Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 37, Anomaly!!


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“This feeling…” Sensing his faint breath, similar to when he held his breath, Yu Zi Yu was a little satisfied. The mist, following his will, had obscured most of his aura.


However, he was unsure if this would be enough to deceive the Spiritual Energy sensors.


Spiritual Energy Monitoring Satellite was just one of them, after all, it had a wide-range of search capabilities. He was afraid that the field investigators might carry sophisticated instruments.


However, after a moment, Yu Zi Yu shook his head, as if he realized something. [The field investigators might carry sophisticated instruments.]


[Though I have not fully grown yet, that does not mean I am completely afraid of them. If they really carry sophisticated instruments with them and detect my presence, I do not mind going on a killing spree before I get discovered.] Having set his mind, a rare trace of killing intent surged in Yu Ziyu’s heart.


*Swish! Swish!* His branches swiftly swished through the air. The entire canyon could not help but tremble.



Right then…


*Roar!* A low roar suddenly came from the nearby ground.


Looking toward the source, Yu Zi Yu saw the Honey Badger crawl out of his burrow, and start growling within the cage, glaring at his body. Faintly, it began to sharpen its claws, as if it was provoking Yu Zi Yu.


“Well…” Yu Zi Yu was a little dumbfounded. He could not understand how this little critter suddenly became so bold.


[Could it be…] As if he had realized something, Yu Zi Yu suddenly looked around.


As expected, the White Crane that had not been trained yet had slowly spread its white wings. Even the Golden Monkey on the treetop seemed to be getting restless, baring its teeth.


“Is that so!?“ With a cold smile in his heart, Yu Zi Yu figured out the reason.


It was because after he had concealed his aura with the mist, the oppressive pressure that had been weighing on these mutant beasts had gradually dissipated. As a result, these mutant beasts, which had not been tamed yet, naturally revealed their unruly side.


“Hmph!” With a cold snort, Yu Zi Yu’s branch suddenly cut through the air.


*Whip!* Accompanied by a crisp cracking sound, Honey Badger, who had crawled out of his burrow a while ago and bared its teeth, was suddenly sent flying.


*Roar!* Growling, the injured Honey Badger struggled to stand up as a trace of confusion flickered in the depths of his eyes. It could not understand why this tree, whose aura had dissipated, possessed such fearsome strength.


“You guys…” Helplessly sighing in his heart, Yu Zi Yu looked around with a cold gaze.


Then, he shifted his gaze back to the nearby Honey Badger, whose mouth was bleeding, and Yu Zi Yu’s eyes flickered with an intelligent gleam.


[Perhaps, this could work!] After thinking for a moment, Yu Zi Yu’s branch suddenly twirled through the air and suddenly lifted Honey Badger from the ground. Then, before Honey Badger could react, a drop of rich Life Essence dripped on it.


*Roar?* Honey Badger let out a terrified growl. Its fur slowly grew and stood up like a porcupine’s spines.


At the same time, its claws also began to slowly grow bigger and sharper.


Its claws had reached the length of half a meter, and its edges glinted with a chilling gleam.


“Don’t let those guys enter the mountains.”


Like a whisper from the devil, Yu Zi Yu’s voice rang in Honey Badger’s mind as he activated the Hallucinogen ability.



The sky was gray, adorned with a few remaining stars, while the ground was shrouded in a veil of gray fog. It was completely quiet, except for the occasional insects in the grass.


*Tap tap tap…* Accompanied by the sound of faint footsteps, a dozen heavily armed soldiers slowly entered the mountains.


It was early morning, perfect timing to enter the mountains.


At this hour, most of the mutant beast were still asleep, making it ideal for exploration.


As such, a dozen or so soldiers led by Yan Gao Yuan left the village and entered the mountains at this particular time.


As for the young girl with the Fire-Attribute Elemental Talent, Yan Gao Yuan had made arrangements for her already.


“Hey, Colonel, why isn’t this fog dissipating?” One of the soldiers was the first to speak, gazing at the vast expanse of white mist.


Indeed, the fog had persisted for an entire day. From night to day. As they ventured deeper, the fog became increasingly dense. By now, the visibility was less than five to six meters.


Exploring in these mountains, even these soldiers could not help but shudder with fear at every rustle, fearing that a mutant beast might suddenly jump at them.


“Uh…” After a brief silence, the experienced Colonel also could not provide a reasonable explanation. 


It was an indisputable fact that fog did exist in the mountainous regions.


But in his experience, such thick fog was extremely rare. And he did not know if it was an illusion or what, but he felt as if he was losing his mind, the trees in the mist looked menacing as if they were about to pounce at him.


“It’s probably an anomaly.” 


Yan Gao Yuan, walking at the forefront, suddenly halted his footsteps. He stared deep into the fog and sighed, explaining, “The increase in Spiritual Energy concentration can cause inexplicable changes in certain places, and these changes are often beyond scientific explanation.” 


“For instance, the entire Earth’s magnetic field is chaotic now. Isn’t the signal of electronic communication devices weak?”


Hearing the Colonel’s question, Yan Gao Yuan also nodded, admitting, “That’s true. In deep mountainous areas like this, the electronic communication devices don’t work.”


“And this is also a manifestation of an anomaly.“


At this point, Yan Gao Yuan half-jokingly added, “If the high Spiritual Energy concentration in all areas was caused by anomalies, it would make our mission a lot easier.”


“Yeah, that’s true.”


The Colonel, who was aware of some insider information, also nodded.


If the Peak Spiritual Energy in this region reaching 17,000-18,000 was because of an anomaly, that would be a real blessing for them.


At least, it was far better than encountering a mutant beast with Peak Spiritual Energy of 17,000-18,000, which was a hundred times more dangerous.




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