Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 36, Yu Zi Yu’s Response


Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


“Spiritual Energy Monitoring Satellite…” Yu Zi Yu was filled with frustration and helplessness.


In the depth of the canyon, Yu Ziyu slowly lifted his gaze, looking at the dim starry sky.


The thick fog couldn’t obstruct his vision.


The deep, dark night sky, veiled by dark clouds, with dim rays of light piercing through the gaps, resembled a tranquil deep sea undisturbed by even the slightest ripple. However, it was this night sky that kept Yu Zi Yu restless for a long time.


[A satellite!] It was a distant term in his memories. But at this moment, it suddenly appeared before him, and was like a fishbone stuck in his throat.


[What can I do now?] Yu Zi Yu had considered various possibilities, but he had never imagined that Humans had already developed devices to detect Spiritual Energy and even launched them into outer space as satellites.


“Haaaaa…” currently, Yu Zi Yu’s emotions were raging like ten thousand galloping horses in the wild, and he felt extremely helpless. If allowed, he really wanted to shoot an arrow into the sky, destroying that satellite thousands of kilometers away in outer space.


But as matter of fact, let alone being allowed, he could not even touch that satellite.


Now, all he could do was wait… Wait for Humans to find him… And then transport him to a secret base. If he was lucky, he would not get dissected and they would just extract his Life Essence every day.


Of course, if he was down on his luck, Humans just might kill the golden goose to get the golden egg, dissecting it directly to conduct further research.


As this thought crossed Yu Zi Yu’s mind, his heart was gripped with worries tighter and tighter.


[There’s no solution. I can’t think of one…] Faced with the sudden appearance of the Spiritual Energy Monitoring Satellite, Yu Zi Yu was at a loss for a while. After all, he was just a Willow Tree. As a tree, he could not run under the setting sun.


In other words, apart from waiting for the Humans to find him, he really had no way out.


At this moment, sensing Yu Zi Yu’s sudden despondent mood…


*Screech! Screech!* The eight Peregrine Falcon left their nest and soared into the sky, screeching.


*Screech! Screech!* Then, the eight peregrine falcons started circling around Yu Zi Yu’s main body, seemingly lamenting.


Birds understood emotions, and they could comprehend Yu Zi Yu’s current state of mind.


“I’m fine.” Yu Zi Yu extended his branches, as if trying to play with the falcons, but halfway through, he retracted them.


He was in no mood to play with them. 


He felt as if a heavy boulder was weighing on his heart.


“There should be a solution… There should be.” Repeatedly murmuring to himself, Yu Zi Yu suppressed his inner turmoil and sunk deep in thoughts.


[Based on the current situation, the Spiritual Energy Monitoring Satellite can only detect anomalies in Spiritual Energy in certain areas. It can’t capture the specific details. Otherwise, just these many people would not have come for an on-site inspection. Such a small team would be eliminated by a few lashes of my branches.]


If he were to use his roots, Yu Zi Yu could even instantly strangle them to death.


But at this moment, Yu Zi Yu must understand the principles of how the Spiritual Energy sensors worked in order to avoid or even counter them.


Of course, there was one more thing to consider.


Whether he could deceive the group of soldiers who were going to be conducting the on-site inspection! 


If he could deceive these soldiers, and counter the Spiritual Energy Monitoring Satellite, Yu Zi Yu’s safety would then be truly ensured.


With these thoughts in mind, Yu Zi Yu turned his gaze to the nearby Qing Er and ordered in a serious tone, “Qing Er, try to ask about the specifics of the Spiritual Energy Monitoring Satellite.”


Hearing his rare serious tone, Qing Er repeatedly nodded as her eyes flickered with determination.


“Yes, Master.”


After responding, Qing Er’s consciousness once again sank into the depths of her Soul.



After a short while, Qing Er’s lips parted as she recounted what she had learnt, “The Spiritual Energy Monitoring Satellite is just a simple device that measures the concentration of Spiritual Energy in a given area. And based on the different concentrations in a given area, we can take preventive measures in advance. For example, like right now, our on-site inspections here serves two purposes: first, to evacuate the population, and second, to confirm whether it’s just an abnormal concentration of Spiritual Energy in the region or the birth of a powerful mutant beast.”


“It detects the Spiritual Energy concentration in a region. In other words, they haven’t detected me yet,” listening to Qing Er’s recount, Yu Zi Yu carefully analyzed.


*Phew…* Yu Zi Yu let out a long, deep breath, feeling slightly relieved.


[Fortunately, things haven’t reached the worst case scenario. If they are not sure, then I still have a chance. But, from now on, I need to be extremely wary of the Spiritual Energy sensors in outer space.] After some thought, Yu Zi Yu decided to start with the Turtle Breathe Technique that he had used to sneak attack the Giant Golden Eagle last time.


At that time, he had tightly suppressed his breathing, which in turn concealed most of his aura, which in turn caused the Giant Golden Eagle to make a wrong judgment.


[If I could develop it as an ability, and even strengthen it, perhaps I could really avoid detection by the Spiritual Energy Monitoring Satellite.] Thinking of this, Yu Zi Yu’s consciousness sunk deep into his mind.


“I need this as one of my abilities, like the Shroud of Mist constantly permeating into the surroundings… wait, mist!?” Yu Zi Yu was suddenly stupefied, struck with a sudden realization.


[I had overlooked another power of the Shroud of Mist – concealment!]


“Oh, could this be the materialization of my self-created Turtle Breathe Technique?” Yu Zi Yu could not help but complain. For the first time, he actively mobilized the mist permeating his surroundings.


*Fwoosh* The mist suddenly started swirling like a tornado, kicking up a cloud of dust in the air.


A powerful wave of wind swept through the canyon. At the same time, the invisible pressure that had enveloped the entire canyon was slowly dissipating…until it had reached a level that was difficult to perceive.




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