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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 380, The Ten Monstrosities of the Continent, the Snake Queen

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Brewmaster may fight, may fool around, but he did not play games with emotions.


In Human terms, ‘Brewmaster was like a hoodlum.’


Although unruly and reckless, even daring to escape from Humans and his pack at great risk, he was quite sentimental.


Yu Zi Yu had long noticed this, which is why he did not make any move on these Pandas. He decided to leave them to Brewmaster.


Yu Zi Yu wanted Brewmaster to weigh his options between Misty Mountains and his pack.


“Foundation?” Muttering to himself, Rolypoly could not help but recall that journey to the western desert.


[Facing that monster, if I had not risked heavy injuries to cover the team’s retreat, the entire team might have been buried in the western desert. And that monster… A monster with the upper body of a human and the lower body of a snake—the Snake Queen, is one of the Ten Monstrosities of the Continent.]


The Snake Queen happened to be a very fearsome Mutant Beast. Her upper body, the Human part, was extremely beautiful and spellbinding. Even humans with firm will would waver if they looked at it for too long, and would eventually be petrified. Her lower body, on the other hand, was a snake tail covered in dark green scales, which could easily create sandstorms and fierce winds.


With her terrifying strength combined with her strange and eerie body, she firmly held the seventh position among the Ten Monstrosities of the Continent.


According to some experts’ speculation, she should be a kind of Serpent-type Mutant Beast that devoured a Human girl, resulting in this abnormal yet extremely frightening evolution. 


The reason she was identified as a Mutant Beast was that she was as cold and terrifying as a Snake. Although she possessed intelligence, she maintained the lifestyle of a Serpent-type Mutant Beast. 


In other words, she was like Thorns, a combination of Mutant Plant and Human.


However, while Thorns actions were driven by her Human’s consciousness, Snake Queen’s actions were predominantly dominated by her Mutant Beast instincts.  


“It was the Snake Queen. Last time, we ran into her, and I almost lost my life.” Saying so, Rolypoly could not help but touch his chest as lingering fear gripped his heart.


“Snake Queen!” Softly murmuring, Panda’s gaze could not help but flicker with uncertainty.


Naturally, he was not unfamiliar with the Snake Queen.


Moreover, the entire Misty Mountain, thanks to access to the intelligence of China, was well acquainted with the widely recognized Ten Monstrosities of the Continent.


Just like the North Darkness Bird that Bull Demon encountered in the Deadwood Wasteland, the Snake Queen also was also quite notorious among the ten Monstrosities. 


It should be noted that strength was just one of the reasons to be included in the ranks of the Ten Monstrosities of the Continent. The second reason was that they caused catastrophic disasters, resulting in heavy losses for Humans. 


For instance, the Northern Darkness Bird once unleashed a huge storm along the coastal city with just a flap of its wings. That storm laid waste to more than half of the city’s defenses, leading to a massive influx of Mutant Sea Beasts and resulting in heavy losses.


As for the Snake Queen, she was notorious because she lived in the desert, and had petrified 40-50% of a city’s population.


In the face of such terrifying petrification, everyone was equal. Even same-Tier Superhumans dared not look directly into her eyes.


Even today, a ruined city in the desert is adorned with countless cold yet life-like statues.


This also vividly illustrated the terror of these Ten Monstrosities of the Continent.


Of course, this was not the main reason why many beasts of Misty Mountains were familiar with the Ten Monstrosities of the Continent.


After all, in terms of combat power, Nine Tails and Brewmaster did not think they would lose to the later members Ten Monstrosities of the Continent. They would even dare to challenge the former ones head-on.


The reason those guys were ranked in the Ten Monstrosities of the Continent was merely because their notorious deeds had left a deep impression on countless Humans.


If Nine Tails and Brewmaster wreaked havoc in human cities like those individuals, presumably, two creatures among the Ten Monstrosities of the Continent would be replaced the very next day


The reason why many Mutant Beasts in Misty Mountain were familiar with the Ten Monstrosities of the Continent was mainly because their Master, the Divine Tree, being ranked first among them.


The Divine Tree, their most beloved Master.


According to the catalogue of the Ten Monstrosities of the Continent, there was a description of Yu Zi Yu.


‘Majestic as the vast sea, malevolent as the depths of Hell, unleashing a colossal earthquake on the ominous Dark Day, spanning across thousands and thousands of kilometres… the menace that still lives…’


Although they were enemies, there was no denying that Humans were quite honest in a certain sense.


They did not exaggerate, nor did they belittle.


However, it made sense.


This kind of catalogue was meant for future reference, and if the information was incorrect, people could lose their lives.


Brewmaster did not say anything, or rather, there was no need to say anything. He just silently kept the name Snake Queen in mind, to settle the score later if they crossed paths.


Of course, this was just a side note.


When powerful Mutant Beasts encountered each other in the wild, it would naturally lead to a battle.


Not every Mutant Beast could live harmoniously like those in Misty Mountains. For most Mutant Beasts, survival of the fittest was the norm. The strong lived and the weak died, this was the law of the jungle.


Now, if and when Brewmaster ran into the Snake Queen, he just had another reason to take action.


After all, considering that his Little Brother was injured, both emotionally and logically, he had to make a move; otherwise, he as an Older Brother, would be unable to raise his head.


As for seeking revenge against the Snake Queen, unfortunately, he could not do that right now.


Not only because the whereabouts of the Snake Queen were always mysterious but also because he was a member of Misty Mountains and had heavy responsibilities.


*Haaaa…* Taking a deep breath, Brewmaster took a sip of wine and slowly raised his gaze. When he noticed the eager and hopeful gaze of Rolypoly, he straightforwardly proposed, “Let’s go.” 


Saying so, he silently turned around.


“Go where?” Stunned for a moment, Rolypoly failed to follow Brewmaster’s train of thought.


“To meet Divine Tree.” Grinning, Brewmaster did not hide anything.


However, after a while, Brewmaster, noticing that several figures behind him were frozen and wearing stiff expressions, added in a gentle voice, “By the way, your Masters are also there.”


Just as these words echoed in the forest…


“Baa, Baa, Baa…” Giving out a series of complex bleats, the Pandas, led by Rolypoly, quickly followed the figure disappearing into the depths of the mist without a moment of hesitation.


Meanwhile, in the North Canyon at the heart of Misty Mountains…


A towering Willow Tree stood quietly.


After gazing deeply into the distance, the corners of Yu Zi Yu’s mouth curled up slightly.


“I guess, Old Nine still have some sway in their tribe.”


“Are you sure it’s not because you caught the owners of these Pandas?” Asked the Five-Colour Spirit Flower, expressing doubt.


“Well… that’s also another reason,” Yu Zi Yu admitted after a slight pause.



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