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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 375, The Empress: Ling Er

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And at this moment, on the outskirts of Misty Mountains…




Growling, a three-meter tall Panda was licking the wound on its right arm.


It was in pain, excruciating pain.


Even though it had already become a Tier-2 Transcendent, the excruciating pain still contorted its face.


However, after a moment, as if remembering something, the Panda turned its gaze towards a young woman sitting against a big tree not far away.


“Master…” With a touch of concern, the Panda approached.


“I’m okay.” Waving off, the young girl with short hair and a heroic appearance stood up as if she was perfectly fine.


However, in a moment, the girl could not help but frown.


She looked down toward her chest, and surprisingly, there was a huge blood stain.


“The legendary Sarcosuchus is indeed as formidable as they say.” Recalling the gigantic and ferocious monster the size of a hill, the girl’s face turned solemn.


Just one whip…


Just one whip of his tail…


It sent her and her companion–Rolypoly, tumbling thousands of meters.


If it were not for the fact that she had protected herself with Spiritual Energy, that single strike would have left her severely injured.


Thinking about it, Liu Zi Yan could not help but sigh helplessly.


“It would have been better, if you hadn’t been injured,” Saying this, Liu Zi Yan gently stroked the head of her companion, Rolypoly.


As one of the commanders of Iron Knights, she possessed exceptional talent, and had already become a Tier-2 Superhuman at a very young age. However, what distressed her was that her companion, Rolypoly. Rolypoly had suffered serious injuries in the past while trying to save her. Those injuries had lasting effects, causing Rolypoly to be stuck at the peak of Tier-1.


This was a cruel reality, not only for Rolypoly, but also for Liu Zi Yan.


The members of the Iron Knights, though possessed terrifying combat power, they were inseparable from their mounts. They were as close as brothers and sisters. To a certain extent, even the cultivation was tied to each other.


Now, the fact that her companion was stuck at the peak of Tier-1 meant that her path to Transcendence had come to a halt.


Due to this, Liu Zi Yan’s status among the Iron Knights plummeted.


Otherwise, with her Talent, how could the higher-ups allow her to venture into such dangerous territory?


Of course, she could choose to abandon her companion and forsake the path of a knight she was currently on.


[But, is that even possible?] Just the thought of it made Liu Zi Yan clench her fists involuntarily.


At this moment, as if sensing Liu Zi Yan’s complex emotions, a low whimper echoed in the air.


Hearing this whimper, Liu Zi Yan slightly raised her eyes, then shook her head helplessly, comforting Rolypoly, 


“Don’t blame yourself; it’s not your fault.” Saying this, Liu Zi Yan slowly raised her gaze, looking towards the depths of Misty Mountains, and declared in a resolute tone, “I’ll definitely get my hands on the Tree Monster’s Life Essence for you. This is not just for you, but also for myself.”


[According to the rumors, Life Essence is the Spirit Essence nurtured by the Tree Monster. Not only can it bring back someone from the verge of death, but it can also regrow flesh from just bones. It’s a true and rare treasure. Not only can it heal Rolypoly, but Rolypoly might even advance a step further.]


[If and when Rolypoly breaks through to Tier-2, given our tacit understanding and mutual cooperation, our combat power would jump by a whole new level, the increase would not be just as simple as one plus one. Even if Rolypoly would have just become a Tier-2 Transcendent, coupled with my current strength, we would be able secure a decent rank among Tier-2 Superhumans.]


This was the frightening aspect of the Chinese Knights. Man as an invincible spear, capable of destroying any stronghold. Beast as an impregnable shield, nothing could breach its defense.


The tacit cooperation between Humans and Beasts would redefine the ancient and enduring profession of knights, perhaps even push it back onto the world’s mainstream stage.


However, at this moment, as if thinking of something, Liu Zi Yan’s complexion slightly darkened.


[How could it be that easy to obtain Life Essence? Not to mention the unfathomable Tree Monster, I am even having a hard time contending with just one Mutant Beast under the Tree Monster. If the Tree Monster isn’t away and there is a Spirit Pond in the heart of Misty Mountains containing its Life Essence, I would not have taken the risk and secretly lead a squad here.]


However, thinking of this, Liu Zi Yan’s lips could not help but move, “Emp…ress…”


Softly murmuring, a touch of fear appeared on Liu Zi Yan’s face.


The Empress–He Ling Er, the most famous and unfathomable woman in China.


At a really young age, she had become a Tier-2 Superhuman, and possessed unfathomable strength.


Half a month ago, she displayed unparalleled strength when besieging the Five-Color Spirit Flower.


Even White Emperor–Wang Hao and Zhao Jiao, prodigies just like her, were totally eclipsed by her.


More importantly, in that shocking war that shook the entire China, White Emperor–Wang Hao suffered severe injuries, and Zhao Jiao mysteriously disappeared, and was still missing.


Rumor had already started that he had fallen under the claws of the Mutant Beasts from Misty Mountains. Whereas Empress He Ling Er, except for being missing for a few days and having a slightly disordered aura, she returned totally unharmed.


More shockingly, just a few days ago, she even made another breakthrough and reached the late stage of Tier-2.


Her terrifying strength even left the few most mysterious individuals in China in dread, to the point that everyone was having a hard time digesting it.


This was already proof in itself how terrifying the woman titled ‘Empress’ was.


She had only come to Misty Mountains under the guidance of the Empress, He Ling Er.


It was also the Empress, He Ling Er, who revealed to her that there was a rare treasure called ‘Life Essence’ in Misty Mountains.


According to what He Ling Er said to her, ‘When I was being pursued, I happened to escape to the depths of Misty Mountains, where I accidentally obtained a few drops of Life Essence. Three drops had helped me breakthrough, and now, only one drop remained.’


It was precisely because of that drop of Life Essence that He Ling Er had shown her that Liu Zi Yan believed that if she could find enough Life Essence, her battle companion would surely recover


Recalling that drop of green liquid, sparkling like crystals, and emitting a rich vitality, Liu Zi Yan could not help but lightly nibble her lip as a look of excitement appeared on her face.



| Evolution Begins With A Big Tree |

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