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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 362, Changes of the Secondary Roots

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The very moment Yu Zi Yu’s words fell, silver streaks shot through the air in succession, before anyone, Humans and Mutant Beasts alike, could react. 


*Schripp, schripp, schripp…” Accompanied by sounds of something piercing through the flesh, the hearts of Humans and Mutant Beasts were pierced.


The most frightening sight of all was the fate of the colossal Python coiled in a corner afar.


*Hisss, hisss…* Amidst hisses of despair, black roots entwined around its body, and the next moment…


*Boom, boom, boom…* Along with the tremors, the entire colossal Black Python was dragged into the depths of the ground.


At this moment, at the Titanoboa’s location, apart from a bottomless ravine in the ground, nothing else remained.


“The rest is for you…” Handing the instruction, Yu Zi Yu no longer paid attention to how Bull Demon and other Mutant Beasts would deal with the remaining carcasses. He began to immerse himself in cultivation.


Meanwhile, in the depths of the earth, hidden from the eyes of the rest, Yu Zi Yu’s countless roots penetrated the colossal body of the Black Python.


*Gulp, gulp…* The roots expanded and contracted, as if they were swallowing something, as visible streams of Spiritual Energy flowed into Yu Zi Yu’s body along the roots.


A Tier-2 Mutant Beast, and the terrifying atavistic-type Mutant Beast at that held a significant meaning for Yu Zi Yu.


Like now, Yu Zi Yu had absorbed thousands of Spiritual Energy in just a few breaths.


More importantly, Yu Zi Yu felt an inexplicable energy entering his body.


This energy was indescribable and incomprehensible. Even Yu Zi Yu could not explain it. However, he knew that this energy should be very important to him.


Because when he devoured the carcass of the Tier-2 Titanoboa, he noticed the secondary root binding the Titanoboa undergoing some mysterious changes.


On a closer look, he noticed that the withered bark had gained a rigid texture, resembling the scales of the Python, and gave a deep and chilling sensation.


Furthermore, the tip of this root had even taken a vague shape of a Python’s head.


Powerful and menacing, it made this rough root appear even more extraordinary.


Sensing this, Yu Zi Yu narrowed his eyes slightly.


For some reason, a lore crossed his mind.


According to lore, there was a Black Dragon at the root of the World Tree, Yggdrasil, that held up the entire world, constantly gnawing at its roots. When the roots were completely consumed, Yggdrasil would decay, and the world would be destroyed.


Now, glancing deeply at the menacing secondary root, resembling a Python, the corner of Yu Zi Yu’s lips could not help but rose.


“If I really became the World Tree, I wonder if any Black Dragon would dare to gnaw at my roots?” Muttering to himself, a mysterious smile appeared on Yu Zi Yu’s lips.


Unlike Yu Zi Yu’s primary root that had transformed into a Dragon, this secondary root of Yu Zi Yu had transformed into a Python. Devouring the Atavistic-type Tier-2 Titanoboa, Yu Zi Yu’s roots had also absorbed a significant amount of Titanoboa’s Bloodline Evolution. As such, the secondary root was influenced, and underwent inexplicable transformation.


Whether this transformation was good or bad, even Yu Zi Yu could not say for certain.


However, vaguely, Yu Zi Yu could feel that if he so wished, this secondary root of his might very well transform into a true colossal Python, and could battle against Heaven and Earth.


In other words, the combat power of this secondary root would be further strengthened.


After all, compared to simple roots, the combat power of the Python was definitely much stronger.


Moreover, this Python was no ordinary one–it was an overlord in the food chain, a Titanoboa.


However, Yu Zi Yu had no idea if there were any side effects of such transformation.



Just at this moment…


*Hisss, hisss…* Inexplicable shrill hisses echoed in his mind, making Yu Zi Yu involuntarily snort coldly.


“Hmph!” His cold snort reverberated across the sky like thunder, immediately followed by a mournful hiss.


Much to Yu Zi Yu’s astonishment, a giant illusory shadow rose from the distant Titanoboa’s corpse, before surging towards Yu Zi Yu’s secondary root the next moment.


“Can I now devour not only the body but also the Soul?” Yu Zi Yu muttered in an astonished voice, feeling somewhat surprised.


This secondary root had previously been upgraded to Level 4, and even Yu Zi Yu had yet to fully grasp its abilities. All he knew was that after having been upgraded to Level 4, it could assimilate other things and make them a part of the tree root.


It was just that he had not expected this devouring ability to be further enhanced.


“Hmmm” Yu Zi Yu pondered and started planning the future. 


[I’ll look for a few more atavistic-type Mutant Pythons. If my guess is right, these atavistic Mutant Pythons might significantly increase my combat power. Of course, this is not something to be rushed. For now, cultivating and researching the Enlarging and Shrinking at Will Divine Ability is of prime importance.] Thinking this, Yu Zi Yu dispersed the Mutant Beasts, and once again took out the sheepskin scroll that had the Enlarging and Shrinking at Will Divine Ability inscribed.


The dark blood-red characters resembled the sunset after dusk, with a touch of antiquity.


In these two days, the blood had already dried up.


However, staring at the sheepskin scroll, Yu Zi Yu still furrowed his brow.


For someone like him, lacking in the inheritance of the previous era, the content recorded on the sheepskin scroll was too cryptic.


Even with Golden Monkey’s detailed notes, Yu Zi Yu failed to understand it.


No, it was more than that. Yu Zi Yu even suspected that Golden Monkey himself might not be able to learn it. After all, the world had changed, and although Divine Abilities still existed, they were no longer as accessible as in the previous era.


At this moment, Yu Zi Yu’s gaze shifted to the end of the sheepskin scroll, and froze.


As he had expected, there was a line written in tiny characters at the end of the sheepskin scroll.


It seemed to be a note, with a hint of caution.


‘Divine Tree, um, I’m not sure if I can be learned because until now, even I’ve failed to learn a Divine Ability… What can I say? It seems that the world has changed, the Principles are different from before. It requires slow, gradual adaptation…’


“Slow… gradual… adaptation…” muttering in a somewhat right voice, Yu Zi Yu could not help but grind his teeth.


Meanwhile, in a corner of this island, Golden Monkey, who was instructing Auris, suddenly shivered, and cast a furtive glance at the towering Divine Tree behind him.


“Divine Tree, you noticed the note just now!?” Golden Monkey muttered to himself in an astonished voice as his heart raced to his throat.


After all, he had been taking a hopeful attitude.


As for whether Divine Tree could learn it, he was not optimistic at all. After all, Divine Abilities were not like other abilities. Not to mention the changes in the world, just crossing the threshold of Divine Abilities was as difficult as reaching the sky.


Even in the previous era, only a few were able to master Divine Abilities.



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