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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 352, Enlarging and Shrinking at Will Divine Ability

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“Divine Ability!? Since Golden Monkey was so serious about it, it should be quite impressive…” Skeptical, Yu Zi Yu’s branch slowly unfurled the sheepskin scroll like a Human arm.


The next moment, four bloody words caught his attention–Enlarging and Shrinking at Will.


“Size…Manipulation…” muttering to himself, Yu Zi Yu’s face became exceptionally solemn.


Regarding the Size Manipulation Divine Ability, Yu Zi Yu was naturally familiar with it. According to the legends of Taoism, there were Seventy-two Transformations, such as ‘Summoning Wind and Storm’, ‘Transforming Scattered Beans into Soldiers’, and so on. ‘Enlarging and Shrinking at Will’ was one such ability that allowed one to change their size at will.


The Seventy-two Transformations in Taoism were ancient legends, not the kind recorded in ancient books about changing into rocks, trees, and the likes. Instead, they refer to various miraculous transformations that one could do when one reached an extremely high level in cultivation.


The term transformation implied ease.


Of course, in ancient texts, to advocate these Divine Abilities, a large part of them was exaggerated and imaginative.


While 70% of the things about them were exaggeration, some of these transformations were indeed real.


Just like the Divine Ability on the sheep screen scroll in Yu Zi Yu’s hand, which Golden Monkey had inscribed with his blood essence; it was one of the extremely tyrannical Divine Ability.


It was not as simple as changing the size. Changing the body size did not reduce one’s defenses, thus achieving the effect of tempering the body.


*Hmm…* Yu Zi Yu cast a deep look in the direction of Golden Monkey’s departure. Suddenly, he realized that he might have underestimated Golden Monkey, who had inherited the legacy from the previous era.


“For Golden Monkey to casually bestow such a Divine Ability, the original owner of the inherited memories must have been extremely extraordinary,” Yu Zi Yu muttered to himself, but he did not delve too much into it.


Things were excellent already.


By using his Blood Essence to write, Golden Monkey had clearly expressed his intentions. Furthermore, Golden Monkey had also given Yu Zi Yu such a precious Divine Ability.


Although he did not know how valuable this Divine Ability was, seeing the inexplicable aura radiating from the Blood Essence on the sheepskin scroll, Yu Zi Yu’s expression became solemn.


After all, one’s Blood Essence was directly connected to one’s Quintessence.


A substantial amount of Blood Essence would require to inscribe a sheepskin scroll with Blood Essence like this one. Even Golden Monkey would need one or two months to recover, and that was under the condition of abundant resources. 


At this moment…


*Haaa…* Yu Zi Yu took a long, deep breath as his gaze became a bit serious.


The Enlarging and Shrinking at Will Divine Ability was of special importance to Yu Zi Yu. Perhaps Golden Monkey had chosen it intentionally.


This Divine Ability was truly very important for the current Yu Zi Yu. Even with most of his increasingly massive body rooted deep underground, one could easily tell his sheer size from the parts that were visible. Furthermore, while his massive size provided Yu Zi Yu terrifying combat power, it also made it challenging for him to move.


Just like now, even if Yu Zi Yu could ride the waves thanks to the terrifying ability–River of Earth, it caused quite a huge commotion.


If he tried chasing after an enemy, Yu Zi Yu would simply not be able to, and his enemies would easily escape.


Moreover, his overly massive body made him a living target.


If he were to engage in war with Humans, Yu Zi Yu would not be able to withstand their indiscriminate nuclear strikes. As such, one could imagine the importance of Enlarging and Shrinking at Will to Yu Zi Yu.


With this Divine Ability, apart from everything else, Yu Zi Yu could at least gain the initiative. He could reduce his size to that of a Human, he could slowly emerge at the center of a city, becoming an inconspicuous ordinary Willow Tree. When needed, he could return to his original size, unleashing his formidable power.


Furthermore, this was just Yu Zi Yu’s first thought upon seeing this Divine Ability.


“In that case, even if I don’t break through to Tier-4, I can truly go out and explore.” Yu Zi Yu erupted into a rare moment of hearty laughter. He found Golden Monkey’s gift to be quite satisfying.


Only, at this moment, as if realizing something, the corners of Yu Zi Yu’s lips suddenly twitched.


Although it was a Divine Ability, he seemed unable to learn it.


Not to mention anything else, on the entire sheepskin scroll, besides the first four words ‘Enlarging and Shrinking at Will,’ he could only understand some descriptive words on the entire scroll. 


For instance, if one mastered this Divine Ability to an elementary-level, one could shrink to the size of a dust particle, or enlarge to the size of a mountain… the words after it seemed like a mystery to Yu Zi Yu. He felt like an illiterate reading a book. 


“Um…how should I begin?” Muttering, Yu Zi Yu fell into contemplation, staring at the sheepskin scroll.


However, before he could think any further…


*Screech…* Suddenly, a sharp, high-pitched cry reverberated through the horizon.


Looking up, Yu Zi Yu saw a Peregrine Falcon shooting straight toward him like an arrow fired from a bow.


And right behind it, in the distance, was a vast and mighty torrent.


Taking a closer look, he could see a hundred meter long unconscious Python within it.




“Divine Tree, we’re back…”



Amidst various greetings, numerous streaks of light shot out from the torrent.


One streak resembled a shooting start, surging with flames.


Another one resembled a white rainbow with a pair of wings flapping amidst it.


Naturally, they were Nine Tails and White Tiger.


However, at this moment, Yu Zi Yu’s attention was not on them.


Narrowing his eyes, his gaze, as if traversing space, landed on Bull Demon’s shoulders.


There, a mesmerizing Five-Color Spirit Flower, so beautiful that it appeared to be embracing all the beauty of the world, was swaying.


Amidst her five-color radiance, her petals were vying to wither. Yet, every time they withered, new petals would be born again.


Blossoming, withering, blossoming, withering…


Amidst this repeated blooming and withering of petals, it had already finished one cycle.


And the moment this cycle was finished, surrounding Spiritual Energy surged towards the Spirit Flower.




Visible to the naked eye, a massive Spirit Flower vortex formed above the five-colore Spirit Flower.


“Is this the Spirit Flower they mentioned about?”


Muttering, Yu Zi Yu’s eyes sparkled with a hint of astonishment, a rare sight.


Because he could sense an extremely formidable power from this Spirit Flower.


However, this power was dormant, or to be more precisely, restrained, making it difficult for others to sense it.


From another perspective, it could be said that this Spirit Flower had not truly completed her awakening; her innate talents had yet to completely manifest.


Otherwise, she would not give Yu Zi Yu this kind of feeling.


Thinking of this, Yu Zi Yu’s lips curled up slightly.


“I’d like to see how extraordinary you truly are.” With a light chuckle, Yu Zi Yu rolled up the sheepskin scroll, and slowly focused his gaze on the distant Bull Demon’s shoulder.




The next moment, a deafening roar resounded in his mind, shaking his mind a bit.


But in a moment, five-color radiance surged in his mind.


What made Yu Zi Yu even more bewildered was that this five-colored radiance constantly intertwined, forming countless characters.


“Is the status screen of this Spirit Flower also extraordinary?” Mumbling in a skeptical voice, Yu Zi Yu could not help but be filled with anticipation.



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