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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 358, The Transformation of Golden Ant

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Bit by bit, time passed, and in the blink of an eye, several days had gone by.


During these days, Yu Zi Yu heard the familiar System notifications multiple times.


<Ding, your Familiar Aisha killed a Tier-1 Transcendent Mutant Black Rat, Evolution Points +2,000.>


<Ding, your Familiar Aisha killed a Tier-1 Transcendent Mutant Yellow Rat, Evolution Points +2,000.>



Listening to these sweet notifications and watching his Evolution Points rise, Yu Zi Yu could not help but have a smile on his face.


He rarely gets to experience the feeling of picking up such rewards for nothing.


His familiar–Aisha was a Fire Elemental Lifeform with remarkable Innate Talent. She had recently become the head of three Great Nuns of Buddhism, and was in-charge of a Cavalier Squad.


The Cavalier Squad of Buddhism was not an ordinary unit. It was a bit similar to Chinese secret forces. Although it consisted of only eight members, each one was a formidable Tier-1 Superhuman.


Currently, Aisha carried a heavy responsibility, tasked with eliminating the Mutant Rat infestations in several cities.


So, the recent frequent notifications of Evolution Points were because of Aisha.



At this moment, in a devastated city…


In the center of the city, faded white buildings with exposed iron rods stained with crimson rust stood side by side, accompanied by cracked and shattered concrete walls.


*Squeak, Squeak, Squeak…*


Amidst hair-raising squeaks, countless emerald eyes appeared within various cracks.


A tide of Mutant Rats, the most terrifying beast tide since the advent of Transcendent Era had ever seen.


Ranging from tens of thousands to a couple of million, the rat tide, like a torrent of flood, blanketed the earth, devastating everything in its path. It could even raze a city to the ground in just a couple breaths.


Fortunately, the Innate Talent of the Rats could only be considered average. As such, their evolutionary speed was not that astonishing.


As of now, the strongest Mutant Rat in the entire city was a Peak Peak Tier-1 Transcendent, whereas the Buddhist Great Nun sent to eradicate the rat infestation was a solid Tier-2 Superhuman.


Furthermore, she was an exceptionally talented Tier-2 Superhuman.


“Go to Hell!” Muttering, a young girl whose face was covered by a purple veil suddenly raised her fair right arm.


The next moment…


*Boom Boom Boom…* A purple sea of fire surged from the ground, crashing towards the ruins of the city like waves, again and again.


*Squeak, Squeak, Squeak…* 


The tide of rats burst into terrified screams as countless rats were reduced to charred carcasses before they could even react.


Adding to the dread, with billowing waves of fire, almost half of the city appeared to be engulfed in flames.


The temperature was so terrifying that the air distorted. Even that young girl’s silhouette was obscured by the flames.


Faintly, the silhouette itself seemed to have merged with the flames, and only the outline of a Human figure could be discerned within the purple sea of fire


Unfortunately, this scene was unseen by anyone.


Even the Cavaliers accompanying Aisha, who were under her command, only knew that the Great Nun had extraordinary control over the Fire Element. Little did they know that their esteemed Great Nun had long become the embodiment of flames.


Meanwhile, as if sensing something, the billowing sea of purple flames paused for a moment.


A moment later, the sea of purple flames started swirling, forming a vortex of purple flames.


And within the purple vortex, a tall and exotic girl affectionately gazed towards the north.


“Master…” murmuring, a beautiful smile bloomed on Aisha’s lips.


She had achieved it.


More than just simply slaughtering beast tides like this to provide Evolution Points for her Master, she had also succeeded in exerting pressure on China.


As a result, friction had ignited at the border of China and the Alliance of Southeast Asian Nations.


However, considering the threat of the countless beast tides, the two most powerful forces on this continent had mutually agreed to restrain their actions to some extent.


Nevertheless, Aisha believed that this was not the end.


“Everything will proceed slowly along the trajectory Master predicted.” Murmuring again, Aisha lifted her feet and started walking towards the northeast part of the city.


There, a pair of Cavaliers were obediently waiting for her.



At the same time, on an island in the arctic region, Yu Zi Yu shook his head helplessly.


With the Blood Covenant between him and Aisha, he could naturally read some of Aisha’s thoughts. Unfortunately, there was too huge of a distance between them, making it difficult for him to transmit his thoughts.


According to Yu Zi Yu’s estimation, transmission through half the continent was his limit.


However, now, the distance between him and Aisha spanned an entire continent. As such, Yu Zi Yu felt powerless despite his best intentions.


[After advancing to Tier-4, I should be able to transmit thoughts through the Blood Covenant…] with a faint smile, Yu Zi Yu stated with a bit of certainty.


Just at that moment, as if nothing happened, Yu Zi Yu raised his eyebrows.


The next moment, he looked towards a nearby spot.


There, Golden Ant, quietly sitting in the small Spirit Pool, suddenly trembled.


At the same time, the Spiritual Energy in the surroundings started seething, continuously surging towards Golden Ant.


In the blink of an eye, a Spiritual Energy storm with a diameter of over ten meters had formed around Golden Ant.


“He broke through so quickly!” Yu Zi Yu secretly praised in his heart as his countless branches gently swayed.


*Boom Boom Boom…* With a series of deafening claps, the snowstorm in the sky was swept away as a beam of sunlight fell straight on Golden Ant’s Spirit Pool from the horizon.


At this moment, the body of Golden Ant was undergoing visible changes at a rapid pace, visible to the naked eyes.


*Crack, Crack…* Accompanied by sounds akin to the breaking of bones, Golden Ant’s exoskeleton, that appeared as if it was cast from pure gold, grew thicker bit by bit, appearing even more robust and solid.


Not only that, his blade-like six legs also gleamed like the edge of a blade.


From a distance, they gave the illusion as if they could tear apart anything.


However, this was only the beginning.


Even bigger changes appeared one after another.


However, within these changes, what attracted Yu Zi Yu’s attention the most was not Golden Ant’s appearance, but the fact that three pairs of translucent wings emerged behind him.


The wings were as thin as cicada wings, yet emanated a faint dark golden hue.


*Buzz, buzz…* Amidst continuous buzzing, the wind seemed to howl.


The next moment…


With a whoosh, a streak of dark golden light tore through the air, disappearing from Yu Zi Yu’s gaze in an instant.


[He had advanced to Tier-2, and has even grown wings…] Satisfied, a light chuckle escaped Yu Zi Yu’s lips.


It was not surprising that Golden Ant could fly. After all, there had been ants that could fly since ancient times.


And as a product of gene combination, Golden Ant, with the genes of many of his kinds fused, naturally could be expected to have genes of a ‘flying ant.’


What Yu Zi Yu didn’t anticipate was that, upon acquiring these three pairs of dark golden wings, Golden Ant would become remarkably handsome.


In Human terms, he looked quite dashing.


His golden exoskeleton, appearing as if cast from pure gold, glittered under the sunlight. As his three pairs of dark golden wings on his back buzzed, he shot into the sky like an arrow released from a bow.


His countenance exuded arrogance and coldness, with a touch of charisma. He seemed like a handsome warrior from ancient times, magnificent in every way.



| Evolution Begins With A Big Tree |

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