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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 365, The Mutant Polar Bear Clan

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Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


The Enlarging and Shrinking at Will Divine Ability held extraordinary significance for Yu Zi Yu.


More precisely, such transformative Divine Abilities proved to be extraordinary for Mutant Beasts with massive bodies.


Yu Zi Yu was just one of them.


Currently, Yu Zi Yu, who had mastered the Enlarging and Shrinking at Will Divine Ability, could easily dive into the earth using the River of Earth, and move freely around the island without being detected by any Great Beast.


This was the legendary Earth Escape.


However, compared to the eerie Earth Escape of the past, currently, Yu Zi Yu was just sinking a dozen or so meter tall body of his, and then moving around using the River of Earth.


“If I maintain this size, I won’t be able to engage in high-intensity battles.” Muttering to himself, Yu Zi Yu became lost in thought.


The Enlarging and Shrinking at Will Divine Ability required a constant supply of Spiritual Energy. In his current state, which was just a dozen or so meters tall, his Spiritual Energy recovery rate could barely keep up with the consumption of Spiritual Energy.


Notably, as a Mutant Plant, and a terrifying Tier-3 Transcendent at that, Yu Zi Yu’s Spiritual Energy recovery rate was equally terrifying.  However, now, this terrifying recovery rate could only barely keep up with the consumption of Spiritual Energy. It was clear how astonishing that was.


In other words, if Yu Zi Yu’s original form happened to be a Mutant Beast or even a Humans, maintaining the Enlarging and Shrinking at Will Divine Ability for an extended period of time would have gradually depleted his Spiritual Energy.


Of course, that was not the most important thing.


The most important aspect was that if he were to shrink his size further, the consumption of Spiritual Energy would increase exponentially.


As for shrinking to the size of a dust particle…


Yu Zi Yu did not even dare to think about it.


Shrinking to such an extent would be equivalent to using the Five-Color Spirit Flower’s Innate Talent–Instant, consuming a million Spiritual Energy in just a breath.


And this was one of the most frightening aspects of Divine Abilities.


The consumption of Spiritual Energy was simply too terrifying, far beyond the level that Yu Zi Yu, at his current realm, could manage.


Thinking this, Yu Zi Yu stated with some certainty, “In the future, if I shrink my size, a dozen meters will be sufficient.”


In the present Era of Transcendence, where trees could easily reach 100 meters in height, this height could not be considered tall, even bordering on short.


Using this size, Yu Zi Yu could easily roam freely.


With the River of Earth as foundation, just like Humans and Mutant Beasts, Yu Zi Yu would not be confined to one place.


In other words, apart from the deep sea, Yu Zi Yu could step foot anywhere on this continent.


This also fulfilled his past dream–pulling out his roots and running under the setting sun. Thinking about this, Yu Zi Yu could not help but feel excited.


However, just at that moment, a slightly dissatisfied voice suddenly rang in Yu Zi Yu’s mind, “Divine Tree, how long are you planning to maintain this size? I’ve no place to stay.”


“Uh…” Slightly startled, Yu Zi Yu’s gaze subconsciously followed the voice.


The next moment, a palm-sized, incredibly beautiful Five-Color Spirit Flower entered his sight, seemingly looking at him with a hint of resentment.


However, it made sense.


Originally, she was perching on Yu Zi Yu’s massive, and extremely spacious body. However, now she found herself cramped in between the branches, so it would be strange if she was in a good mood.


“Haha…” With an awkward laughter, Yu Zi Yu’s body started growing bigger.


The next moment…


*Boom, boom, boom…* Accompanied by tremors, a towering giant tree rose from the ground.


His branches blanketed the sky, resembling a large umbrella that overshadowed half of the arctic island. His roots delved deep into the island, intertwining and weaving through the ground, forming a vast network.


This was Yu Zi Yu’s real body. A towering Divine Tree that obscured the sky.


If he wanted, he could even use the Enlarging and Shrinking at Will to grow his body bigger. However, in doing so, he might cover the entire island.



Bit by bit, time passed, and in the blink of an eye, half a month had gone by.


In this half month, Nine Tails had returned with a large quantity of Spirit Flower and Herbs.


At this point, if one were to look around the vicinity of Yu Zi Yu, he or she would definitely see patches of Spirit Flowers blooming, glittering with a radiant starlight.


This was the terrifying aspect of the Five-Color Spirit Flower. In the vicinity of her, the time taken by the Spirit Flower to mature would significantly shorten.


And thanks to these Spirit Flowers, Lightning Giant Bear that had reached the threshold of Tier-1, had become a Tier-2 Transcendent on one thunderous night.


Surprisingly, it chose the same evolution path as Bull Demon–a Human-Form Evolution, a rare choice among Mutant Beast.


Now, the Lightning Giant Bear, standing 4-5 meters tall, walked upright, much like Bull Demon.


“Bang, bang, bang…”


Every time its feet touched the ground, they seemed to trigger small earthquakes as its weighty body wantonly trod upon the arctic island.


From a distance, it looked a bit terrifying.


Especially with the lightning streaking around its body, which further made it look intimidating.


However, the noteworthy thing here was that the Lightning Giant Bear bore a heavy responsibility.


At this moment, in a relatively open area on the arctic island, 72 large and sturdy Mutant Polar Bears stood neatly arranged, forming eight rows and nine columns.


Standing in the forefront of these Mutant Polar Bears was their chieftain and commander–the Lightning Giant Bear.


As for these Mutant Polar Bears’ instructor, it was a statuesque man–Qing Gang.


“As a soldier, you must understand what it means to stand like a pine, sit like a bell, and move swiftly like the wind. Remember, military orders are everything.”



Qing Gang shouted at the top of his lungs again and again. He was no longer the carefree person he used to be. His stern and serious demeanor made the nearby Thorns uncontrollably rube her eyes, seemingly unable to believe the sight before her.


“Qing Gang usually trains the Mutant Chimpanzees, and now he is also training the Mutant Polar Bears. It’s quite impressive.”


“Indeed.” Listening to Nine Tails’s analysis, Yu Zi Yu, rooted on a snowy peak in the distance, also nodded his acknowledgement at the sight of it.


He quite approved of Qing Gang.


Qing Gang had not disappointed his expectations.


Not to mention the powerful combat tribe, the Mutant Chimpanzees, deep within Misty Mountains, in the subterranean depths, just the current sight of Qing Gang earnestly training the Mutant Polar Bear was enough to catch Yu Zi Yu’s attention.


Had he been in China, he would have undoubtedly been one of the top instructors. Yu Zi Yu even dared to say that he had the potential to be among the best.


Why? Because, in just three days, he managed to train a group of furry and bloodthirsty Mutant Polar Bears into a disciplined and well-organized unit.


From one glance, Yu Zi Yu could tell that the Mutant Polar Bear in the distance was standing straight with some difficulty, but they still gritted their teeth and puffed up their chests, straightening their postures.


By the looks of it, these Mutant Polar Bears’ future evolution direction should be similar to their Chieftain, a Human-Form Evolution.


“So does this mean my territory will have a genuine Polar Bear Tribe?” Muttering to himself, Yu Zi Yu was filled with anticipation.


If he could not trust Humans, he could raise a group of Humanoid Mutant Beast loyal enough to replace the Humans.


This was an idea hidden in the back of Yu Zi Yu’s mind.


Silavin: ‘genuine Polar Bear Tribe’ – From a game, which has a tribe of humanoid polar bears wearing coats and holding weapons.



| Evolution Begins With A Big Tree |

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