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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 360, 3x Strength Boost

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“Air Cannon, huh…” Muttering to himself, Yu Zi Yu’s pupils contracted at the sight of Little Fifth punching through the sea.


The strength he had just displayed was not that inferior to a Late-Stage Tier-2 Mutant Beast specializing in strength.


This was the current state of Little Fifth. He had just stepped into Tier-2, but thanks to his Unique Ability–Strength Boost, he could erupt with such terrifying power.


Yet, just at this moment…


*Haaaa…* Panting, Little Fifth’s figure slowly descended to the ground.


At this moment, if one were to look at him, he or she would certainly find this petite figure down on his one knee.


“It’s really a terrifying ability, even my body can’t withstand it,” speaking while gasping in shock, Little Fifth looked at his right hand, which was riddled with spiderweb-like cracks, furrowing his brow.


He had already exercised all his control, but even so, when he amplified his strength for the third time, his body could not bear it.


Especially his right arm, which bore his strength, had been significantly damaged.


Right at that very moment, a silver-white branch suddenly swept over Golden Ant’s right arm.


Immediately after, Golden Ant felt a refreshing sensation coursing through his arm.


At this moment, his right was healing at a slow yet visible pace.


“Doubling your strength should be normal for you, and tripling your strength should be the limit. If you forcefully triple your strength, your current body will be riddled with injuries. As for quadrupling, or even quintupling your strength, that would be nothing more that suicide for you right now,” Yu Zi Yu deeply examined Golden Ant’s current state and gave his earnest analysis.


“I see!” softly murmuring, Golden Ant’s corner of lips rose into a wry smile as he stated in a self-deprecating tone, “It seems I’ve grossly overestimated myself. I thought I could maintain a triple strength boost.”


“Triple!?” A shadow of a smile appeared on Yu Zi Yu’s lips as he questioned in a playful tone.


After a moment, seeing Golden Ant’s stunned expression, Yu Zi Yu finally explained, “Your strength is already fearsome, and now, can you even imagine what tripling it means?”


“Uh…” After a momentary stupefaction, Golden Ant fell into contemplation. [Already fearsome strength!? Tripling it!?]


“Ermm…” Feeling all kinds of emotions racing in his heart, Golden Ant suddenly discovered that he might have underestimated himself.


Just at this moment, another voice reverberated in the air, “Oh my God, you’re not Human, and even your subordinates are not Human either.”


Hearing the voice filled with shock, the picture of a little girl with an incredulous look flashed in Golden Ant and Yu Zi Yu’s mind.


“Hmm…?” With the corner of his lips slightly twitching, Yu Zi Yu turned his gaze in the direction of the voice. [Just as I thought!]


The next moment, a Five-Color Spirit Flower entered his sights. Her five petals happened to be trembling continuously, as if she was in disbelief.


“I’m not Human in the first place.” Emphasizing this point, Yu Zi Yu continued, “As for Little Fifth’s extraordinary Talents and his current combat power, it’s not surprising either.”


“Indeed, Talent is everything…” mumbling in a somewhat aggrieved tone, the Five-Color Spirit Flower became completely wilted, like a frostbitten eggplant, thoroughly disheartened.


“Huh…” Yu Zi Yu was a bit perplexed at the sight of the current state of the Five-Color Spirit Flower.


At this moment, as if sensing Yu Zi Yu’s confusion, the Five-Color Spirit Flower explained, a rare thing on her part, “My Innate Talent is not good, I just recently broke through…”


“Innate…Talent…is…not…good…” silently muttering in his heart, an ugly look appeared on Yu Zi Yu’s face.


[You bastard! You’re a Marvelous Flower of Heaven and Earth! Yet, you say your Innate Talent is not good!? How do you expect others to survive if you aren’t good enough!?] Had Yu Zi Yu not have Evolution Points, he really could not guarantee that he could evolve faster than the Five-Color Spirit Flower.


However, after giving it a thought, Yu Zi Yu also understood a little. [Oh, yeah, her Innate Talent has still not awakened! Her terror would only truly manifest when she has become a Tier-3 Transcendent, and possesses at least a million Spiritual Energy…]


Thinking this, Yu Zi Yu cast a sympathetic gaze at the Five-Color Spirit Flower.


[She is indeed quite unlucky. Other Mutant Beasts and even Humans remain in obscurity because of their poor Innate Talent, but she nearly died because her Innate Talent is too outstanding. If Bull Demon had not taken any action, she might have never been able to blossom again.]


*Haaa…* Sighing, Yu Zi Yu shifted his gaze back to Golden Ant.


At this moment, Golden Ant’s injuries had mostly healed.


“Go and recuperate,” instructing him, Yu Zi Yu once again provided a few drops of Life Essence to Golden Ant.


Currently, Yu Zi Yu was not lacking in Life Essence. Producing dozens of drops of Life Essence a day would not harm his Quintessence. 


Of course, Yu Zi Yu would not squander his Life Essence too much. Most of the Life Essence would be stored by Yu Zi Yu.


At present, Yu Zi Yu had accumulated Life Essence equivalent to that of a wine pot in his Tree Heart.


This was a so-called strategic resource. If used when necessary, it could even turn the tide.


“Thank you, Master,” Golden Ant thanked with a nod, taking the Life Essence.


For Golden Ant, accumulation was the key. He reckoned that if he could keep accumulating, he should be able to try making triple strength boost the norm.


Of course, it was just going to be an attempt. After all, only by trying the triple strength boost would he deeply realise how terrifying that state would be.


His body felt like it was enduring the weight of thousands of pounds, even his breathing became difficult.


Every moment, his exoskeleton was making crisp cracking sounds.


“Triple boost…” softly murmuring, the slowly retreating Golden Ant had a gleam flashing in the depths of his eyes.


Just moments later, Yu Zi Yu’s voice suddenly echoed in Golden Ant’s mind, “If you want to boost your strength more, it would be best to look for Old Second.”


“Old Second!?” whispering to himself, Golden Ant’s corners of lips curled up slightly.


[Right. With Second Brother’s Gravity Field, tempering my insides would not be a problem. If I remain inside Second Brother’s Gravity Field for an extended period of time, the possibility of making triple boost a norm should increase significantly.]



| Evolution Begins With A Big Tree |

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