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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 369, White Snake Evolves into a Flood Dragon

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Every Elemental Flower was capable of creating an Elemental Lifeform. 


Every Elemental Lifeform, relying on its Innate Talent, had the potential to reach the peak of Tier-2.


Just like Qing Gang, with his current strength, even if he was not strong enough to overwhelm all Tier-2 Transcendents, ordinary Tier-2 Transcendents would not be able to do anything against him.


Even Nine Tails and Brewmaster would find Qing Gang a formidable opponent.


As Higher Lifeforms, an Elemental Lifeform could not be taken lightly, especially when it came to Elementalization, which made them eerie and mysterious.


*Haaaa…* Exhaling deeply, Yu Zi Yu looked at the Ice Elemental Flower on the canopy, narrowing his eyes slightly.


However, just a moment later, as if remembering something, Yu Zi Yu’s gaze shifted towards the depths of the ground. 


There, a long crystalline snake, as if cast from ice, lay coiled beside the Ice-Attribute Spirit Stone Mine. 


This colossal crystalline snake was none other than White Snake, who happened to have already reached Tier-2. 


Because of White Snake’s remarkable Ice-Attribute Innate Talent, she had awakened a very special ability.


Now, her current Spiritual Energy has crossed the 500,000 mark. Her deep reserves of Spiritual Energy were no less than those of Brewmaster and Nine Tails.


The reason for this was White Snake’ incredible ability: Hibernation.


Unique Ability – Hibernation: Snakes hibernate in winter and live in their burrows. In extremely cold conditions, White Snake can sink deep into her consciousness and hibernate. And during her slumber, she’ll merge with the world, and absorb Spiritual Energy at a rate several times or even over a dozen times than normal rate, and her own consumption would be reduced to the minimum.


This was an extremely unique ability.


Its uniqueness lay in the severe limitations.


One was an extremely cold environment, and the other was a safe environment.


An extremely cold environment was still possible as White Snake would not have any trouble finding one thanks to her Innate Talent. As for a safe environment, on the other hand, it was extremely challenging to find for Mutant Beasts in the wild.


This was where Yu Zi Yu’s protection came into play.


Any other Mutant Beasts, even if they had similar abilities, would not dare to use them. After all, during hibernation, a Mutant Beast was in an extremely vulnerable state. Even a Mutant Beast far weaker than White Snake could still inflict severe damage to her.


But with Yu Zi Yu on the arctic island, his unfathomable strength was enough to deter all small fry. White Snake had absolute trust in Yu Zi Yu, that was why she willingly chose to enter hibernation and engage in deep cultivation.


At this moment, if one were to look towards the depths of the earth, they would surely see a long, slender snake, over ten meters long, shrouded in a hazy mist. 


The Ice-Attribute Spirit Stones around her rapidly melted, continuously turning into a veil of cold mist around her.


“White Snake, as the guardian Spirit Beast of Misty Mountains, if she…” Mumbling, Yu Zi Yu began calculating in his mind.


[The Elemental Flower, particularly the Ice Elemental Flower, is best suited for White Snake. First and foremost is the elemental affinity. As an Ice-Attribute Mutant Beast, White Snake can undoubtedly be called the ‘darling of the elements.’ The second reason is White Snake’s exceptional intellect. She could undoubtedly bring out the full potential of the Ice Element.] Thinking this, Yu Zi Yu’s gaze towards the depths of the earth became a bit fiery.


At present, there really was no other creature more suitable for this Elemental Flower than White Snake. Even if there was, Yu Zi Yu could not guarantee their loyalty.


“Since that’s the case, then…” As he spoke, Yu Zi Yu’s branch easily plucked the ice crystal flower and rushed straight towards the depths of the earth.


*Boom, boom, boom…* As the ground started quaking, White Snake’s body in the distance also trembled slightly, as if sensing them. However, before she could do anything, a warm and gentle voice rang in her mind, “Don’t worry, it’s me.”


Just as these words rang in her ears, White Snake’s body shivered.


Immediately after, before she could react, she felt an extremely coldness rushing towards her.


“What’s this!?” White Snake’s voice was filled with disbelief, and also happened to be shaking a bit.


The next moment…


A deafening sound erupted as a terrifying chill burst forth, sweeping over everything like a flood.


Even more terrifying was that, despite White Snake’s control over the Ice Element, she began to continuously freeze, until she froze into a mountain of ice.


“This is an Elemental Flower. If you can seize this opportunity, not only will your strength greatly increase, but you will also transform into an Elemental Lifeform, a Higher Lifeform,” with a touch of concern, Yu Zi Yu’s voice resounded in White Snake’s mind.


“Elemental Flower!?” Slightly stunned, the still somewhat groggy White Snake finally let go of her guard.


As a Mutant Beast that had followed Yu Zi Yu for a long time, she naturally understood what an Elemental Flower was. Not only was it a treasure exclusive to the Divine Tree, but it was also an invaluable treasure capable of stirring a bloodbath. 


However, what surprised White Snake was that Yu Zi Yu would actually give her such a treasure?


White Snake had no time to think too much. Or rather, time did not allow for much thought.


Extremely cold Spiritual Energy, like a flood, completely enveloped White Snake. The extreme coldness seemed to freeze everything, not just her body, but also her Soul.


In the depths of her consciousness, White Snake felt as if her body was undergoing an indescribable transformation, little by little. And at this moment, if one were to look at White Snake, he or she would witness some small bones growing from the frozen White Snake’s abdomen.


Her ice-blue scales, resembling fish scales, sparkled with an indescribable luster.


“Evolving into a Flood Dragon, huh!?” A soft whisper escaped Yu Zi Yu’s lips as he gazed towards White Snake in astonishment.


Snakes evolving into Flood Dragons, and Flood Dragons evolving into Dragons was not just a legend.


According to Golden Monkey, in the previous era, there existed a species known as Dragons.


Flood Dragon, a subspecies of Dragons, also known as the Hornless Dragon, was a terrifying species with the bloodline of Dragons.


*Haaaa…* Yu Zi Yu exhaled a long, deep breath as his gaze flickered with astonishment and complex emotions.


At his level, he naturally understood that in the future, he was destined to come into contact with some legendary species.


However, Yu Zi Yu had never thought that he would come into contact with them so quickly, and that he would be responsible for their birth.


However, it might be for the best.


Yu Zi Yu was also more adaptable and receptive to such an encounter than a sudden run-in later on.



| Evolution Begins With A Big Tree |

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