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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 357, The Mighty Tiger God

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“Go on.” With a chuckle, Yu Zi Yu’s branch pointed to a small Spirit Pool not far away, shimmering with a five-colored glow.


It was unclear whether the energy of the Five-Color Spirit Flower was too strong, but even a petal turned the Spirit Pool into a kaleidoscope of colors.


At first glance, the entire Spirit Pool appeared much more powerful.


“Yes, Master.” Golden Ant gently nodded, and started heading towards the Spirit Pool that Yu Zi Yu had created without a moment of hesitation.




As the Golden Ant entered the Spirit Pool, his body fiercely jolted. He felt a tingling sensation all over his body, as if innumerable ants were crawling into his body, causing every part of his body to tremble at this moment.


However, faintly, the Golden Ant keenly felt his body growing stronger bit by bit.


Not just the golden exoskeleton covering his body, but also internally.


From outside to inside, little by little, as if his body was thoroughly remolded.


For a moment, the Golden Ant could not help but become focused, carefully studying every bit of the changes in his body.


Meanwhile, watching the Golden Ant immersed in cultivation, a faint smile appeared on Yu Zi Yu’s lips.


“Not bad.” Marveling, Yu Zi Yu’s gaze shifted to White Tiger crouched in a corner not far away.


[Since Golden Ant is near me, I can take care of him if some mishap occurs. So, there’s no need to worry. Now, the most important thing to take care of is Little White.]


Seemingly noticing Yu Zi Yu’s gaze, White Tiger’s nervous voice echoed in the air.


“Um, Master, should I eat your leaves, or are you going to create a Spirit Pool for me too?” White Tiger asked with a flattering smile on his face.


“What do you think?” Hearing Yu Zi Yu’s playful voice, White Tiger could not help but shudder for some reason. At the same time, a very bad premonition gripped his heart.


And indeed, the next moment…


*Swoosh!* With a swishing sound, a silver-white branch pointed towards the depths of the North Pole.




“Go where?” the bewildered White Tiger asked in confusion.


“Towards the heart of the North Pole. Unless you’ve broken through, don’t bother coming back.”


“Uh…” White Tiger’s face gradually stiffened as he slowly turned his head to look toward the distant heart of the North Pole, covered in heavy snow, utterly dumbfounded.


“Master, isn’t this unreasonable? Sixth Brother got to eat your leaves, and Fifth Sister got a Spirit Pool, but I…” an aggrieved White Tiger complained, on the verge of tears.


“Do you have any other choice?” In a seemingly amused voice, one of Yu Zi Yu’s silver-white branches danced in the air.


Faintly, fierce swooshing sound could be heard.


*Gulp!* Staring at the silver-white branch that seemed that it could lash at him at any moment, White Tiger gulped nervously, and without further hesitation, turned and rushed away from the arctic island. 


“I’m going, I’m going…”


While shouting again and again, White Tiger spread his wings and shot straight into the depths of the clouds, like an arrow fired from a bow.



Not long after White Tiger left roaring, a dumbfounded voice echoed in everyone’s ears, “Divine Tree, your discriminating treatment is too obvious, isn’t it?”


Listening to the Five-Color Spirit Flower’s voice, Yu Zi Yu’s corners of lips curled up slightly before he burst into laughter and stated, “Believe it or not, White Tiger is probably enjoying himself right now.”


“Why?” The Five-Color Spirit Flower’s voice was filled with confusion.


[Thorns was provided leaves from him, and Golden Ant enjoyed a bath in the Spirit Pool painstakingly formed by him. Meanwhile, not only does White Tiger not receive anything, but he is also driven away towards the unpredictable dangers in the depths of the North Pole. Isn’t this tantamount to pushing White Tiger into a fiery pit? How could he be enjoying himself?]


Just then, an explanatory voice suddenly rang in the Five-Color Spirit Flower’s mind, “Among Humans, there is a saying, ‘teaching according to one’s aptitude’. Third Brother is active by nature, and can’t stand to remain idle. Furthermore, Third Brother is a Mutant Tiger. Since ancient times, Tigers have been known as the ‘King of the Forest.’ In myths and legends, Tigers are even hailed as the ‘God of Slaughter,’ the ‘God of War,’ all representing their belligerent and blood-thirsty nature. So, the best way to teach Third Brother is to let him go out, like a Dragon returning to the sea or a bird entering the forest…”


While providing the explanation, Thorns had already made her way to Yu Zi Yu from a distance. She then lifted her beautiful eyes, staring closely at Yu Zi Yu, as if asking, ‘Am I right?’ 


Yu Zi Yu nodded slightly, affirming.


Only, the next moment, as if remembering something, Yu Zi Yu further added, “Not only that.”


Saying this, Yu Zi Yu could not help but recall the surprise he received when he went through White Tiger’s status screen just now.


[When did he actually develop such an ability?]


Smiling, Yu Zi Yu added, “Your Third Brother hid it quite well; he has secretly developed a terrifying ability.”


Saying this, three words flashed in Yu Zi Yu’s mind: ‘Tiger’s Fiendish Prestige’


[Little White must have developed it recently.]


Tiger’s Fiendish Prestige— As the King of Beasts, the White Tiger’s Might has become even more terrifying after becoming a Transcendent. Every time it draws blood, the White Tiger’s Might becomes even stronger, becoming denser and more concise. When it’s completely formed, all the Souls around White Tiger emerges, turning the whole place into a fiendish region.


Undoubtedly, this was quite a remarkable ability.


‘Turning the whole place into a fiendish region,’ was enough to explain the terror of it.


This fiendish ability and White Tiger’s formidable combat power were truly a perfect match. This was also the reason why Yu Zi Yu had sent White Tiger out as soon as he noticed the awakening of this ability.


“Talent cannot be wasted!” Smiling in his heart, Yu Zi Yu shifted his gaze towards the sky.


The next moment…


*Screech, Screech…* Accompanied by two high-pitched cries, two Peregrine Falcons emerged from Yu Zi Yu’s canopy.


“Go and follow White Tiger. If he encounters any danger, seek help right away.”


“Yes, Master.”


Accepting the order, the Peregrine Falcons, Fal VII and Fal VIII flapped their wings and flew in the direction White Tiger had left.


“Master, you might have a sharp tongue, but you sure have a soft heart.” Watching the Peregrine Falcons depart, Thorns could not help but chuckle.


“It’s quite normal, is it not?” Not bothered by Thorns’ teasing, Yu Zi Yu cast a deep glance in the direction White Tiger had left and stated with a sigh, “Although he is mischievous, he is loyal and honest. He is an indispensable member of our Misty Mountains.”


“That’s true, indeed. Third Brother has always helped out in our fights,” Thorns agreed, nodding.



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