint of solemnity.


“Master, it’s a success.” With her eyes tightly shut, leaning against the trunk of a willow tree, a girl of about 1.6 to 1.7 meters in height wearing a white dress slightly pursed her lips. Then, she added, “I’ve taken over her body, but I feel a little uncomfortable. It feels a little stiff.”


“It’s alright,” offering some comfort, Yu Zi Yu also expressed his satisfaction, “For now, you should adapt to her body. If nothing unexpected happens, this group of Humans will spend the night in the village. That should be enough time for you to ask around.”


“En…” Slightly nodding, the girl repeated the instructions Yu Zi Yu had given her, “You need to ask three questions: first, why are they here? Second, how did they find out about this place? Third, what is the current situation…”




Shooting an approving glance at the girl, Yu Zi Yu also cautioned her, “Remember, don’t inquire too deliberately. It’s best to ask casually. I believe it shouldn’t be difficult for you.”


“Hehe…” With a playful smile, the young girl did not add anything in response. Compared to before, she had now reached Tier-0 Level 5. Although her strength had undergone a qualitative change, she had become more intelligent.


Presumably, it was due to absorbing her sister’s Soul, which, to some extent, had compensated for her own shortcomings.



In the dark, quiet night, several people were sitting around a fire pit in the Village Chief’s house. Not far from them, scattered groups of two or three were chatting.


The family members of the Village Chief and some villagers were busy preparing supper in the kitchen. These weary soldiers who had traveled a long distance had not had a hot meal yet.


Although the soldiers had intended to refuse, they could not resist the villagers’ hospitality.


Not to mention, their Colonel seemed to have unintentionally awakened the Village Chief’s granddaughter.


The villagers were extremely grateful for this, and even brought out cured meat that they had prepared for the New Year.


At this moment, an extremely beautiful girl with long black hair tied into a ponytail happened to be sitting beside the fire. Her eyes were very clear and pure, without the trace of any impurities… they resembled two pools of autumn water.


She was He Ling Er, the Village Chief’s second granddaughter.


She was the sleeping beauty who had been sleeping for a long time, refusing to wake up. However, just now, she woke up for some unknown reason.


But what was astonishing was that she seemed to have lost her memory, and even did not recognize the Village Chief.


Be that as it may, it didn’t dampen the joy of the Village Chief and the others.


“Thank god you’re awake, thank god.” Wiping the tear trickling down the corner of his eyes, the Village Chief looked at his little granddaughter sitting not far away with a dotting expression.


She was his last hope. It was already a huge blessing that she had woken up. As for her amnesia, it did not matter. The Village Chief did not dare to ask for more.


Meanwhile, Yan Gao Yuan, who was also sitting by the fire, was looking at the young girl, his gaze flickering incessantly.


Especially when he looked into the depths of the young girl’s eyes, where a flickering spark would occasionally flash by, Yan Gao Yuan could not help but let out a long, deep breath.


It was a sign of Elemental Talent awakening.


In other words, this young girl had truly awakened an extremely rare Fire-Attribute Elemental Talent at a tender age.


It remained unclear whether it was the girl’s own talent or the effect of the snake gall, but one thing was certain, Yan Gao Yuan had already set his sights on this little girl. He was even prepared to recommend her to that place.


Having made up his mind, Yan Gao Yuan looked at the Village Chief and asked, “Village Chief, have you considered my earlier proposal?”


Hearing Yan Gao Yuan’s voice, Village Chief’s hand holding the smoking pipe momentarily paused in the mid-air before he heaved a sighed and replied, “Although I want to refuse, it might be better for Ling Er to go with you.”


Upon hearing this, Yan Gao Yuan’s face immediately lit up in joy as he excitedly assured, “Village Chief, don’t worry, I already consider Ling Er as my younger sister, I’ll make sure that no danger befall on her.”


He then further added, “And, I promise that I’ll find the best doctor to treat Ling Er’s amnesia.”


“En…” the Village Chief nodded in acknowledgement as a satisfied look appeared on his face.


He did not care about other things, but the commitment made by this young man was something he valued.


There was no denying that this young man was truly outstanding. He was polite and even had a graceful demeanor. Even after arriving in remote mountains, he did not show any signs of disdain. Just this aspect alone made this young man worthy of trust.


However, at that moment, a voice suddenly interrupted their conversation.


“Um, why are you here?” asked the young girl sitting by the side with an innocent look in her eyes.


“What can bring us here apart from the rampaging mutant beast? We are here to investigate.” The scruffy Colonel replied with a smile, nonchalantly waving his hand.


He quite liked this young girl named Ling Er. So, when she asked, he naturally started talking.


“Oh~” Drawing out her voice, the young girl seemed to be pondering.


After a moment, the girl proactively asked as if she thought of something, “Mutant beasts, are they monsters? By the way, how did you know there are mutant beasts here?”


“Well…” The Colonel’s lips parted, but no words came out, seemingly hesitating to reply.


But the next moment, he decisively shut his mouth after glancing around.


Although it was not classified information, he felt that the villagers still should not know about it.


“Is it something you can’t say?” The young girl lowered her head as her voice became softer.


“Uh…” The Colonel was stuck in a dilemma, but before he could say anything, the nearby Yan Gao Yuan shook his head and affectionately glanced at the girl, whom he already considered as his little sister. He smiled and replied instead of the Colonel, “No, it’s not like that.”


Saying so, he then pointed at the sky.


“The Spiritual Energy Monitoring Satellite detected abnormal fluctuations here, so my officer sent us to take a look.”


At this point, Yan Gao Yuan shifted his gaze to the Village Chief and warned him, “By the way, Village Chief, you should evacuate from the mountains as soon as possible. It’s no longer suitable for Human habitation.”




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