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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 370, The Birth of White Flood Dragon

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Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


In the pitch-black night, the biting north wind made the entire arctic island fall into a deathly silence. 


However, just at that moment…


*Screech…* A long Dragon-like roar echoed across the sky, disturbing the entire island.


*Yeep…* With a low scream, Nine Tails slowly lifted her body, a rare seriousness flashing in her brilliant fiery eyes.


[This aura!?] With a puzzled expression, Nine Tails looked towards the depths of the earth, her eyes constantly flickering.


For some reason, she actually sensed a hint of threat from this faint aura. This kind of threat was something she had only felt from Brewmaster.


On another side, the drunken Brewmaster also jolted suddenly.


*Swoosh, swoosh…* Fiercely shaking his head, Brewmaster instantly channeled his Spiritual Energy, detoxifying himself, and regaining sobriety. Then, he cast a deep glance in the direction of the roar, squinting his eyes.


“White Snake’s strength has reached an unreasonable level.” Heaving a long, deep sigh, Brewmaster grabbed the wine gourd from his waist and took a small sip.


He was not too concerned about this.


In his opinion, with Divine Tree present, everything was possible; it was not worth worrying too much. Instead of carrying about these things, it was better to enjoy the wine.


Of course, his drinking was also helpful in cultivation. Even in front of the Divine Tree, he had a justifiable reason.


At this moment, not only the two top powerhouses of Misty Mountains, but also other creatures had, more or less, sensed something. 


“Let’s go and take a look.” Smiling, Qing Gang merged into the ground, hurrying towards the familiar aura.


“This cold aura is extremely terrifying.” Lightning Giant Bear, who was not very familiar with the members of Misty Mountains, had his pupils fiercely contract, shocked by the terrifying power of Misty Mountains.


[Misty Mountains is really too much, such horrifying entities keep emerging every now and then. While there is no shortage of Mutant Beasts in the wilderness, they are mostly scattered and can be dealt with one by one. Compared to Misty Mountains, it’s a completely different story altogether. So many powerful creatures gathered in one place. It is no wonder that other creatures regarded Misty Mountains as the most unfathomable force on the Continent.]


[Rumor has it, in the southern part of this Continent, there is a mountain range known as Misty Mountains, where as many as a dozen fearsome Mutant Beasts dwell. Whether it’s grassroot combatants, or top-level combatants, there is no shortage of them. More importantly, they are also guarded by an unfathomable Divine Tree. I have to admit, coming to Misty Mountains was the right choice.]


Thinking this, the Lightning Giant Bear, who usually seemed a bit simple, also revealed a hint of brilliance in the depths of his eyes.



Meanwhile, deep within the polar island…


*Roar…* Another long roar reverberated through the air, as if celebrating her rebirth, as a long and slender body, dozens of meters long, began to stretch out.


Then, visible to the naked eye, spider web-like cracks appeared on the ice mountain that had frozen White Snake. More astonishingly, if one were to lay eyes on White Snake within the ice mountain at this moment, they would surely be amazed by her beauty.


She was just too beautiful.


Tiny and delicate scales, resembling those of a fish, covered her body layer upon layer, sparkling with a mesmerizing brilliance inside the ice mountain.


On her back, there was a strange organ that resembled a spine. It radiated a dark blue radiance, as if cast from the deepest and coldest ice, giving off a chilling coldness.


Just a mere glance would give the illusion that even their Soul was freezing.


At this moment, if one looked further up along the blue spine, he or she would discover a beautiful blue halo, radiated by sharp things on White Snake’s head.


These were not Dragon horns, but they were much more beautiful than Dragon horns.


They seemed like a coronet, emphasizing White Snake’s nobility and extraordinariness.


However, right at this moment, Yu Zi Yu suddenly narrowed his eyes, looking at White Snake’s head. He astonishingly discovered that her eyes seemed to slightly tremble, as if they were about to open.


Except, looking at these trembling eyes, Yu Zi Yu could not help but curl up his lips into a smile.


Those were not the eyes of a Snake; those were the eyes of a Dragon.


Dragon eyes, nothing less.


Vertical pupils with a faint blue outline. In their majesty, there was a hint of intelligence and playfulness. Seemingly curious, these vertical pupils could not help but move around, examining its body.


However, as she looked at the slightly bulging bumps on her abdomen, White Snake furrowed her brow slightly.


After a moment, she subconsciously controlled her scales to cover these bumps.


That pair of bulges greatly affected her overall beauty.


As it so happens to be, White Snake cared a lot about her appearances.


However, according to the information that had mysteriously appeared in her mind, these slight bumps were her Dragon claws.


When she had stepped into the Tier-3, joining the ranks of Catastrophe, this pair of Dragon claws would truly mature and would emerge, tearing through her flesh.


By then, she would be a true Dragon subspecies, a Flood Dragon.


In this era, where the true Dragon Clan from the ancient myths had not yet emerged, she possessed the most noble bloodline among Mutant Beasts.


“White Snake…” Hearing the gentle call, White Snake’s expression slightly trembled.


Immediately after, a hint of pleasant surprise flashed deep within her eyes.


Before Yu Zi Yu could say anything more, her body suddenly shook.


*Crack, Crack…* With successive cracking sounds, the ice mountain, tens of meters tall, suddenly exploded into pieces.


Amidst the shattered pieces, a long and slender figure transformed into a streak of light, shooting straight towards Yu Zi Yu’s root.


“Master…” calling out with great excitement, White Snake actually slithered her way up Yu Zi Yu’s roots, spiraling around it.


1 meter…


5 meters…



In just a short while she had risen to several hundred meters around the roots of Yu Zi Yu.


And, mere moments later…


With a tremendous boom, the ground split apart as a dazzling white glow illuminated half the night sky.


“What’s this!?”


“A Dragon!? Are you kidding me!?”


Cries of astonishment echoed in the air, as Qing Gang, Thorns, and others, who had already arrived near Yu Zi Yu, stood gawking at the long body entwined several times around Yu Zi Yu’s thick trunk.


The long slender body was as white as snow and had a blue Dragon spine on its back. Its head even bore quite a bit of resemblance with a Dragon’s head.


However, compared to the fierce appearance of Dragons in legends, this head was exquisite, emanating a delicate and charming aura.


Even if they did not belong to the same race, just by looking at the head, the other Mutant Beasts could feel that this seemed to be a beauty, and not an ordinary one at that.


This was another beautiful creature that had transcended racial perception.


Another was Nine Tails.


Author Note: White Snake is, to a certain extent, inspired by the character Little White from the movie White Snake: The Origin.



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