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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 374, Return to Misty Mountains

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Raising his gaze and surveying the numerous Mutant Beasts, Yu Zi Yu also did not hesitate and issued the command, 


“Qing Gang, Lightning Giant Bear, as well as Whalefall will remain here. As for the rest, you will return to Misty Mountains with me.”


Upon hearing this, Qing Gang was slightly taken aback and instinctively asked, “Master, I…”


“You stay here and continue training the Mutant Polar Bears, create a mighty army for our Misty Mountains,” Before Qing Gang could ask too many questions, Yu Zi Yu interrupted him and explained.


After a moment, shifting his gaze, Yu Zi Yu also looked at the orderly standing Mutant Polar Bears at the base of the snowy peak, praising, “The Mutant Polar Bear Tribe is no less powerful than the Chimpanzee Tribe of our Misty Mountains. They both have tremendous potential.”


“Indeed.” Qing Gang agreed, also acknowledging this.


Then, Qing Gang’s expression became earnest as he declared,  “Your subordinate will remain here and train the Polar Bears.”


Having declared, he seemed to have thought of something, and he further added in a heavy voice, “Master, if there is a need, I’ll definitely obey your command.”


“Great.” Yu Zi Yu smiled, finding himself rather content with Qing Gang’s response.


Leaving everything aside, Qing Gang was indeed praiseworthy in certain aspects. Or should be said, he lived up to being a Human.


When it came to flattery, he had plenty of experience.


Of course, there was no denying that Qing Gang was loyal to him.


At this moment, shifting his gaze, Yu Zi Yu looked towards the sea.


Watching the colossal Orcas closely watching him in the distance, Yu Zi Yu’s corners of lips rose into a smile as he commanded, “I’ll leave the ocean to you. If there is anything, you can notify Qing Gang.”


Immediately after, an inexplicable whistle echoed in the air.


*Eeeee-awwww…* One after another, sound waves ripple outwards, filled with goodwill and warmth.


These were Ultrasonic Waves. A very powerful ability, but under Whalefall’s control, it gave the best response to Yu Zi Yu.


“En.” Understanding Whalefall’s intention from the whistle, Yu Zi Yu nodded in satisfaction.


Although Whalefall looked pretty fierce, his temperament was relatively gentle.


Of course, that was towards his own kind. Against his enemies, his most terrifying and ruthless side would undoubtedly be revealed.


After a short while, Yu Zi Yu was finished making simple arrangements.


Then, without wasting another second, his gaze shifted towards the Mutant Beasts that were looking at him and straightforwardly ordered, “Let’s go, let’s return home.”


With this order, without waiting for the other Mutant Beasts to react, Yu Zi Yu’s tree body suddenly shook.


*Boom, boom, boom…* Accompanied by tremors, the towering tree surprisingly shrank at a visible pace.


Moments later, much to the Mutant Beasts perplexion, Yu Zi Yu’s tree body, which was originally hundreds of meters tall, had now shrunk to a height of just over ten meters.


From a distance, he looked like an ordinary Willow Tree, with countless willow branches hanging down, forming a curtain of waterfalls.


Although beautiful, he lacked the imposing sight of covering the entire sky.


However, if one looked closely, they would certainly be shocked to find his entire body draped in starlight, a faint glow of starlight emanating from within.


Even in the daytime, the bright and dazzling sunlight could not conceal the subtle radiance.


This was a phenomenon caused by Yu Zi Yu’s vast and majestic Spiritual Energy, unintentionally overflowing from his body.


It looked extremely beautiful, and mysterious too.


However, to some extent, it also demonstrated Yu Zi Yu’s current state.


Even with the utmost restraint, it was difficult to conceal his majestic Spiritual Energy.


One could imagine how formidable Yu Zi Yu was now.


Yu Zi Yu did not dilly dally, and with a long laugh, he, along with the Five-Color Spirit Flower, headed towards the direction of Misty Mountains.


*Boom, boom, boom…* Accompanied by slight tremors, a Willow Tree over ten meters tall drifted towards the south.


However, compared to the tremors caused by his previous gigantic form, these tremors were negligible.


Had they not been in proximity, many Mutant Beasts would have hardly noticed them.


At this moment, looking at Yu Zi Yu leaving, Nine Tails and Brewmaster looked at each with a smile before closely following after him.


*Swoosh, swoosh…” As streaks of light fleeted by, the entire arctic island gradually returned to its original tranquility.


The only thing extra was an ice track extending towards the coast.


These tracks were left by Brewmaster, Thorns, and other Mutant Beasts.


As for Nine Tails, White Tiger, and even Little White, they were all flying in the sky, displaying their might.



Meanwhile, in Misty Mountains…


This mysterious and terrifying mountain range, known for its perennial mist, was experiencing fearsome tremors.


*Boom, boom, boom…* Like a massive earthquake, the terrifying tremor shook everything within a thousand kilometres.


Countless Mutant Beasts stood in awe, looking at the terrifying behemoth, the size of a hill, in the distance.


This behemoth was none other than Old Fourth–Sarcosuchus of the Nine Great Beasts of Misty Mountains.


Thanks to his solid foundation and steady accumulation, as well as the consumption of the heart and flesh of a Tier-3 Mutant Sea Creature, he had already become a Tier-2 Transcendent.


Now, having successfully broken through, his size had increased to 70-80 metres.


What did that signify?


Well, most skyscrapers were only about this tall.


While Sarcosuchus may not appear very tall, his spine-chilling length left all the onlookers in awe. Especially now, when Sarcosuchus was completely covered in thick and dense earthly-yellow scales.


At a glance, he appeared invulnerable, which no gun or sword could harm.


*Grooarr…* As he let out a roar, the terrifying soundwaves made the endless forest bend.


However, even with such majestic strength, Sarcosuchus still had a cold look in his eyes when looking towards the outskirts of Misty Mountains.


Today marked the seventh day.


Humans, after noticing Yu Zi Yu’s absence, had been repeatedly probing, even sending people to investigate.




Thanks to the veil of thick mist and various races of Mutant Beasts living in the mountains, Human powerhouses found it difficult to step into Misty Mountains.


Even so, Sarcosuchus wore a cold look on his face, and the culprit behind it was the squad of Iron Knights dispatched to the outskirts of Misty Mountains seven days ago.


The squad was not that big, only ten were dispatched. However, each and every single one of them was a Tier-1 Superhuman, and their captain happened to be a Tier-2 Superhuman.


As the current guardian of Misty Mountains, Sarcosuchus could not turn a blind eye to this.


After much consideration, he led Titan and Tundra, as well as the Transcendent Spider, and many other Mutant Beasts to attack the Iron Knights at the outskirts of Misty Mountains.


Luckily, the result of the battle was pretty good.


Although there were casualties, the Iron Knights Squad was stopped, unable to advance even an inch.


However, recalling the Tier-2 Superhuman who wielded a lance, and rode a Giant Panda, Sarcosuchus’ expression grew slightly unsightly.


He was not afraid of the Tier-2 Superhuman, but he was unable to take down the Superhuman with his current strength.


Instead, a stalemate had been formed.



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