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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 382, A Cycle of Reincarnation

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At this moment, what Liu Zi Yan and the others were unaware of was that the Five-Color Spirit Flower, hidden far within the crown of Yu Zi Yu’s tree body, seemed exhausted, and her aura was somewhat languid.


“I’ve reached the limit, three is truly the limit. I forcefully invaded their minds without them noticing, and modified their wills. Now, their loyalty to you may even be higher than that of the Nine Great Beasts.” Listening to the gasping voice of the Five-Color Spirit Flower, Yu Zi Yu was also slightly startled.


[Forcefully modifying wills? Are you kidding me?] However, after a moment, Yu Zi Yu’s pupils suddenly shrank as he looked through her status screen.


He was astonished to discover that there was indeed an extra section on the Five-Color Spirit Flower’s status screen.


[Unique Abilities: A Cycle of Reincarnation – It can invade other minds without getting detected, and modify their wills. (Those whose wills are modified can remember everything from before, even their habits and other aspects will not change.)


It was an extremely horrifying ability, even if the Five-Color Spirit Flower could execute it in a limited manner.


A rough estimate suggested that the next she would be able to execute it would be after several years.


Furthermore, the Five-Color Spirit Flower could only cast this ability against enemies whose strength was one level lower than that of the Five-Color Spirit Flower.


More importantly, it was permanent and irreversible.


Now, these three Humans had completely succumbed to the newly awakened ability of the Five-Color Spirit Flower–A Cycle of Reincarnation.


The instructions planted in their minds by the Five-Color Spirit Flower was of unconditional loyalty to the Divine Tree, to live and die for it.


“You used this kind of ability on them?” Reading the terrifying description of the ability, Yu Zi Yu was also dumbfounded.


He had been immersed in cultivation recently and had forgotten to observe the progress of the Five-Color Spirit Flower’s cultivation.


So, the Five-Color Spirit Flower awakening such an ability really came as a surprise to him.


What was even more bewildering to him was that she actually used it on Humans.


“Uh…I’m sorry?” Momentarily dumbfounded, the Five-Color Spirit Flower also failed to react.


Then, she justified in an awkward manner, “This ability can only modify the will of beings one Tier lower than mine, and it’s quite taxing on me. It’s a redundant and useless ability. I noticed that you wanted to receive these Humans, so I used it on them. I just wanted to help you.”


Her justification was flawless, causing the corners of Yu Zi Yu’s eyes to fiercely twitch.


[This ability could certainly be considered redundant with how limited its uses are. But, it can still modify the will of beings one Tier lower than you. It is really an extremely terrifying ability in any case,,, this kind of ability could almost be called the ultimate form of manipulation…]


*Haaa…* Yu Zi Yu took a deep breath to calm his turmoil emotions, shaking his head helplessly.


[Unfortunately… If I had discovered that she had awakened such a terrifying ability earlier, I could have made arrangements in advance. I could have had her modify the wills of extraordinary Mutant Beasts or Humans with remarkable Innate Talents. While their current cultivation, even if they are a Tier lower, with their remarkable Innate Talents, they can nevertheless be cultivated over time…]


However, just as these thoughts crossed Yu Zi Yu’s mind, he suddenly froze.


[I guess, I made a mistake. The Iron Knights are the elites among the elite in China, aren’t they?]


Moreover, watching the Humans and Pandas behave intimately, Yu Zi Yu’s eyes flickered.


[I guess it’s a buy one get one free offer. In that case, holy shit, I even made a profit!]


Slightly shaken up, Yu Zi Yu regained his spirits.


[And it’s not just that.]


Turning his gaze slowly towards Liu Zi Yan and her teammates behind her, the looks of disbelief on their faces made Yu Zi Yu’s corner of lips curve up slightly. The next moment, as his glance fell upon the nearby Spirit Pond, Yu Zi Yu started calculating in his mind.


*Cough…* A forceful cough that shook the air interrupted the intimate reunion between the trio with their mounts.


The trio slowly turned around, respectfully facing Yu Zi Yu along with their mount.


Although they were a bit puzzled as to why their Masters would be so respectful, the Pandas, who always obeyed their Master, chose to go along with their Masters’ choice this time as well.


“Since you have chosen to submit, I will not be stingy.” Saying this, Yu Zi Yu’s branches shook slightly before sweeping towards either side.


In a moment, the mist flowed along the branches, creating a  path for people to walk through, leading them directly to the Spirit Pond.


“What’s this!?” Ah Long was a bit puzzled, nonetheless, he still looked towards Yu Zi Yu with fervor and respect.


“This is the Spirit Pond. It can cleanse your body, and might even raise your strength to a higher level.”


Just as these words rang in Liu Zi Yan and her companions’ ears. 


Ah Long and the other two, along with their respective Pandas, started slowly making their way to the Spirit Pond along the path carved by Yu Zi Yu’s branches.


However, not long after they stepped into the Spirit Pond, the thick mist once again blocked Liu Zi Yan and the others’ line of sight.


Nonetheless, they could still make out three figures sitting cross-legged in the Spirit Pond.


Liu Zi Yan and the others did not have to wait too long.


A deafening roar suddenly echoed through the canyon, and the Spiritual Energy started seething.


Immediately afterward, surging Spiritual Energy, visible to the naked eye, stirred up the surrounding mist, forming vortexes one after another, descending straight onto the heads of Ah Long and the others.


*Boom, boom, boom…* 


The constantly rising aura made Liu Zi Yan and the others’ faces change dramatically, finding the sight difficult to digest.









Ah Long and the others’ aura became increasingly formidable with the rise in their Spiritual Energy. 


Not only them, even their mounts, the Pandas, had their auras skyrocketing.


The Spirit Pond was made of Yu Zi Yu’s Life Essence, which had been diluted.


However, given Yu Zi Yu’s current strength, the water in this Spirit Pond was no less than ordinary Tier-2 Spirit Water.


Since it was Ah Long and the others first encounter with the Spirit Pond water, its effects were significantly more effective.


Of course, that was not all.


Individuals like Ah Long and the others cultivated more arduously than anyone could imagine. Although each of them was at the peak of Tier-1, their bodies were riddled with hidden injuries.


And, Yu Zi Yu’s Spirit Pond happened to have exceptional healing properties.


In just a moment, most of their hidden injuries were already healed.


What did this mean?


Just the thought of it sent shivers down Liu Zi Yan and the others’ spine.


Shackles, the very shackles that had been hindering their advancement finally vanished.


Five out of ten geniuses found it difficult to break through because of the numerous hidden injuries left behind from cultivation and battles.


These hidden injuries were hard to detect, making them particularly troublesome.


Just like Liu Zi Yan’s mount, Rolypoly, was unable to progress further due to the severity of hidden injuries.


This was also the prime reason why Liu Zi Yan led the team to Misty Mountains, to seek the Tree Monster’s Life Essence.


But now, the Life Essence that Liu Zi Yan and the others were desperately seeking had appeared right before them. Furthermore, it happened to be in the form of the Spirit Pond’s water, slowly but surely mending the hidden injuries of their former teammates.



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