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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 366, Plans to Leave

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Cultivating a Mutant Polar Bear Tribe had always been Yu Zi Yu’s intention. After all, compared to other species, the Mutant Polar Bears, who lived in the arctic region, could be considered one of the most formidable species. Their strength surpassed that of most species, only slightly inferior to the species designated as Royal Clan by China.


Among the Royal Clans designated by China, the national symbol of China–the Panda–also happened to be in the list.


Pandas possessed a terrifying Racial Innate Talent that granted it the ability to gain elemental resistance and strengthen their physical body by devouring minerals. As they matured, they almost became the indestructible meat shields. Furthermore, their combat power was astonishing as well.


It could be said that, among peers, Pandas could almost be considered unrivaled. As such, they were known as the Royal Clan among the Mutant Beasts.


Apart from the Panda Tribe, another well-known Royal Clan was the deep-sea Giant Whales. Giant whales, once mutated, were nearly invincible among their peers. They could traverse the seas, create tsunamis. Furthermore, their terrifying body size and control over the ocean made them deserving of the title ‘king.’


The remaining Royal Species were similar, either possessing invincible combat power, or having spectacular Racial Innate Talents.


For instance, the Mutant Golden Eagles, soaring above the nine heavens, were designated as one of the Royal Clans due to their formidable aerial dominance.


Currently, the Mutant Polar Bear were second only to the various Royal Clans in this hierarchical racial system. One could imagine how terrifying they were.


This was also because the Mutant Polar Bears were hidden in the depths of the Arctic, the reason why their reputation was not obvious.


If China were to discover that the Polar Bears had undergone a qualitative overhaul after mutating, becoming even more robust and almost indestructible, their status would presumably rise significantly in China.


While Yu Zi Yu was observing Qing Gang training the Mutant Polar Bears, a sudden voice interrupted his thoughts, “Master, when are you planning to go out?”


Yu Zi Yu was slightly taken aback by Nine Tails’ question. Then, he glanced at Nine Tails lying on a branch and asked with a smile, “You figured it out?”


“En.” Nodding, Nine Tails earnestly replied, “Master, now that you can freely change your size, and possess the River of Earth ability, you naturally won’t be confined to one place.”


“Indeed,” smiling, Yu Zi Yu admitted.


He had indeed been thinking about it lately, but he hadn’t had the chance to inform the Mutant Beasts.


However, he did not expect Nine Tails to be so perceptive and actually discern his thoughts.


Thinking this, Yu Zi Yu looked around with a calm gaze and stated, “I’ll definitely go out. As Humans say, ‘The world is so big, I want to see it.’”


Saying that, Yu Zi Yu turned his gaze to the illusionary flower of ice crystals that had almost materialized on the canopy and continued with a sigh, “If everything goes smoothly, when I have gained the Ice-Attribute Divine Ability, and create an Ice Elemental Flower, I’ll go out and explore.”


“I see!?” Nine Tails sunk in silence. She had already understood this point.


[What’s keeping Master here is only this. Otherwise, given Master’s temperament, even if he doesn’t go out, he will eventually return to Misty Mountains. After all, compared to the harsh environment here, Misty Mountains is a real paradise.]


Just at that moment, an ethereal voice suddenly resounded in the Nine Tails and Yu Zi Yu’s mind, “Erm… can… I go too?”


Taken aback, Yu Zi Yu looked towards the canopy where the mesmerizing Five-Color Spirit Flower was and smiled. “Even if you don’t want to go, I’ll take you.”


“Really!?” with a hint of surprise, the Five-Color Spirit Flower’s voice was filled with excitement.


“But of course! After all, with you by my side, my cultivation speed would increase significantly,” Yu Zi Yu affirmed the Five-Color Spirit Flower, nodding.


There was no denying that the Five-Color Spirit Flower was extraordinary. Apart from occasionally helping Yu Zi Yu gain that terrifying Innate Talent–Instant, the Gathering Spiritual Energy of the Five-Color Spirit Flower alone could increase Yu Zi Yu’s cultivation speed by 20%.


While 20% may not be that significant, the long-term accumulation over days and months would result in a formidable figure.


For instance, the Ice Elemental Flower that Yu Zi Yu estimated would take two months to condense would now be condensed in a few days.


If everything went smoothly, the Ice Elemental Flower would be condensed in 3-4 days.


The Enlarging and Shrinking at Will Divine Ability held extraordinary significance for Yu Zi Yu. Of course, it was not just the Five-Color Spirit Flower helping Yu Zi Yu. He too had contributed to the growth of the Five-Color Spirit Flower.


At this moment, if one looked closely at the Five-Color Spirit Flower, they would definitely notice that the radiance of her petals had become even more brilliant.


At a glance, she looked more beautiful than before.


And this was the reason she stuck close to Yu Zi Yu.


Staying next to a terrifying Tier-3 Transcendent like Yu Zi Yu, the cultivation speed of the Five-Color Spirit Flower would also be enhanced. Furthermore, she also had access to various resources supplied on a daily basis.


In this case, the Five-Color Spirit Flower would not remain at the same level.


In this mutually cooperative relationship, both Yu Zi Yu and the Five-Color Spirit Flower were enjoying significant benefits. As such, Yu Zi Yu was willing to take the Five-Color Spirit Flower wherever he went.


“Ha ha ha…” The Five-Color Spirit Flower melodious laughter like twinkling of silver bells echoed; she was extremely happy.


For her, being able to stay by Yu Zi Yu’s side at all times was a guarantee of safety. Not to mention, with Divine Tree’s fearsome strength, the number of Mutant Beasts daring to target her was quite limited. This alone was sufficient for the Five-Color Spirit Flower.


Right at that very moment, before the Five-Color Spirit Flower could say anything in response, Nine Tails’s voice, with a touch of flirtatious coquetry, suddenly echoed in the air, “Master, I want to go too. My cultivation speed can only be guaranteed by staying by your side.”


“Hmm…” Yu Zi Yu momentarily stunned, feeling a pang of helplessness.


After a moment, noticing the anticipation in Nine Tails’ pair of beautiful eyes, Yu Zi Yu helplessly nodded, “Alright, alright, you can come too.”


Saying this, Yu Zi Yu glanced at the northern part of the island, where many Mutant Beasts were observing the training of the Polar Bear Tribe by Qing Gang. He smiled and stated, “This time, it won’t be just you. I’ll select one or two Mutant Beasts to bring along.”


Since he was going, he was planning to bring a few more.


With these Mutant Beasts, Yu Zi Yu could be more at ease, as they could also handle some small troubles.


Furthermore, Yu Zi Yu could take this opportunity to give them some guidance.


Of course, he could not take along unique Mutant Beasts like Bull Demon and Sarcosuchus, as they would expose his identity.


The best choice would be small size and less conspicuous creatures like Golden Ant.



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