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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 356, Yu Zi Yu’s generosity

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*Roar, Roar, Roar…*


Amidst continuous roars and groars, the entire arctic island became quite lively.


However, watching White Tiger crouched in a corner not far away like a little white cat, not just Thorns, but even the recently joined Five-Color Spirit Flower found it amusing. She was even chuckling.


“Wasn’t he acting like a bigshot the other day?” the Five-Color Spirit Flower asked in a somewhat peculiar tone, filled with curiosity.


That night, she witnessed the ferocity of this winged White Tiger, who, with only the strength of a Tier-1 Transcendent, heartily fighting a Tier-2 Superhuman.


One could imagine how awe-inspiring that was.


However, now, in front of the Divine Tree, he was actually huddled in a corner with his fur standing on end, appearing as if he was being mistreated.


At the sight of this, how could the Five-Color Spirit Flower hold back her chuckle?


“He is most afraid of Master.” Offering an explanation, the nearby Thorns slowly walked over.


“Afraid!?” The Five-Color Spirit Flower looked at the nearby towering tree with a strange gaze, feeling even more astonished.


The Divine Tree did not seem all that frightening, at least not to her.


Not only did she get 40% of Misty Mountains’ Spirit Flowers, but she also received one or two drops of Life Essence everyday. Such treatment genuinely gave the Five-Color Spirit Flower a pleasant surprise.


“Third Brother is lively by nature, always making Master worry,” explaining in a bit of helpless voice, Thorns picked up a willow leaf that fell from Yu Zi Yu’s tree body.


At present, Yu Zi Yu could be considered a treasure trove. Even just a single leaf was smooth and crystalline like jade, and was also surrounded by a faint glow.


This particular leaf was specially given to Thorns by Yu Zi Yu.


“From now on, use my willow leaves and the flesh and blood of the Mutant Sea Creatures to feed your Blood Vine, and strive to break through to Tier-2 as soon as possible.”


“Alright.” With a light laughter, Thorns picked up the willow leaf and brought it to her shoulder.


The next moment…


*Swoosh* Accompanied by a swishing sound, a blood-red streak shot out.


Then, to the surprise of the nearby Five-Color Spirit Flower, a bright red Blood Vine, exuding a strong sense of blood, opened a crack and swallowed the willow leaf.


“Huh!?” The Five-Color Spirit Flower looked towards the Blood Vine entwined around Thorns’ shoulder as a perplexed look appeared on her face.


“Blood Vine is a Mutant Vine that luckily gained sentience, but unfortunately, it was fierce and obstinate. It even tried to parasitize me… so…” Thorns did not even finish the sentence, but what happened next was already guessed by the Five-Color Spirit Flower.


“Well… Divine Tree is indeed formidable,” muttering in her heart, Five-Color Spirit Flower could not help but shrink her body.


Diminishing the Blood Vine’s sentience, especially combining it with a Human was much more violent than her manipulation of living beings.


At least, her manipulation was subtle.


The method of dispersing Blood Vine’s sentience and violently fusing it with other creatures was downright brutal. Even just thinking about it, the Five-Color Spirit Flower could understand the initial suffering of the Blood Vine.


[Ordinary people probably can’t even bear that kind of pain. So, this is the terrifying side of the Divine Tree that’s not known to others. No, it’s not that it is not known to others, it’s just me, the newcomer, who doesn’t know about it.]


At this moment, Yu Zi Yu turned his gaze, focusing on the cold and detached Golden Ant not far away, who stood with his hands crossed over his chest.


The Golden Ant was one of the most successful products of various secret experiments carried out by the Humans.


At least, in the eyes of Yu Zi Yu and others, it was a success.


He had perfectly evolved with a racial Innate Talent, and even his racial Innate Talent had further evolved when he became a Tier-1 Transcendent, possessing formidable strength that made ordinary Tier-2 Transcendent cower.


And this was the Golden Ant, the most domineering existence under Yu Zi Yu’s command.


However, he was born with some congenital deficiencies, which were causing a lot of delay in his breakthrough to Tier-2. Otherwise, with his Talent, he should have broken through long ago.


Thinking this, Yu Zi Yu frankly proposed, “Little Fifth, I’ll use Life Essence supplemented with Spirit Flower and Herbs to create a Small Spirit Pool for you. You can temper yourself in the Spirit Pool and try to make up for your congenital deficiencies, and try to break through to Tier-2. What do you think?”


A smile bloomed on the Golden Ant’s face upon hearing this.


After a moment, he respectfully clasped his hands together and thanked, “Thank you, Master.”


He would only smile like this when he was in front of Yu Zi Yu.


In front of everyone else, even if it’s Nine Tails and Bull Demon, he always wore a cold expression.


Of course, there was one exception, and Golden Ant could not maintain a cold expression in front of this person either.


That person was Qing Er, the one who brought him back from the Human laboratory.


Qing Er had saved his life. Meanwhile, Yu Zi Yu had given him a new life.


To him, these two were his parents after rebirth.


So, even though Golden Ant was proud by nature, he could not show a cold expression to them.


“Okay.” Nodding slightly, Yu Zi Yu’s gaze shifted to the nearby Five-Color Spirit Flower before he asked, “Can I have one of your petals?”




The Five-Color Spirit Flower was slightly taken aback, but she did not refuse.


The next moment, a petal completely withered and fell on Yu Zi Yu’s branch.


At this moment, if one looked at the Five-Color Spirit Flower, they would witness a new petal growing in the very same location where the previous petal had withered.


For the Five-Color Spirit Flower, her petals were like Life Essence to Yu Zi Yu; they could regenerate.


If she lost too many petals, her vitality would be damaged, but occasional loss of one or two petals was not a big deal.


Except, Yu Zi Yu’s act of taking her petal made the Five-Color Spirit Flower a bit curious.


However, her curiosity was short-lived.


*Boom, boom, boom…* Followed by slight tremors in the ground, a basin-sized hole appeared not far away in the ground.


Immediately after, she heard a shout. 




Then, the basin-sized hole started to crystallize at a speed visible to the naked eye. It looked as if ice was forming, but more radiant than ordinary ice, with a deep and beautiful brilliance resembling diamonds.


This was Yu Zi Yu’s Divine Ability–Crystallization.


Through long-term practice, Yu Zi Yu could not only crystallize his own body, but also crystallize the ground and even living beings in his vicinity.


This kind of crystallization was akin to petrification, but several more times formidable than ordinary petrification.


At this moment, looking at the distant basin-sized sparkling hole, Yu Zi Yu heaved a long, deep breath. 


The next moment…


*Crack, crack, crack…*


Accompanied by a crisp snapping sound, drops of Life Essence dripped into the hole. At the same time, the petal given by the Five-Color Spirit Flower gently drifted to the center of the crystal hole.


However, this was only the beginning.


At this moment, if one paid attention, they would notice Yu Zi Yu’s branches entering the canopy in succession.


In the densest part of his canopy, there were numerous rare Spirit Flower and Herbs hidden. They were all the harvests collected by various Mutant Beasts over the past half year.


Yu Zi Yu had been storing them, and now it was time to make full use of them.


Thinking this, Yu Zi Yu selected several Spirit Flower and Herbs that could replenish vitality and tossed them into the crystal hole.



| Evolution Begins With A Big Tree |

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