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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 361, The Changes in the Sea

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While Yu Zi Yu was diligently nurturing Mutant Beasts like Golden Ant, an unprecedented change occurred in the deepest part of the ocean.


*Crack…* Accompanied by a cracking sound, a beam of bright light suddenly rose from the pitch-dark depths of the ocean, where one could not even see their own fingers.


On a closer look, it turned out to be a fissure in the previously bottomless trench, about a one meter wide.


And through this narrow crack, a beam of light rose, illuminating nearly half of the deep sea in a flash.


*Whoooaooaooaoo…* An inexplicable low growl echoed from the depths of the ocean, along with a suffocating pressure.


The next moment, an immense black shadow, seemingly endless and boundless, rose from the ocean floor.


*Huff, huff, huff…* Akin to breathing, thunderous roars reverberated across the ocean.


Just the slight movement of the massive shadow caused massive waves.


*Whoooaooaooaoo…* Another inexplicable whistle resounded through the entire deep sea.


Only, this whistle happened to be mysterious and ethereal.


Nonetheless, in the midst of boundless loneliness, one could not help but be captivated.


This was the call of a Whale.


However, what was even more shocking about it was that the size of this Whale was simply too terrifying, to the extent that one could not see its end at a glance.


Its terrifying majesty that almost seemed to have materialized, on the other hand, could be felt by everyone. 


Streaks of blue electrical arcs zapped across the water in the pitch-black depths of the ocean. 


“Who is calling me?” A lone and ancient voice filled with doubt resounded as the Mutant Blue Whale looked in the direction of the call.


After a moment, a beam of light illuminating an aiea caught its eyes.


Through this beam of light, the Mutant Blue Whale surprisingly saw a fissure in the deep sea, about a meter wide, and this seemingly inconspicuous crack made it slightly stunned.


Just because at this moment, it felt the call coming from within the crack.


*Whoooaooaooaoo…* With a surprised cry, the Mutant Blue Whale flapped its tail.


With a deafening roar and swirling water, a section of the trench was leveled.


Amid this turbid water, a circular altar emerged.


The altar appeared immense, ancient, and majestic, adorned with a hint of crystal-clear radiance. It exuded an archaic aura, as if it had existed for countless years. However, a closer look at the corner of the altar revealed that it had long been broken.


Now, the beam of light illuminating the depths of the sea emanated from the center of the altar.


“What’s this?” In astonishment and suspicion, the Mutant Blue Whale swayed its body, slowly swimming towards the edge of the altar.


As it swam closer, the feeling of calling got stronger and stronger, and even had a touch of anxiety.


What the Mutant Blue Whale found stranger was that this call surprisingly carried a sense of warmth, and was devoid of malice.


“What could it be?” With perplexity, the deep-sea overlord approached the edge of the circular altar.


But just then…


With a loud rumble, the entire altar shook. Immediately after, an immense pressure came bearing down on the colossal body of the deep-sea Whale.


However, before the deep-sea Whale could even cry, a deafening clap echoed in its mind as if his brain had exploded, as countless unfamiliar and fragmented scenes flooded into its consciousness.


“O Prophet chosen by the Sea Clan, your existence is a blessing for the Sea Clan. Go, dispel the ignorance and foolishness of the Sea Clan. Go, lead the Sea Clan to true evolution. Merman Clan, Trench Clan, Sea Beast Clan, Sea Demon Clan…various races belonging to the vast sea had forged one of the strongest clans among the myriad races–the Sea Clan. And now, they need your guidance to reappear in the world…”


A majestic voice resonated in its mind as the depths of this terrifying deep-sea Whale’s eyes began to flicker with intermittent brilliance.


After an unknown period of time, as if it had received some kind of enlightenment…


*Whoooaooaooaoo…* An inexplicable cry echoed once again in the depths of the ocean. It was as mysterious and ethereal as ever, but compared to before, it had a touch of profoundness that was hard to fathom.


“I’ll definitely lead the Sea Clan back to the pinnacle of the myriad races,” a resolute voice, filled with rare determination, echoed.



Meanwhile, rooted on the snowy peaks of an arctic island, Yu Zi Yu suddenly shivered.


For some reason, he suddenly had a strange feeling, indescribable and incomprehensible.


However, Yu Zi Yu still suppressed this feeling in his heart. At his level, he had already developed a sixth sense for certain unfathomable things.


In other words, in some corner of this world, something significant might have happened that could affect him, yet he remained unaware.


“Interesting…” muttering, Yu Zi Yu’s gaze turned towards the vast and endless icy ocean.


Whether it was an illusion or not, he felt that this expanse of ice, no, this vast and boundless blue sea seemed to have gained something extra.


“Is it from the depths of the ocean?” Yu Zi Yu muttered to himself, dismissing it; he was not particularly concerned about it.


Instead of pondering these groundless matters, relying only on speculation, he believed it was better to focus on himself.


In his opinion, strength was ultimately the foundation for survival.


[And, more importantly…] As if remembering something, Yu Zi Yu’s expression suddenly turned cold.


He lifted his gaze, looking at figures not far away riddled in wounds.


There, The Titanoboa, a terrifying Giant Python almost a hundred meters in length, happened to be coiled restlessly in a corner.


Next to it was a towering Wolf-like Mutant Beast, gnashing its teeth and staring at Yu Zi Yu’s tree body.


Not far from them was a golden figure, as well as over a dozen Superhumans.


They were the Mutant Beasts and Humans who had attacked Bull Demon to snatch the Spirit Flower.


Among them, the Tier-2 Mutant Black Horse had already been beheaded by Bull Demon. Its body had been used as food, with a significant portion already in Bull Demon’s belly.


As Bull Demon said, ‘I want to eat horse meat.’


Since he said it, it had to be realized.


Otherwise, it would be hard to appease his mind, and the resentment lingering in Bull Demon’s heart would be difficult to resolve.


At this moment, looking at the towering giant tree, Bull Demon respectfully stated, “Master, all these guys are extraordinary. We’ve brought them back for you. It’s up to you to decide what to do with them.”


“Decide!?” With a cold smile, Yu Zi Yu’s playful voice echoed in the air, “They had been given a night to consider. What did they say?”


“So far, no Mutant Beast or even Human is willing to surrender and pledge allegiance to Misty Mountains…”


At this point, Bull Demon also cast a deep glance at the Humans, at the few hesitating individuals, and chuckled, “There are a few guys who said that they want to think about it…”


“Think about it!?” Yu Zi Yu’s icy-cold voice shook everyone’s heart.


At this moment, gazing at the towering silver-white tree reaching the clouds from afar, a Human could not help but turn pale. He had long heard of the terrifying reputation of the Tree Monster.


But now, seeing it, he realized that the world had vastly underestimated the horror of this Tree Monster.


The silver-white branches, each hundreds of meters long, swaying in the sky resembled Dragons. Even with just a gentle sway, they created terrifying gusts, stirring a large part of the falling snow in the air.


Upon closer look, the tree trunk, as dazzling as ice crystals, shimmered with a flowing crystalline radiance.


It appeared mysterious and terrifying.


It gave people a sense of powerlessness.


However, this was not all.


Looking around, he caught sight of extremely terrifying Mutant Beasts coldly staring at them.


*Gulp…* Unable to contain the fear in his heart, the Tier-1 Superhuman gulped nervously. He broke into cold sweat, and his body went limp.


After a moment, his lips quivered, “I, I, surren…”


However, before he could finish…


With a swoosh, a silver-white radiance blinded his eyes.


The next moment, he felt a sharp pain in his chest before his eyes completely lost focus.


“You’ve been given the opportunity before, but unfortunately, you didn’t cherish them. And, do you really think that after harming Bull Demon and Spirit Flower, you can still survive?”



| Evolution Begins With A Big Tree |

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