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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 378, Manipulation of Mist

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Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


The vast expanse of mist rolled back, like the roaring sand storm in the desert or the howling winds of the north. 


*Boom…* Visible to the naked eye, within the surging mist, waves of mist swirled towards a certain direction.


“What is this?” with a hint of confusion, Liu Zi Yan, who was healing on the outskirts of Misty Mountains, suddenly exclaimed.


In her gaze, the pervasive fog in the forest seemed to come alive, all starting to flow. Even more terrifyingly, the entire Misty Mountains appeared to have awakened.


*Groooaaar…* As a thunderous roar shook the forest, in the distance, a gigantic figure, around the size of a hill, rose.




Amidst an inexplicable call, Liu Zi Yan vaguely caught sight of her thorny opponent, the formidable Sarcosuchus in the distance, rushing towards a direction excitedly.


At the same time…


*Boom Boom Boom…* The ground started trembling as if a herd of thousand horses was trampling the earth.


Tens of thousands of beasts galloped.


Among them were Mutant Macaques, swinging from one branch to another, swiftly speeding towards a direction.


There were also black torrents flowing out from the underground, swiftly blanketing the ground.


This happened to be the horrifying Black Rat Tide that made Humans turn pale.


But they were still not the most terrifying.


The most terrifying things were in the distance.


*Thump, thump, thump…”


Along with the heavy footsteps, powerful tremors shook the ground.


More than twenty Human-like figures, each carrying a tree, were marching towards the distance.


The trees they were carrying were giantantic. Trees dozens of meters long and so wide that they would require about a dozen people to hug looked like toys in their hands.


It was only because each of the figures was over twenty meters tall, and possessed robust figures that it did not seem too strange. 


Furthermore, they were taking orderly strides.


They were like the most formidable soldiers, silently conveying strict discipline.


Though only a little more than twenty people, they marched with a more terrifying momentum than an entire army.


“What’s going on!?” Amidst cries filled with incredulity, several Iron Knights standing behind Liu Zi Yan had their faces changed.


[How is this possible? How can there be such huge Humanoid figures? And they look more like soldiers than real soldiers. They are all robust yet upright. They are all marching in complete silence with disciplined order. This… This is simply unbelievable!]


“Mutant Chimpanzees, and not just ordinary ones.” Behind Liu Zi Yan, the pupils of a young man with a sight-related Innate Talent shrunk continuously, shrinking to the size of a pinhole, as he conveyed the information he saw from a thousand kilometres away.


“How is it possible for such giant Chimpanzees to exist?” someone refuted, having a hard time digesting this.


But after a moment, as he laid eyes on the figures walking towards the distance, the person fell silent.


Humanoid figures with thick arms reaching to the ground, if they were not Chimpanzees, what could they be?


“There’s nothing impossible.” In a calm voice, Liu Zi Yan also tightened her grip on the knight’s lance at her side.


After a moment, as if realising something, she added with a helpless sigh, “We should be thankful that these guys didn’t make a move earlier.”


“Indeed.” After a moment of silence, everyone could not help but nod in agreement.


Not to mention anything else, just the imposing aura emanating from them, even from this considerable distance, put everyone on edge.


It was as if they had run into the most top-notch predators.


Especially the figure at the forefront, with a height of over thirty metres. Its size alone sent shivers down everyone’s spine.


By a rough estimation, the strength of such an entity would not be any less than that of Sarcosuchus.


However, just at this moment, as if thinking of something, Liu Zi Yan’s face suddenly changed, looking in the direction the mist was surging with incredulity.


Surging mist, and countless Mutant Beasts rushing out from the depths of Misty Mountains.


What did this mean?


Just thinking about this, Liu Zi Yan’s heart felt as if it had been grabbed by someone.


“Retreat, quickly retreat!” Shouting in an anxious voice, the girl holding the knight’s lance jumped and flipped in the air, landing on the tall shoulder of the Panda.


“Yes, Madam.”


Everyone promptly followed the orders, no one hesitated or questioned even for a moment.


Just as Liu Zi Yan spoke, the other nine people all jumped onto the shoulders of their mounts.


As a squad, they had absolute trust in their commander. So, when they heard her anxious commands, they naturally would not hesitate.


However, just as they jumped onto the shoulders of the Pandas, an ethereal but playful laughter suddenly came from all directions.


“Where do you think you’re going?”


“…you’re going?”


Clearly, the voice had just spoken once, but it echoed again and again, like a repeating machine continuously playing in their minds.


“Ahh!” A figure standing on the shoulder of a Panda let out a painful scream, holding his head in pain.


But before he could do anything more…


Clouds of mist, as if receiving some command, instantly turned into long snakes one after another, rushing towards this figure.


After a moment, much to Liu Zi Yan’s shock and dismay, ropes of mists had already bound the limbs of her squad.


Furthermore, more mist rushed towards her squadmates’ mouths, ears, and noses…


At a glance, it looked both eerie and terrifying.


“No…” Liu Zi Yan, standing on the shoulder of the Panda, tightened her grip on the lance to the point that her hands became bloody, and rushed straight towards her squadmate–Zhang Xiao Bai, like an arrow fired from a bow.


However, in a moment… with a deafening roar, waves of fog rolled in.


In Liu Zi Yan’s unbelieving eyes, Zhang Xiao Bai unexpectedly swung the lance in his hand, fiercely swinging towards her.


*Bang…* The clash of lances created a series of sparks, scattering in every direction The powerful clash also triggered mighty shockwaves in succession.


Zhang Xiao Bai was clearly just an ordinary Tier-1 Superhuman, yet the strength he was displaying even caused Liu Zi Yan’s hand to go numb.


However, that was not the most important thing.


The most important thing was that Zhang Xiao Bai, this guy with a firm will, was actually being controlled by someone?


Liu Zi Yan was in utter disbelief. [How is this even possible!? As a member of the Iron Knights, each member’s will is as firm as iron. Not to mention manipulation, even making them experience fear is difficult. But now…]


However, after a while, as if realising something, Liu Zi Yan’s pupils suddenly contracted.


Looking closely, she astonishingly discovered that Zhang Xiao Bai was being manipulated like a puppet with strings.


She found that countless threads of mist happened to entwine him.


In other words, a terrifying entity was forcibly manipulating his body using the mist.


The unknown entity was manipulating his body, not his mind.



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