Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 38, Crisis Strikes


Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


The mist was a little peculiar.


After walking for nearly half an hour, Yan Gao Yuan heaved a faint, touching the large tree beside him. Dismayed, he found the same mark he had deliberately left on a tree half an hour ago.


[As expected, we’ve unknowingly returned to our original position!]


*Haaa…* Yan Gao Yuan sighed and looked back at the team trailing behind him. Although the visibility was poor, he could keenly sense the unease in them.


After all, many of them were new recruits; they were finding it hard to cope with the strange situation before them Moreover, and more importantly, whether it was an illusion or what, he always felt that a pair of eyes were watching them from somewhere within the fog.


“How perceptive!” Yu Zi Yu, who was observing the group from afar through the dense fog, frowned upon sensing the vigilance of the young man leading the group.


[According to Qing Er, this guy should be Yan Gao Yuan. A Superhuman, one with an extraordinary identity.]


“Hmph!” Yu Zi Yu let out a cold snort, but he did not take him seriously.


His abilities, Shroud of Mist, combined with Hallucinogen, could mislead these people without them noticing. And this was making them vigilant. If they exited the mountains in light of this, that would be a whole lot better. But if they did not, then he would have no choice but to resort to violent means.


[At that time, it won’t matter if he is Yan Gao Yuan or not…]



Unknowingly, several more hours had passed. Deep within the mountains, the team led by Yan Gao Yuan finally managed to break out of the strange loop, and was now continuing on their way deeper into the mountains.


However, what they did not know was that within the thick fog, there were pairs of gleaming green eyes staring at them. At the same time, there was also a pair of crimson eyes filled with madness, seemingly suppressing something.


Storm Wolves, as well as a Honey Badger.


Naturally, Storm Wolves were following Yu Zi Yu’s command to obstruct this group, while Honey Badger was Yu Zi Yu’s final trump card.


For this, Yu Zi Yu had sacrificed three drops of his life essence to forcefully evolve the Honey Badger. In terms of combat power alone, it had far surpassed Storm Wolves’ ability to unleash wind blades


However, as a consequence, Yu Zi Yu held no worries about Honey Badger’s life or death. 


Using his Hallucinogen ability, he had brainwashed the Honey Badger. After all, it was known that Honey Badgers were extremely vindictive. And now, in its brainwashed memories, the team led by Yan Gao Yuan was its greatest enemy.


*Growl!* The Honey Badger finally could not hold itself any longer and suddenly charged down with a growl, charging toward the foot of the mountain.


At the same time…


*Aooo~ Aooo~ Aooo~* Howls of wolves suddenly echoed through the mountain forest.


Wolves were the most fearsome hunters in the depths of the mountains. And now, when their howls echoed in the forest, not to mention others, even Yan Gao Yuan and his team, who were quite far away from the wolves, could not help but feel a chill run down their back, finding the forest a little creepy and terrifying.


“Did you hear that?” Gulping in nervousness, a soldier suddenly asked.


“No no no. It can’t be…” As if he had thought of something unbelievable, another soldier also became incredibly tense.


*Fuuu…* Exhaling a long, deep breath, the Colonel looked at Yan Gao Yuan and nodded, stating in a grim voice, “If I’m not wrong, it should be a pack of wolves, but I won’t know if it’s a pack of mutant ones or regular ones.”


Saying this, the Colonel swept a gaze at this ment and cautioned them, “Hold on tight to your weapons, we can’t afford to let your guard down.”


“Yes, Sir.“ Raising the machine gun in his hand, a dark-skinned soldier smiled.



Time always passes slowly in a state of alert.


Everyone was wiping the cold sweat dripping down their foreheads. The soldiers became more and more cautious. They were startling at every step.


“Ahhh~” Suddenly, a cry of surprise shattered the dead silence.


Everyone’s face drastically changed. Yan Gao Yuan instinctively circulated his Spiritual Energy.


But the next moment, Yan Gao Yuan and even the Colonel’s face turned dark with dismay, finding that the new recruit had merely stepped into a pit.


Be that as it may, they did not reprimand him.


Because at this moment, not only this soldier, but every soldier’s nerves were taut.


The dense fog permeating in the mountains seemed to be bearing an indescribable sense of oppression, constantly pressuring their nerves.



“It has begun.” In the distance, Yu Zi Yu seated deep in the canyon slightly narrowed his eyes. Immediately after, a miserable cry echoed throughout the entire mountain.


“No…” With an extremely piercing and painful scream, a soldier’s arm flew into the air.


At the same time, a spout of blood shot up in the sky.


Looking up, they saw a green streak of light whooshing through the air, cutting the soldier’s arm.


“Enemy attack, enemy attack…” Amidst the continuous cries of alarm, each and every soldier picked up their weapons.


Immediately after…


*Bang! Bang! Bang!* 


A spray of bullets poured out like rain as muzzle flashes flickered in the dense fog.




A howl came from the fog as a giant wolf, the size of a calf, pounced toward one of the soldiers. 


What was even more hair-raising was the green glow surging in its jaws.


“Run!” With a roar, Yan Gao Yuan, surrounded by surging Spiritual Energy, decisively pushed away one of the soldiers beside him. Immediately after, he followed up with a whip kick.


*Bang!* With a deafening bang, the fog rolled back.


At the same time, the giant green wolf was sent back flying, whimpering.


*Phew* Yan Gao Yuan took a deep breath, but he did not have the time to assess the casualties on the battlefield. Because, at that moment, the fog engulfed their vision, and strangely, even the trees had turned into menacing monsters.


“This fog…”


Muttering to himself, a sense of worry weighed down on the young man’s heart, an uncommon occurrence for him.


Vaguely, he had a nagging feeling that this fog was alive.


But he found it completely impossible.


But he did not have the time to contemplate on it as screams kept coming from within the fog, one after another.


At the same time, a strong nauseating stench of blood filled the air.




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