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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 353, Fleeting Moment Flower

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Race: Fleeting Moment Flower (Marvelous Flower of Heaven and Earth)

Innate Talent: Instant(Unawakened)–It blooms and withers in instant. Fleeting Moment Flower, as dazzling and eternal as fireworks, can freeze time in an instant, but the corresponding consumption of Spiritual Energy is equally terrifying. Just to stop time for one breath requires a million Spiritual Energy.

Unique Abilities: Enchantment–Releasing a unique fragrance, she’s able to easily manipulate living beings within a radius of thousands of meters. Only those with firm willpower and cultivation not inferior to her can resist. Blessing–A blessing from her can bestow the blessing’s target a large amount of Spiritual Energy, and also accelerate the recovery to a certain extent.

Language of Flowers–As one of the few top-tier Marvelous Flowers, where she is planted, all Spirit Flowers thrive, and to some extent, they will acknowledge her as their queen and obey her command.

Gathering Spiritual Energy–She is able to easily increase the Spiritual Energy in her vicinity, several times more than an ordinary Spiritual Ground.


Yu Zi Yu gawked at the Spirit Flower in a daze, gasping in shock.


“Time…” murmuring, Yu Zi Yu’s gaze could not help but flicker.


Time was the most incomprehensible Force, second to none.


If Gravitational Force or Ultrasonic Waves belong to second or third-tier Forces, then Time was undoubtedly the first-tier Force.


The only Force that could be considered on par with it was ‘Space,’ and the mysterious and profound ‘Destiny.’


There was a saying that described them perfectly, ‘Time is king, Space is ruler, and Destiny is the emperor of cause and effect.’


This saying covered the four most mysterious and terrifying Forces in the universe.


As for the other Forces, no matter how mysterious or powerful they were, in the face of these three Forces, they had to bow their heads.


It was not that other Forces were weak. It was just that these three Forces were on another level. Ordinary people dared not even think about them, let alone touch them.


In a certain sense, Yu Zi Yu also dabbled in Space.


The Flying Willow Leaf Blade could tear through Space, carrying out long-range sniping. This was the most superficial use of Space.


Of course, this level of application was too shallow, to the point that even Yu Zi Yu did not dare to claim to have mastery over it.


“This Spirit Flower’s Quintessence is actually related to Time!?” mumbling in a voice filled with disbelief, Yu Zi Yu’s gaze when looking towards the Spirit Flower was also filled with a hint of excitement.


However, seeing the note about needing a million Spiritual Energy just to freeze time for one breath, Yu Zi Yu quietly suppressed his thoughts.


This was not a Force he could touch at his current level.


It was no wonder she had not awakened it until now.


With her current strength, let alone awakening, even if she awakened it, using this Innate Talent would suck her dry in an instant.


Furthermore, freezing time for one breath was not as simple as it sounded.


A powerhouse could accomplish many things in just a single breath.


Especially someone like Yu Zi Yu, who was proficient in offense. If the enemy was defenseless, regardless of whether they were in the same Tier as Yu Zi Yu or even surpassed him, he could say with absolute certainty that he could take their lives on the spot in that one breath.


It was not an overstatement, but a kind of confidence.


Just like the Tier-3 Mutant Octopus back then, if Yu Zi Yu had failed to mount his defenses in a timely manner, and was late by even just a breath, he would have suffered serious injuries.


In a battle between peers, a slight mistake could push one to the point of no-return.


Moreover, if his Spiritual Energy someday became profound and abundant enough to bear the terrifying consumption of one million Spiritual Energy per breath or for a few breaths, his enemy would not even notice they had lost their lives.


Of course, how to specifically use this Innate Talent still needed much deliberation. At present, Yu Zi Yu could only think of the most rudimentary application of this Innate Talent.


If this Spirit Flower had trained a little in it, she might become several times or even dozens of times more fearsome.


As these thoughts flashed in his mind, Yu Zi Yu’s eyes could not help but be filled with envy.


Unfortunately, this Spirit Flower happened to be a Marvelous Flower of Heaven and Earth, one that was favored by Heaven and Earth. As it suggests, Innate Talent, something one born with. Unless the Spirit Flower herself willingly reveals it, it would be impossible to pry into her abilities with ordinary means.


This was completely unlike low-level Mutant Plants like the Blood-Red Vine.


While ordinary Mutant Plants did possess terrifying Innate Talents, their Talents were not terrifying to this extent.


In other words, the Innate Talents of ordinary Mutant Plants were not blessed by Heaven and Earth. However, those of the top-tier were different; their existences attracted the attention of Heaven and Earth.


Incidents where Mutant Plant devoured each other to steal each other’s Talents rarely occurred with Marvelous Flowers like this.


In a deeper sense, the Marvelous Flowers of Heaven and Earth had already surpassed the norms of Mutant Plants. Their existence itself was beyond Human comprehension.


As for how Yu Zi Yu knew all this…


Looking at the colorful status screen in his mind, Yu Zi Yu gradually understood the existence of the Marvelous Flowers of Heaven and Earth.


[Marvelous Flowers of Heaven and Earth are treasures not confined to the Universe; they have transcended the five elements…]


After a deep glance, Yu Zi Yu no longer paid attention to her.


[According to the System, once my cultivation reaches a certain level, I’ll become a Heaven and Earth Spirit Tree. At that level, my existence will have far surpassed the Fleeting Moment Flower who is just a fifth-grade Fleeting Moment Flower…]


[A Marvelous Flowers like her must undergo metamorphosis time and time again, until they reach the ninth-grade. However, if I became a Heaven and Earth Spirit Tree, I’ll be standing at the pinnacle of the world, becoming an overlord. Only those Sages with Divine Abilities would dare to target me. But, in this world, there are no almighty Sages!]


A cold smile bloomed on Yu Zi Yu’s lips. He naturally understood the law of the survival of the fittest.


Fortunately, he was a step ahead from the rest. As long as his cultivation did not slow down, no one in this world would dare to target him.


Just at that moment, as if sensing his presence, the petals of the Five-Color Spirit Flower on Bull Demon’s shoulder slightly shuddered.


Faintly, a fidgety voice echoed in the air, “I…”


Stuttering, the Five-Color Spirit Flower looked toward Yu Zi Yu’s towering body in the distance, jaw agape.


At a towering height of over three hundred meters, his canopy was nowhere in sight, and disappeared into the clouds.


Adorned with ice-crystals, his snow-white willow branches glitter in the night sky.


And as they gently danced in the air, they triggered a snow storm in the vicinity.


Not to mention Spirit Flower, the other Mutant Beasts like Nine Tails, who had been with Yu Zi Yu for a long time, could not help but sigh at the sight of the astonishing scene.


They realized that they were in completely different leagues. Even if they became Tier-3 Transcendents, they would still be very far from the current Yu Zi Yu.


The present Yu Zi Yu could already be deemed a Quasi Tier-4 Transcendent, someone others could only look up to.


Just at that moment, Yu Zi Yu’s voice suddenly resounded in the Spirit Flower’s mind, “They told me that your Talent is amazing, and after seeing you today, these praises were not an exaggeration.”


“Uh…” Shocked, the Spirit Flower’s petals trembled violently.


“I, I… just…” Before the Spirit Flower could say anything, Yu Zi Yu’s comforting voice sounded in her mind again, “Don’t be nervous. No one here will dare to harbor any malicious intentions towards you.”


As his words fell, the snow falling from the sky was suddenly astir.


Immediately afterward, in the astonished gaze of the Spirit Flower, a sparkling-white silver branch tore through the sky, and arrived before her.


It looked like an invitation, and yet also a welcoming gesture.



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