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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 377, Return of Yu Zi Yu and the Surging Mist

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*Haaaa…* Taking a long, deep breath, Ling Er casually organized the information in the letter.


After a moment, with a lift of her fingertips, the Peregrine Falcon spread his wings.


*Screech…* Then, with a soft cry, the Peregrine Falcon transformed into a black streak of light, quietly disappearing into the depths of the dark clouds.


This was the eldest of the Peregrine Falcon–Fal I, and also, the only Peregrine Falcon that had broken through to the Tier-2.


He was as fast as lightning, surpassing the speed of sound. Furthermore, he was pretty good at hiding his presence.


With his current speed, not to mention taking off in a place with minimal Human presence, even in a bustling city, he could come and go without alerting anyone; no one would notice him.


What made him even more formidable was that as long as the distance was not within a kilometer, the Peregrine Falcon could ensure that Tier-2 Transcendents could only detect a fleeting trace of his aura. If they want to really find his traces, it would be a thousand times more difficult.


This was the terrifying aspect of the Peregrine Falcon; after having advanced to Tier-2, it was acclaimed as the ‘fasted Mutant Bird.’


Its excessively terrifying speed allowed it to freely traverse the airspace above Human cities. Furthermore, with the guidance of Yu Zi Yu, the Peregrine Falcons focused on restraining their auras and controlling their Spiritual Energy.


After a long period of evolution and deliberate efforts, the oldest of the Peregrine Falcons had now reached a level where he could come and go without a trace.


*Suuu…* Amidst howling cold winds of the north, a fleeting streak of light swooshed through the atmosphere.


*Boom!* As he became faster and faster, he broke the sonic barrier, causing a sonic boom.


In just four hours since departure, the Peregrine Falcon had already arrived in the arctic region.


Now, he did not need to conceal his aura.


*Boom, boom, boom…* With continuous acceleration, a series of sonic booms echoed in the air. From the distance, a wave of white stretched out from the depths of the clouds.


It was terrifying and frightening.


However, just at this moment, as if noticing something, the falcon eyes of Fal I suddenly narrowed.


In his sight, much to his surprise, he noticed a streak of green light rapidly approaching from the distant horizon.


*Screech!* Fal I instinctively let out a piercing cry as a trace of panic appeared on his face because this streak of green light was too fast, to the point that, in the blink of an eye, the green light had already drawn near.


In the face of such an unfathomable speed, even Fal I could not help but feel inferior.


The sense of pride that had just risen in his heart was shattered in an instant.


However, in a moment, a very familiar voice suddenly echoed in Fal I’s mind, “You’ve broken through, huh? But, it’s still not enough, hmm?”


Amidst the faint doting voice, another streak of green light shot towards him.




After a daze for a while, Fal I finally realized the identity of this streak of green light.


However, before he could react, a crystalline, emerald branch, resembling a luminous mystical chain with blue radiance, had already entwined around his body, pulling him towards the ground.



After several breaths, on a vast plain in the arctic region, a Willow Tree over ten meters high stood quietly.


A faint halo surrounded it.


From inside out, it exuded an extraordinary and noble aura.


At this moment, on a branch of this Willow Tree, a fist-sized Peregrine Falcon was joyfully hopping up and down, chittering non-stop, “Master, you scared me to death! I almost thought I wouldn’t make it. But seriously, you are too fast. You know, my speed is already terrifying, and when accelerating, I repeatedly break the sound barrier… yet…”


In the consecutive claims, Fal I could not hide the complacency in his voice. After all, it was hard for him to show off in front of his Master.


“Alright, alright, I know you’re amazing.” A branch gently caressed Fal I’s head, as Yu Zi Yu praised him with a hint of smile, “Your speed is indeed impressive. Among your peers, there are probably few who can compare.”


*Screech, Screech…* Giving joyful chirps, Fal I raised his head high.


However, after a moment, as if realizing something, Fal I’s voice softened, he stated in a feeble voice, “Even though I’m this fast, I was still easily caught by Master.”


“How can you compare to me? We both are in completely different Tiers.” Rebuking, Yu Zi Yu continued to console, “Child, if you can break through to Tier-3, even I might be wary of your speed.”


“Really!?” Fal I’s dark eyes rolled around a few times, and a look of expectation appeared on his face.


[If that’s true, then when I break through to Tier-3, will Master treat me differently?]


However, just at that moment, as if remembering something, Fal I shook his head, dispelling the rising whimsical thoughts and getting back to the main topic, “Master, I was sent to you. Eldest Sister Ling Er has asked me to bring you some news.”


With that, Fal I conveyed Ling Er’s message to Yu Zi Yu word for word.


Listening quietly to Fal In’s account, Yu Zi Yu’s eyes could not help but narrow slightly.


[Wyvern… Australia… Tier-3 Transcendent… Liu Zi Yan…] These unfamiliar terms piqued his curiosity.


However, looking at the several streaks of light approaching, now was evidently not the time to dwell on this.


One streak was like a blazing meteor tearing through the atmosphere. Yu Zi Yu even felt surging heat waves rushing from the sky.


Another streak was accompanied by the howls of the wind, surrounded by a countless storm of sharp, blade-like gusts.


And the last streak was surrounded in icy cold mist. And in the hazy mist, a figure resembling a Dragon could be seen every now and then.


These three were none other than Nine Tails, White Tiger, and the White Flood Dragon, Little White.


All three of them could fly.


In terms of speed, even Brewmaster could only stare helplessly.


“They’ve all caught up… Ok. Let’s head back.”


Saying so, Yu Zi Yu shot in the direction of the Misty Mountains with Fal I.



Misty Mountains could no longer be considered far for Yu Zi Yu. With his current speed, several hours were more than enough.


Shortly after, as if noticing something, Yu Zi Yu’s eyes suddenly narrowed.


In his gaze, a vast forest appeared on the distant horizon.


A boundless sea of greenery, with no end in sight.


However, upon a closer look, one could actually see a faint mist at the end of that forest.


The fog pervaded the sky, like a ferocious beast waiting to devour someone, quietly lurking at the end of the horizon.


“Misty Mountains,” muttered Yu Zi Yu, as a smile appeared on his face.


This feeling of returning home was somewhat unfamiliar to him. Nevertheless, it felt good.


However, at this moment, as if sensing something…


*Boom, boom, boom…* 


In the distant horizon, the vast expanse of mist started rolling in, resembling a towering wave that connected the sky and the earth, rushing towards Yu Zi Yu.


For a moment, not to mention the forest bordering the mist, even the numerous Mutant Beasts hidden deep within the fog were alarmed.


Ability: Mastery of Mist (Level 3) – You can absolutely control the mist you create.



| Evolution Begins With A Big Tree |

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