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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 376, Dragon Slaying

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Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


Meanwhile, in a pavilion by the lake… 


A graceful and elegant figure was standing quietly by the lakeside.


Her hair looked the very embodiment of flames, and her feet were fair and smooth as jade, untouched by dust.


Upon closer inspection, one would notice a cloud of mist-like purple flame below her feet, lifting her in the air, less than three centimeters above the ground.


Walking on air, a very unique and monstrous technique.


This was a method unique to the Empress–Hua Ling Er, and it was also her most iconic ability.


Using her formidable psychic power, she made the flames tangible, and then using these flames, she lifted her body parallel to the ground.


This technique demanded not only exquisite control but also vast reserves of Spiritual Energy. Most people would not even dare to think about attempting it, let alone achieve it.


At this moment, Ling Er’s voice echoed in the air, “What’s Liu Zi Yan doing now?”


“She has already arrived at Misty Mountains and has also clashed with Fourth Brother several times.” As the words fell, a black streak of light zoomed through the air.


The next moment, a beautiful black Peregrine Falcon was perching on Ling Er’s shoulder.


“En.” Ling Er nodded slightly, satisfied with the result.


While Liu Zi Yan possessed terrifying talents, due to her mount, Rolypoly’s old injuries, her cultivation had stagnated for several months. Although she remained stronger than an ordinary Tier-2 Superhuman, there was almost zero chance of her surpassing Sarcosuchus.


As a result, she, who was really eager to save her mount, would be blocked outside of Misty Mountains.


And this was exactly what Ling Er hoped to see.


On one hand, clashing repeatedly with her would allow Sarcosuchus and even Misty Mountains a better understanding of the formidable Iron Knights, one of the legendary units of China.


On the other hand, if Sarcosuchus decided to be ruthless and led numerous Mutant Beasts to attack her, paying no heed to casualties, or when Yu Zi Yu returned and then suppressed them with force, a significant portion of the strength of this legendary unit would be compromised.


The Iron Knights had a total of seven commanders. Liu Zi Yan happened to be the most gifted, but also the weakest of them all. If she were to fall in Misty Mountains because of this, the overall threat of the Iron Knights would be reduced by 30%. 


This suggested that although formidable, the Iron Knights still had certain weaknesses.


These weaknesses, if discovered by Misty Mountains or Yu Zi Yu, would lead them to not need to worry about the Iron Knights, no matter how strong they were.


In other words, this was just a little scheme devised by Ling Er.


Taking advantage of Liu Zi Yan’s desperate desire to save her mount, and complementing it with the temptation of the Life Essence, Ling Er had effortlessly delivered a small squad of Iron Knights into Misty Mountains’s hands. 


Not only could this allow the numerous Mutant Beasts of Misty Mountains to study this legendary force, but it could also cut off an arm of the Iron Knights. 


Of course, Ling Er also had a backup plan.


If Liu Zi Yan miraculously survived and managed to walk out of Misty Mountains, she would face the siege of Otherkins, the most hated and loathed individuals in all of China at the moment.


The ambush would consist of three hundred Otherkins, led by Vampire Kerry.


As these thoughts swirled in Ling Er’s mind, the corner of her lips rose as a playful expression appeared on her face. Ling Er was feeling quite satisfied with her petty scheme. After all, a Human prodigy, on par with Zhao Jiao, falling in Misty Mountains would be quite good for Misty Mountains.


However, thinking of Zhao Jiao, Ling Er suddenly paused.


Then, she slowly raised her hand as an illusory and very petite Black Snake gradually manifested, coiled around her arm.


Darkness Serpent–the manifestation of Zhao Jiao’s Innate Talent.


The Darkness Serpent was a formidable and incredibly powerful species in the last era, far beyond ordinary people could comprehend.


And now, this Darkness Serpent, like the Silver Centipede, not only had a part of its Talent stolen by Ling Er, but had also become Ling Er’s weapon.


It was due to Ling Er devouring the manifestation of Zhao Jiao’s Innate Talent that she successfully broke the shackles and entered the late stage of Tier-2.


This was what ordinary people referred to as ‘700,000 Spiritual Energy Barrier.’


While Ling Er was standing quietly by the lake in contemplation, suddenly, the sound of footsteps approached from outside.


“Miss Ling Er…” Calling, a charming girl draped in white cloak approached the pavilion.


“What’s the matter?” Ling Er furrowed her brow slightly, a bit surprised.


These girls, who followed her, knew that she disliked being disturbed, especially when she was alone. She wondered what had happened for them to disregard her preferences and call out to her.


“Miss Ling Er, a message has just arrived from the capital.” While speaking, the charming girl raised a letter in her hand.


Seeing this, Ling Er slightly opened her right hand.


Immediately after, a terrifying suction emerged from her hand, causing the letter to fly over dozens of meters and land in her hand.


This was a top-secret correspondence.


Generally, it could only be issued by the highest office in China.


In other words, something big must have happened, enough to shake the entire China.


Thinking this, Ling Er signaled the charming girl to step back, before slowly opening the letter.


The next moment, Ling Er’s pupils flickered uncontrollably as she read the letter.


Faintly, there was an inexplicable radiance flashing in the depths of Ling Er’s eyes.


“Australia, Wyvern, attacking overseas……” Amidst a series of murmurs, an astonished look appeared on Ling Er’s face.


She could not help but admit that Humans, in a certain sense, were a crazy species.


Just because they found a recently advanced Tier-3 Transcendent, they were already thinking of executing an overseas mission, which was absolutely crazy.


After all, the ocean was the most unpredictable and dangerous place in the world. Even though Humans had developed certain technologies to equip ships with Spiritual Energy Shields, it was still extremely perilous.


However, after thinking about the ‘Wyvern’ mentioned in the correspondence, Ling Er seemed to have faintly understood the reason behind it.


The appearance of a species that had only existed in myths and legends was enough to drive Humans crazy.


After all, if they succeeded in slaying a Dragon, the corpse alone would be enough to propel Human research in evolution forward by leaps and bounds.


A prize so tempting could indeed blind Humans, to the extent that they might overlook the terror of a Tier-3 Transcendent.


And the higher officials in the Chinese government had sent Ling Er this letter to invite her to discuss the matter of dragon slaying.


As one of the current top-tier experts in China, Ling Er’s status was starting to be reflected.



| Evolution Begins With A Big Tree |

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