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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 354, Five-Color Aura

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The arrival of the Five-Color Spirit Flower was a significant enhancement for the entire Misty Mountains. This improvement was not in terms of combat power but rather in terms of heritage.


Keeping everything aside, just Unique Abilities of the Five-Color Spirit Flower, Gathering Spiritual Energy and Language of Flowers could help in creating a vast garden.


What did a flower garden signify?


Just thinking about it made Yu Zi Yu’s eyes shimmer with uncontrollable excitement.


[This is a real source of cultivation!]


With this in mind, Yu Zi Yu, looking at the nearby Five-Color Spirit Flower which had landed on the canopy, and asked, “If I send Nine Tails and the others to find some Spirit Flowers and their seeds for you, how long will it take for them to mature if they are planted around you?”


“Spirit Flowers?” The petals of the Five-Color Spirit Flower trembled slightly in excitement.


After a moment, she nervously replied, “As long as there is sufficient Spiritual Energy, they should mature in about half a month.”


Speaking this, the Five-Color Spirit Flower cast a profound gaze at the towering tree rooted before her, and took a long, deep breath before tentatively asking, “Divine Tree, um… can I absorb the Spirit Flowers?”




“En.” Nodding repeatedly, the Five-Color Spirit Flower excitedly explained, “All Spirit Flowers and Grasses can accelerate my growth. Initially, I absorbed all the Spirit Flowers and Grasses in the entire Deadwood Wetlands, and that’s why it was so barren.”


“Hmmm…” This revelation took Yu Zi Yu slightly aback. His corners of lips twitched a little, looking at the Five-Color Spirit Flower, that appeared to be the embodiment of all the beauty of the world.


He was truly taken aback by this revelation.


After all, Yu Zi Yu thought that she might be a Flower Queen after reading the introduction on the Unique Abilities–Language of Flowers.


But it definitely did not appear to be the case.


In a sense, the Spirit Flowers and Herbs seemed more like her food.


Nonetheless, Yu Zi Yu liked it, and did not mind it at all.


Rather he gave his nod, promising, “You can take one-fifth of the Spirit Flowers and Grasses you cultivate.”


“One-fifth? Great, that’s enough.”


Amidst a laughter as melodious as the twinkling of silver bells, the petals of Five-Color Spirit Flower could not stop trembling, giving the impression of a woman waving a flower branch.


At this moment, looking at the cheerful Spirit Flower, Yu Zi Yu’s corners of lips could not help but slightly curve upward.


Moreover, whether it was an illusion or not, a subtle and mysterious feeling rose in Yu Zi Yu’s heart.


That feeling was vague and hazy.


But honestly, Yu Zi Yu did not dislike this kind of feeling.


[Hmmm… could it be that ‘Language of Flowers’ also has an influence over me?]


The Language of Flowers granted the Five-Color Spirit Flower the ability to communicate with various Spirit Flowers and accelerate her growth. To a certain extent, numerous Spirit Flowers would also obey the commands of the Five-Color Spirit Flower.


This was quite a terrifying ability.


However, her terror lay not in combat but in creating a rich heritage and communicating with Spirit Flowers.


It could be said that thanks to the Language of Flowers ability, Misty Mountains might no longer lack resources like Spirit Flowers in the future.              


In other words, Transcendent Mutant Beasts would be born in Misty Mountains like bamboo shoots in spring.


As for the secondary ability to communicate with Spirit Flowers, whether it could affect him, Yu Zi Yu could not say for sure. After all, the feeling he just had seemed not to be an illusion.


Shaking his head, Yu Zi Yu stopped thinking about it and turned to Nine Tails, who was perched on the canopy, instructing, “Nine Tails, I’ll leave the task of collecting Spirit Flowers and their seeds to you.”


“Understood, Master,” accepting the order, Nine Tails, treading waves of flame, headed towards the outskirts of the arctic island.


By the looks of it, she was going to organize manpower.


Right at this moment, as if remembering something, Yu Zi Yu suddenly reminded, “White Tiger, Golden Ant and Thorns, you three will be staying with me for now. You can do as you please with the rest of the Mutant Beasts.”


“Got it.”


Nine Tails momentarily paused, dumbstruck. However, given her intelligence, she quickly understood the reason behind it. [When we returned, Master did not give them any praises or blessings. I guess they have disappointed Master.]


Thinking this, Nine Tails also silently mourned for them for three seconds.



Not long after Nine Tails left, the Five-Color Spirit Flower took root in Yu Zi Yu’s canopy, as if she was very close with Yu Zi Yu, before her petals started suddenly quivering.


In a moment, much to Yu Zi Yu’s astonishment, a terrifying suction emerged from the Five-Color Spirit Flower.


Consequently, the surrounding Spiritual Energy was drawn towards it. In an instant, a thin layer of frost covered the surroundings.


The arctic island was most rich in Ice-Attribute Spiritual Energy.


As a large amount of Ice-Attribute Spiritual Energy converged towards one point, a faint ice fog filled the air.


This was particularly noticeable in the vicinity of the Ice-Attribute Spirit Stone Mine beneath the arctic island.


At this moment, because of the Five-Color Spirit Flower, Yu Zi Yu’s trunk above the ground was also covered in a layer of frost.


“Is this your Unique Ability, Gathering Spiritual Energy?”


While Yu Zi Yu might be asking a question, his tone was very firm and confident.


“Erm…” The Five-Color Spirit Flower was left wondering how Divine Tree knew about this ability. Nevertheless, she still nodded in response and answered, “Yes, I can gather a large amount of Spiritual Energy with this ability. It’s also because of this ability that Spirit Flowers can grow faster around me.”


“Amazing.” In rare admiration, a hint of fervor flickered in Yu Zi Yu’s eyes, looking at the Five-Color Spirit Flower.


The Unique Ability—Gathering Spiritual Energy was even better than he had imagined.


Everything aside, just the current concentration of Spiritual Energy in the surrounding was so much that it was already suffocating.


Located in the center of such a vortex of Spiritual Energy was no different from absorbing impure Spiritual Energy from low-grade Spirit Stone Mines.


Moreover, faintly, Yu Zi Yu keenly sensed that with time, this Spiritual Energy vortex was becoming bigger and bigger.


At this moment, seemingly sensing Yu Zi Yu’s astonishment, the Five-Color Spirit Flower smiled triumphantly.


“Divine Tree, the Spiritual Energy I gather will become more concentrated with time. It’s just the beginning now. Once I adapt to the arctic, the amount of Spiritual Energy I’ll gather will be terrifying. It can even satisfy your cultivation needs a bit…”


“Ha ha ha… Satisfy my cultivation needs!?” Yu Zi Yu extended his branches, muttering in a playful tone.


In a moment, amidst the bewildered gaze of the Five-Color Spirit Flower, the snow fluttering in the sky trembled, before a terrifying suction emerged, drawing the wind and snow toward one point.


At this moment, if one were to look at Yu Zi Yu’s tree body, he or she would undoubtedly see a vast vortex enveloping him.


“Huh…” Staring in astonishment, the Five-Color Spirit Flower was also somewhat dumbfounded at the sight of this scene.


[Can a Mutant Plant do something like this?] Looking at the swirling clouds within a kilometer, the Five-Color Spirit Flower could not help but doubt her existence.


However, in the next moment, a playful voice echoed in the heart of the Five-Color Spirit Flower.


“Are you sure that you can meet my cultivation needs?” 


Hearing this voice, the Five-Color Spirit Flower was dumbstruck, and her facial features froze. But after a moment, as if acting out of spite, a voice full of stubbornness echoed in the air, “I can.”


As the words fell, colorful radiance emerged from the gaps of the Five-Color Spirit Flower.


At the same time, a mysterious force suddenly enveloped Yu Zi Yu, surprising him.


<Ding, detecting an unknown Force, do you want to consume Evolution Points to absorb it?>



| Evolution Begins With A Big Tree |

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