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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 368, Ice-Attribute Divine Ability – Ice Age

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The Tiger’s Fiendish Prestige was a terrifying ability developed by White Tiger by using his own fierce aura. It possessed a terrifying potential to grow stronger and stronger the more he fought.


Because of this ability, White Tiger was even confident that, in the future, he could stand on par with his Second Brother – Bull Demon, as well as his Elder Sister – Nine Tails, and Ninth Brother – Brewmaster.


*Roar…* White Tiger let out a roar, suppressing the ferocity in his heart. He truly felt a sense of relief.


The Soul of a Tier-2 Pacific Sea Eagle alone was enough to enhance his ability – Tiger’s Fiendish Prestige, by 20-30%.


If it was executed during fights with such significant improvements, even stronger Mutant Beasts with Spiritual Energy 10,000 or even 200,000 higher than White Tiger would find it difficult to breathe and their bodies heavier as if stuck in a swamp.


“This is just in a one-on-one situation. If I use it on the battlefield, my current aura should be enough to terrify some Tier-0 little beasts to death.” A grin appeared on White Tiger’s lips, feeling excited.


The current him was an out-and-out Tier-2 Transcendent. He had not disappointed Divine Tree’s expectations.


Furthermore, his ceaseless slaughter had brought a qualitative change in his Tiger’s Fiendish Prestige.


In light of this, he started making his way back to the arctic island with his head held high.


“Hehe, when I’ve killed nine Tier-2 Transcendents, and over a hundred Tier-1 Transcendents, when my Tiger’s Fiendish Prestige would have been raised to its utmost limit, even Elder Sister and Ninth Brother won’t be able to match me in a fight.” White Tiger’s voice carried some anticipation, but also a tinge of uneasiness.


As far as White Tiger was concerned, the Tiger’s Fiendish Prestige was a double-edge sword. If used well, it would undoubtedly bring many benefits. However, if he failed to rein in his fiendish aura, it would bring considerable trouble to White Tiger. He might even lose his mind because of this ability.


As all these thoughts crossed his mind, what Divine Tree said once flashed in his mind, ‘The timid die of starvation, and the bold die of ingestion.’ 


In this World of Transcendents, if one wanted to thrive, taking risks was inevitable.


And now, White Tiger was taking that risk, that it could subdue countless Souls and turn them into a part of his domain.


*Roar…* Giving out a roar, resolute and powerful, White Tiger lifted his feet, heading towards the corpse that had fallen from the sky not far away.


[Now, it’s time for my meal. But, it’s also time for me to head back.]



Meanwhile, in the heart of an arctic island stood a towering giant tree, covered in numerous ice crystals, sparkling brilliantly in the sunlight.


“8 million Spiritual Energy,” Yu Zi Yu murmured to himself as a shiver passed down his entire body.


Faintly, one could even hear a crackling sound, as if something had broken.


However, it was no surprise.


After several months of immersion in cultivation, Yu Zi Yu’s Spiritual Energy had reached 8 million.


Such terrifying Spiritual Energy, if erupted, not to mention a small city, even the toughest cities in China would crumble in seconds.


And this was just a pure surge of Spiritual Energy, it did not involve use of any ability or Divine Ability.


“Unknowingly, I’ve grown to this point!” Sighing, a complex surge of emotions filled his heart.


Perhaps it was excitement, or perhaps it was joy, or maybe it was something as complex as an epiphany, dreaming thousands of years in a second.


Only, now was really not the time to reflect on these matters.


Glancing at his canopy, where the ice crystal flower had 80-90% materialized, Yu Zi Yu mustered his breath for one last time.


“Condense.” Accompanying his shout, countless rootlets entwined around the Ice-Attribute Spirit Stone Mine deep beneath the island exerted force.


*Gulp, gulp…* With alternate contraction and expansion, streams of Ice-Attribute Spiritual Energy visible to the naked eye flowed into Yu Zi Yu’s roots.



At the same time, at Yu Zi Yu’s canopy…


Surges of ice-blue brilliance flowed over from all directions through the branches, ultimately converging at the deep blue flower adorned with frost.


A deafening ring reverberated in Yu Zi Yu’s mind. Even though he had already condensed two Elemental Flowers, Yu Zi Yu still felt his mind shaken.


Immediately after, countless profound pieces of information emerged in Yu Zi Yu’s mind out of nowhere.


Minor Divine Ability – Ice Age: Using this ability, one could instantly freeze the earth, oceans, and even the air, turning a region into a glacier, reenacting the most primitive and terrifying ice age.


Silently contemplating the information in his mind, Yu Zi Yu’s corners of lips could not help but rise into a smile.


As a companion Divine Ability that could only be born when an Elemental Flower is condensed, this Ice-Attribute Minor Divine Ability was nothing short of terrifying. After all, the ice age was not really as simple as two words, depicting a world of ice.


In an forgone era of the distant past, the ice age even meant racial extinction. Yet, now, Yu Zi Yu could, with his own strength, bring an area back to the ice age. It was easy to imagine what this signified.


Compared to the impregnable defense brought by the Earth-Attribute Divine Ability–Crystallization, or the almost world-ending fury brought by the Fire-Attribute Minor Divine Ability–Feather Firestorm, this Ice-Attribute Minor Divine Ability could truly control the field.


“Different Divine Abilities don’t bring the same repeated things to the table, but a kind of perfect mutual cooperation.” Yu Zi Yu smiled, feeling quite fortunate.


If this Ice-Attribute Divine Ability focused solely on offense, it would not have been ideal. Like now, the perfect control of the scene was what Yu Zi Yu was looking forward to the most.


It could freeze everything, the ground and the sky.


When cultivated to perfection, it might even freeze time.


With such terrifying control-type Divine Ability, coupled with his fearsome offense, Yu Zi Yu could completely annihilate opponents of the same level in the blink of an eye.


This was the terrifying aspect of control. 


Though, whether it was an ordinary Ability or Divine Ability, too much was as bad as too little since even with Evolution Points, it was highly unlikely that Yu Zi Yu could upgrade every Ability or Divine Ability.


What he could do was select the most suitable ones from his long list of Abilities and Divine Abilities.


And now, this Ice-Attribute Minor Divine Ability happened to fill the shortcomings of Yu Zi Yu’s control. Therefore, it was no wonder that Yu Zi Yu was pleasantly surprised.


Furthermore, this was only a part of the harvest.


Lifting his gaze, Yu Zi Yu saw an ice crystal flower swaying along the wind and snow.


Different from ordinary Spirit Flowers, this Ice Spirit Flower seemed to carry the utmost coldness.


Even Yu Zi Yu felt a chill in his heart as if even his Soul was freezing when he first laid eyes on it.


“An Ice-Attribute Elemental Flower…” Muttering to himself, Yu Zi Yu could not help but reveal a hint of anticipation.


This flower was tantamount to an Ice Elemental Lifeform, another powerful character under him!



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