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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 371, Elemental Flood Dragon

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Staring in awe, the Mutant Beasts marveled at the beauty of the current White Snake.


However, the attentive ones noticed a faint cold mist surging under White Snake’s body, as if she was riding on clouds and mist. This faint white cold mist happened to be holding White Snake in the air, setting off her extraordinariness.


Minor Divine Ability: Riding Clouds and Mist – An incredible Divine Ability that only the most talented and brilliant of Flood Dragons can master. It allows them to fly in the sky using clouds and mist, granting them lightning fast speed. It’s truly an extraordinary Divine Ability.


“White Snake’s Innate Talent is truly amazing,” Golden Monkey expressed his deep admiration, emerging from behind a giant rock and gazing at the mist beneath White Snake in astonishment.


Thanks to his past memories, he naturally understood that this was the renowned Minor Divine Ability—Riding Clouds and Mist.


This Minor Divine Ability happened to be the Dragon Clan’s exclusive ability. Almost every Dragon, as long as their talent was not lacking, could master this ability.


This Minor Divine Ability was as natural as breathing to the Dragons. Naturally, Flood Dragons, possessing Dragon’s blood, also had a certain possibility of mastering this Divine Ability.


However, only the most exceptional of Flood Dragons could master it.


In other words, White Snake’s Innate Talent was far from ordinary.





“Master, Master…” amidst excited and joyful calls, White Snake affectionately coiled around Yu Zi Yu’s trunk, her head intimately brushing against the trunk from time to time.


For White Snake, this was the best possible way she could express her gratitude.


“You little girl…” Smiling, Yu Zi Yu’s branches gently stroked White Snake’s scales.


Her scales were extremely cold, but also quite comfortable.


Nevertheless, there was no denying that these were Dragon scales. After all, the patterns on these scales were not only beautiful but also intricate, something ordinary scales could not have.


Just at this moment, as if thinking of something, Yu Zi Yu narrowed his eyes slightly.


After a moment, a series of information flowed into Yu Zi Yu’s mind.


Race: Elemental Flood Dragon

Rank: Tier-2 Transcendent

Innate Talents: Mastery of Ice Element – As an Ice Elemental Lifeform, White Snake has absolute control over the Ice Element. With just a breath, she could unleash a wave of cold, and with a shake of her body, she could freeze everything around her.

Breath Attack – As a Flood Dragon, White Snake has awakened the exclusive innate talent of the Dragon Clan: Breath Attack. She can breathe a 10,000-foot-long white beam mixed with a cold current that has the power to freeze everything in its path. When this white beam descends, its might can be described as apocalyptic. Not only would a city be affected, but even its surrounding areas would be devastated by the resulting shockwave, and the cold wave would freeze anything and everything.

Unique Abilities: Control over Cold Currents – White Snake has a certain degree of control over the cold currents, and she can manipulate the direction the coldness spreads.

Elementalization – A unique ability exclusive to Elemental Lifeforms, which allows her physical body to take elemental form, merging with the elements.

Ice Armor – By gathering a large amount of Ice Element on the scales, White Snake can significantly increase her defense. Furthermore, anyone who came in contact with her body would have their bodies invaded by cold.

Flood Dragon Body – White Snake’s body is far more powerful than her peers, which gives her terrifying strength and speed.

Absolute Zero – Her surging Spiritual Energy can freeze everything, not just the body, but even the Soul will feel cold.

Minor Divine Ability: Riding Clouds and Mist – An incredible Divine Ability that only the most talented and brilliant of Flood Dragons can master. It allows them to fly in the sky using clouds and mist, granting them lightning fast speed. It’s truly an extraordinary Divine Ability.


Yu Zi Yu cast a deep glance at White Snake, no, to be more precise, White Flood Dragon, amazed by her strength.


She not only possessed two extremely formidable Innate Talents but also had countless Unique Abilities that even Yu Zi Yu envied, not to mention the Minor Divine Ability that fascinated Yu Zi Yu.


[Hmmm… in terms of combat power alone, this girl should be on the same level as Nine Tails and Brewmaster…] marveling, Yu Zi Yu could not help but admit the terrifying potential of Elemental Lifeform and Flood Dragon.


As a unique product of combination of an Elemental Lifeform and a Flood Dragon: White Flood Dragon had magnified this potential by several times.


Yu Zi Yu was being polite by putting her on the same level as Nine Tails and Brewmaster.


If they were in this kind of cold environment filled with ice and snow, White Flood Dragon’s combat power might be amplified several times over.


After all, the geographical advantage for Elemental Lifeforms was not to be taken lightly. Even a Fire Elemental Lifeform like Aisha would experience a substantial increase in strength in a desert.


In this frigid cold environment, as the absolute master of the Ice Element, White Snake’s combat power was hard to imagine. Furthermore, this was going to be in combination with the fearsome body of a Flood Dragon…


[She is truly a monster,] marveling once again, the corner of Yu Zi Yu’s subconsciously rose into a smile.


As far as he was concerned, the more terrifying her Innate Talent was, the better. After all, their enemy was not just China.


Seemingly thinking of something, Yu Zi Yu lifted his gaze.


[The desert in the south, the depths of the north pole, Tianshan Mountains… All these terrifying areas have a notoriety no less than that of Misty Mountain, and all have formidable enemies. Not to mention, the sea, there is Australia as well, the Living Fossil Museum.] Just at this moment, as if sensing Yu Zi Yu’s abnormality, a voice suddenly rang in Yu Zi Yu’s ears,  “Master, what’s wrong?”


Slightly taken aback, Yu Zi Yu also snapped out of his thoughts, glanced at her, who was in front of him, and stated with a smile, “I’m just marveling at your Innate Talent. Good, very good, you’ve exceeded my expectations.”


“That’s because Master raised me well.” Shaking her head, she affectionately approached again.


Whether it was an illusion or not, Yu Zi Yu smelled a faint fragrance… It was indescribable and mysterious, but pleasant too, like that of a woman’s fragrance…


Shaking his head, Yu Zi Yu dispelled the ripples in his heart, and turned his gaze towards the Mutant Beasts rushing over.


Looking at their faces filled with surprise and curiosity, Yu Zi Yu did not conceal anything and straightforwardly explained, “I bestowed the Ice Elemental Flower to Little White, which surprisingly awakened the Flood Dragon bloodline within her, becoming her lucky break.”


“Flood Dragon!?” crying in surprise, Qing Gang looked towards the long and slender creature that resembled a Dragon. Astonishment was clearly visible in his eyes.


As far as Qing Gang and Thorns were concerned, Dragons held a special significance in their hearts. After all, China had taken the Dragon as their totem.


When it came to Dragons, the mythical creatures that existed only in legends, curiosity and research had never ceased.


Now, a Dragon, powerful enough to shake the entire China, had appeared before Qing Gang and Thorns. It was easy to imagine the shock they were feeling.


However, after a moment, as if realizing something, Qing Gang grinned and exclaimed, “Even a Flood Dragon has emerged. It seems that the legendary Dragons are not far off.”


“Perhaps, Little White will be the first one to evolve into a Dragon?” Thorns could not help but purse her lips into a smile.


“That might be the case.” Qing Gang nodded, also agreeing with her opinion.



| Evolution Begins With A Big Tree |

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