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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 373, The Assassin Squad

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In the morning, a haze of mist lingered in the air.


There was nothing but a white expanse in sight, all clad in silver. Even the frozen sea from a distance, resembled a mirror, reflecting the vastness of the sky.


This was an aftereffect of the unintentional leakage of Cold Energy when Little White evolved into an Elemental Lifeform last night.


Everything within a thousand kilometres was frozen, and snow was falling within ten thousand kilometres.


It looked like a snow plain in the Arctic, calm and serene.


However, at this moment, in the centre of an arctic island, Mutant Beasts stood in neat and orderly files near a towering tree.


At the forefront were the Nine Great Beasts.


Apart from Old Fourth–Sarcosuchus, Old Seventh–Titan and Old Eighth–Tundra, the rest were all present.


As for White Tiger, he had returned in the early morning, covered in blood all over, emitting a strong scent of blood. Presumably, he should have fought a fierce battle.


The six of the Nine Great Beasts stood side by side, less than 10 metres apart.


Standing behind them were Three Generals. No, more accurately, Four Generals.


Lightning Giant Bear could also be counted as one of the Generals, strong enough to establish his own territory in Misty Mountains.


Apart from Six Great Beasts, Four Generals, Qing Gang and Little White, stood quietly on either side.


As Elemental Lifeforms, they were no less in status or strength to the Nine Great Beasts.


However, they each had their own responsibilities.


Qing Gang, as an instructor, trained Mutant Beasts in Misty Mountains. While Little White was the guardian Spirit Beast of Misty Mountains, guarding a specific area.


When they returned to Misty Mountains this time, Little White would probably return to the ice caverns, entering a long period of seclusion, until the day Yu Zi Yu called for her again.


*Screech, Screech…* Bird cries echoed in the sky as several fist-sized Peregrine Falcons circled above.


Not far from them were four massive Inferno Birds dragging long trails of flames.


But that was not all.


At this moment, if one were to look towards the icy sea, they would surely see one massive shadow after another emerging.


They were a pod of Mutant Orca, the rulers of the deep sea.


Under the leadership of their leader, Whalefall, one after another Mutant Orca began to circle in the sea, creating countless ripples.


However, as if paying homage, they always positioned themselves, facing Yu Zi Yu.


This was an ancient ritual of expressing respect passed down among the Orcas since time immemorial.


However, after gaining sentience, this ritual had become even more mysterious, even causing Yu Zi Yu to look at it with curiosity.


Furthermore, a strange three-headed serpent also happened to be beside the largest Mutant–Whalefall.


This giant serpent was none other than Slytherin, one of the deformed Mutant Beasts with the most amazing Innate Talent of Misty Mountains. Currently, it was several times larger than before it went to the sea.


Looking from a distance, it was not inferior in size to ordinary Mutant Orcas. Also, it was radiating a cold aura, along with a hint of fierceness and brutality.


“As expected, the sea is where Slytherin belongs.” A smile bloomed on Yu Zi Yu’s lips, feeling a bit satisfied with Slytherin’s growth.


[Anyway, now’s not the time to dwell on this.] As if thinking of something, Yu Zi Yu’s gaze shifted as he looked towards a corner.


There, a sleek Snow Leopard happened to be lying down.


Standing above the Snow Leopard’s head was a Green Mantis, about the size of Golden Ant.


The Transcendent Snow Leopard, thanks to its ability – Superspeed, was terrifyingly fast.


As for the Green Mantis, it was the very same Mantis that had confronted Golden Ant head-on, specialised in stealth and in sudden bursts of power.


They were not prominent like the rest, as they did not like to appear in front of Humans, yet they were another ace up Yu Zi Yu’s sleeve.


They were hailed as the Assassin Duo.


“Divine Tree, you actually have so many powerhouses under you?” Exclaiming in a voice filled with astonishment, the Five-Color Spirit Flower gasped in shock.


She knew that Misty Mountains was terrifying. However, when these Mutant Beasts gathered one by one, she found that she had grossly underestimated it by far.


[Can someone tell me where these four giant birds bathing in flames in the sky came from? Can somebody tell me where these dozens of terrifying Mutant Orcas with frightening auras in the sea came from? And this isn’t even the end…] What left the Five-Color Spirit Flower even more astonished were Snow Leopard and Mantis silently emerging in the distance.


Only now did the Five-Color Spirit Flower realise the existence of these two.


At this moment, as if noticing the Five-Color Spirit Flower’s astonishment, a soft laugh echoed in her ears.


“Snow Leopard and Mantis are the assassins of Misty Mountains. They are especially skilled in stealth. Normally, without my permission, they remain hidden in the shadows. Naturally ordinary Transcendents would find it difficult to detect them…” Hearing Yu Zi Yu’s explanation, the Five-Color Spirit Flower was momentarily stunned.


After a moment, as if finally reacting, the five-colod Spirit Flower asked in astonishment, “Difficult to detect even for ordinary Transcendents? Is it even hard for me to detect them?”


This statement was not something casually made by the Five-Color Spirit Flower. As a formidable entity adept in psychic power, the perception of the Five-Color Spirit Flower was no joke.


Although it was not as extensive as Yu Zi Yu’s ability to sense everything within thousands of kilometres, the entire island was within her perception.


[But… But…] Before the Five-Color Spirit Flower could dwell on it further, Yu Zi Yu interrupted,


“They were not just hiding on the island…” Speaking of this, Yu Zi Yu’s corners of lips could not help but rise into a smile.


Snow leopard and Mantis. These two Mutant Beasts, innate or not, had mastered the essence of stealth. As far as they were concerned, anywhere and everywhere was a hiding spot.


When encountering a formidable entity with keen senses like the Five-Color Spirit Flower, they knew how to cleverly withdraw to a safe distance.


In other words, when the Five-Color Spirit Flower arrived, they had already skillfully moved beyond her perception range.


This was also Yu Zi Yu’s test for them, which they seemed to have passed.


Snow Leopard and Mantis successfully hoodwinked the Five-Color Spirit Flower and remained hidden until now.


If they had not taken the initiative to appear, the Five-Color Spirit Flower would have probably remained clueless for a long time.


Thinking of this, Yu Zi Yu had an idea of forming and training an Assassin Squad.


[With Snow Leopard as the leader, and Mantis as his deputy, it’s high time that I form an Assassin Squad. The Transcendent Spider dwelling deep within Misty Mountains can also become a member of the Assassin Squad. With her network of webs to lay traps, coupled with the ambushes and attacks of Mutant Beasts like the Snow Leopard and Mantis, ordinary powerhouses would not be able to resist.]


Furthermore, Yu Zi Yu’s initial plan should not be forgotten: his plan was to use his terrifying paralysing toxin, coating the claws of the Assassin Squad members to further enhance their lethality.



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