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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 350, The Advent of Whale

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Yu Zi Yu ignored the excited hisses of Slytherin and turned his gaze towards the sea.


After a while, as if sensing Yu Zi Yu’s penetrating gaze…


*Eeeee-awwww….* With a resounding song reminiscent of ancient times, tearing through the layer of ice, a tall column of water soared into the sky, splashing water everywhere.


At the same time, a massive shadow gradually rose from the depths of the ice.


The next moment…


*Crack, crack, crack…* Amid sounds of the layer of ice breaking, a colossal figure leaped into the air.


It was an Orca, and the most ferocious type at that. His body was adorned in black and white, and his dorsal fin on his back stood erect, curving up to two meters. Sharp teeth lined either side of his powerful jaw.


At first glance, he looked extremely majestic yet ferocious.


*Eeeee-awwww….* An inexplicable whistle echoed through the sky as visible ripples spread in all directions.


Fortunately, these sound waves did not carry any killing intent; otherwise, the expanding sound waves alone would be enough to shake the air and tear the earth apart.


Because this was a very terrifying power of Orca–Ultrasonic Waves. Its degree of terror was beyond what others could comprehend.


Even Yu Zi Yu, when he saw it first, couldn’t help but narrow his eyes slightly.


“Among peers of the same level, few can truly compete with this Orca,” smiling, Yu Zi Yu gave his most sincere praise.


Just at this moment, as if sensing Yu Zi Yu’s gaze, this Mutant Orca dived into the sea again.


However, his pair of giant eyes faintly revealed above the sea level were quietly staring in the direction of Yu Zi Yu’s tree body.


He seemed to be waiting.


And this was the result of Yu Zi Yu’s suggestions some time ago.


However, it couldn’t be called suggestions anymore. To a greater extent, the Mutant Orca had willingly joined Misty Mountain and pledged allegiance to Yu Zi Yu.


In exchange, Yu Zi Yu, to a certain extent, provided protection for him and his tribe.


Unlike on land, the sea was riddled with dangers. Even this Orca could not guarantee that he would be alive tomorrow.


As the leader of a pod of Mutant Orcas, if he were to fall in battle, his tribe would definitely be in danger.


For this reason, he chose to lower his proud head, vowing his allegiance.


While Yu Zi Yu was immersed in cultivation, this Mutant Orca, obeying Yu Zi Yu’s arrangements, relocated his pod to this part of the sea.


His pod was not large; there were just ten Orcas within it, most of whom were Tier-1 Transcendents. As for Tier-0 Transcendents, there were none.


Although this level of strength could not be considered weak, in the ocean, it seemed to be lacking. This only considering they were within this shallow sea. If they were to move deeper into the ocean, not to mention occupying a territory, surviving alone would be considered a blessing.


However, now this Mutant Orca was very satisfied.


Thanks to Yu Zi Yu’s presence, the powerful Mutant Sea Creatures in this shallow sea had all been cleared, and there were even frozen Mutant Sea Creatures in some ice layers.


Territory and food, both were abundant. Furthermore, on the peak of the distant island, there was a Divine Tree rooted, guarding diligently.


Such a treatment could be considered nothing short of excellent. So, how could the Mutant Orca be dissatisfied?


Now, as it looked towards the towering tree in the distance, shrouded in ice and snow, disappearing into the clouds, a hint of reverence flickered in his eyes.


“Mas…ter…” With a touch of unfamiliarity, yet exceptionally clear, a voice rang in Yu Zi Yu’s mind.


“En.” Nodding slightly, Yu Zi Yu looked at the Mutant Orca with a satisfied expression.


[In terms of combat power alone, he should be on the same level as Bull Demon, just a bit inferior to Nine Tails and Brewmaster. But, Bull Demon and the other Mutant Beasts are land base while he’s a ruler of the ocean. While in water, Nine Tails and Brewmaster might not be able to handle him. They might even lose to him.]


At this moment, as if thinking of something, Yu Zi Yu straightforwardly requested, without any hesitation, “Whalefall, I need you to help me with something.”


Saying so, Yu Zi Yu’s branch swirled through air, wrapping around Slytherin and shooting it towards the Mutant Orca.


‘Whalefall’ was the name Yu Zi Yu had given to this Mutant Orca.


When a whale dies in the ocean, its body eventually sinks to the seafloor. Humans have given this process a name: ‘whalefall’.


A whale’s carcass can nourish an entire ecosystem for up to a hundred years. This is the last warmth it leaves to the ocean.


The reason Yu Zi Yu gave this Mutant Orca this name was also with the meaning of ‘regaining new life.


But more importantly, it sounded nice and was introspective.


“It belongs to the ocean, take care of it well.” With these words, Yu Zi Yu’s branches loosened, placing Slytherin next to Whalefall.


*Hisss, hisss…* Slytherin instantly started hissing continuously, seemingly puzzled.


But before it could hiss once more, Yu Zi Yu’s gentle voice echoed in its heart, “Go with Whalefall. When you’ve reached Tier-2, I will come and pick you up.”


*Hisss, hisss…* Slytherin hissed a few more times, its hisses faintly tinged with excitement.


At this moment, Slytherin also shifted its gaze to the nearby Whalefall.


Fortunately, although Whalefall was massive in size, as the leader of its pod, he was very gentle to his companions.


*Eeeee-awwww….* An inexplicable whistle echoed in Slytherin’s mind, making it considerably relieved.


Whalefall, proficient in Ultrasonic Waves, was also known as the ‘Master of Languages,’ was fluent in numerous languages.


Just by hearing Slytherin’s hiss once, Whalefall had already found the corresponding frequency, and responded in the most familiar tone.



At this moment, glancing at the distant Divine Tree, Whalefall, enveloped Slytherin in seawater before slowly sinking into the sea.


“Master, I’ll take the leave first.”


“Go ahead.” Smiling, Yu Zi Yu’s also shifted his gaze, no longer paying attention.


[The next time I see Slytherin, it should give me some pleasant surprise.] Thinking of this, a hint of anticipation appeared in the depth of Yu Zi Yu’s eyes.


However, when his gaze returned, looking at the nearby Golden Monkey with multiple pairs of ears, and that eager look on his face, Yu Zi Yu could not help but smile wryly.


He had forgotten about this guy.


[But… you don’t seem to need my guidance.] As if sensing something, Yu Zi Yu lifted his gaze.


After a moment, a slowly approaching Golden Monkey, carrying a long stick on his shoulder, entered Yu Zi Yu’s sight.


*Thump, thump, thump…*


Each step of his seemed to have a mysterious rhythm, as if stepping on people’s hearts, causing the listeners to slightly shake.


This was the mysterious Golden Monkey, one of three Generals under Yu Zi Yu’s command.



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