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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 359, The Terrifying Golden Ant – Little Fifth

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Amidst a hoarse voice resembling metal friction, a dark golden figure quietly appeared not far away from Yu Zi Yu.


His three pairs of dark golden thin wings on its back kept buzzing, creating ripples in the air. And there he remained, suspended in the air without swaying even a little bit, facing away from the setting sun.


“Pretty good.” Praising, Yu Zi Yu looked at Little Fifth, and narrowed his eyes slightly.


The next moment, a series of information flowed into Yu Zi Yu’s mind.


Race: Mutant Golden Ant

Rank: Tier-2 Transcendent

Innate Talent: Earthshaking Strength – The Ant Race’s innate talent of strength has evolved again, possessing terrifying potential far surpassing ordinary Innate Talents. Its actual strength is a hundred times that of an ordinary Mutant Ants. It is a true talent of strength.

Unique Abilities: Sharp Scales – Terrifying strength can only be carried by a powerful body. Its body is enveloped in a layer of golden scales resembling armor.

Six Legs – Its sharp and scythe-like legs, under the influence of its terrifying strength, can cut through anything.

Strength Absorption – A terrifying ability born from a deep understanding of strength, it can absorb thirty percent of the strength and convert it into its own power, bursting into a double release.

Thin Dark Golden Wings – Terrifying wings evolved just for the sake of pursuit, thin as cicada wings yet unparalleled in sharpness.

Strength Boost – This ability enables the host to multiply their strength once every ten seconds at the cost of a significant amount of Spiritual Energy. Although temporary, it provides overwhelming strength that surpasses all limits. The number of uses is restricted by the host’s physical limitations, and the strength cannot be infinitely increased. Furthermore, the host must avoid getting injured at all cost, and can only dodge or defend, otherwise, the enhanced strength will disappear at once.


After going through Little Fifth’s status screen, Yu Zi Yu marveled silently.


Putting everything aside, just the two new abilities Little Fifth gained, the Thin Dark Golden Wings and Strength Boost, clearly demonstrated Little Fifth’s terror.


Especially the Strength Boost; even Yu Zi Yu’s gaze could not help but flicker when he saw it.


[Strength multiplies every ten seconds at the cost of a large amount of Spiritual Energy…] Even with Yu Zi Yu’s detached personality, the corners of his lips could not help but twitch.


[This is truly pushing himself to the extreme on the path of strength. Although he just might self-destruct if he failed to kill his enemies due to his physical limitations, Little Fifth would definitely be nearly invincible in the future. There is hardly anyone who can contend with him among his peers. With his already formidable strength boost and his Tier-2 cultivation, Little Fifth can unleash strength that would leave even Tier-3 Transcendents in shock.] 


Yu Zi Yu even suspected that he might even pose a threat to Tier-3 Transcendent if he became a peak Tier-2 Transcendent.


This recently gained ability was just that terrifying.


Given Golden Ant’s physical strength, if he went all out, he should be able to amplify his strength 3-5 times. At that time, Golden Ant’s strength would have truly reached an awe-inspiring level.


Although it was highly likely to be a one-shot attack, if his attack did hit the enemy, an ordinary Tier-3 Transcendent would probably suffer more than just a scratch if not dead.


Of course, it depended on the type of enemies Golden Ant encountered.


If he encountered Elemental Lifeforms like Qing Gang and Aisha, or Soft Body Creatures like the Mutant Octopus, no matter how much he amplified his strength, he would be completely helpless.


This was the so-called natural restrain.


There was no absolute perfection. Even a Mutant Beast like Golden Ant, who excelled in fearsome strength, was destined to be encountered in other aspects.


Furthermore, if Golden Ant encountered someone with terrifying vitality like Yu Zi Yu, he would be even more helpless.


If he and Yu Zi Yu were in the same Tier, Yu Zi Yu  could easily take a few to dozens of hits without any major issues, and thanks to his massive vitality, he would have recovered from the damage in a flash.



At this moment, as if sensing Yu Zi Yu’s scrutinizing gaze, Golden Ant clenched his fists and stated, resolutely and straightforwardly, “Master, I feel that I’m very strong.”


As he spoke, Golden Ant clenched his fists even more tightly.


The next moment…


With a crack, as if the air had exploded, a red glow bloomed around Golden Ant’s right fist.


That deep and profound red glow appeared in an instant, and changed the whole demeanor of Golden Ant. If he was somewhat reserved before, now he was exuding a sharp aura.


His terrifying momentum even affected the surroundings.


For a moment, wind started howling around him.


“Now, how much can you boost your strength?” Yu Zi Yu asked with interest, calmly looking at Golden Ant.


Golden Ant was not at all surprised by Yu Zi Yu’s question.


All the Mutant Beasts who had been following Yu Zi Yu for a long time knew that Divine Tree possessed a unique ability to see through their essence.


It was precisely because of this ability that Divine Tree’s guidance often hit the nail on the head.


After a moment of contemplation, feeling the changes in his body, Golden Ant gave a relatively accurate figure, “About two to three times.”


As he spoke, Golden Ant circulated his Spiritual Energy.


The next moment, a loud clap resounded as if the air had exploded.


At the same time, black cracks started spreading around Golden Ant’s clenched fists at a rapid pace, resembling a spider web.


However, these cracks were so fleeting that it was difficult to capture them.


Only Yu Zi Yu, who had been paying close attention to him, barely noticed them.


[His strength can even tear through space itself!?] Little shaken, Yu Zi Yu meticulously examined Little Fifth’s current state.


At this moment, he was astonished to find that Little Fifth’s body was slightly trembling.


His right arm, which appeared to be cast from pure gold, even had imperceptible cracks. 


However, as Little Fifth’s resolve remained firm, even if his body cracked, he remained unfazed.


*Haaa…* Then, taking a long deep breath, Golden Ant fiercely punched with his right fist.


*Boom!* With an earth-shattering roar, his terrifying power enveloped the air that was unable to escape in time, blasting it, creating a towering white pillar of light that shot straight towards the sea.


The next moment…




With another thunderous roar, waves several tens of meters high rose into the air.


Visible to the naked eyes, a white pillar of light penetrated straight into the sea, tearing through it, leaving behind a massive vortex that stubbornly refused to heal.


Air Cannon–As the terrifying power repeatedly compresses the air until it condenses into a single point, forming a white beam of light. The resulting shockwaves are so powerful that individuals several kilometers away could be knocked off their feet.




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