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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 383, The Legendary Knight

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Translator:  Ashish

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At this moment, the corners of Yu Zi Yu’s lips suddenly curled up slightly, as if discovering something.


“About to break through, huh?” Muttering, Yu Zi Yu picked a small piece of black substance from his canopy.


It was a piece of Tier-3 Mutant Octopus’ heart.


Although it was just a small piece, it contained immense energy, enough to help this knight break through.


Of course, Yu Zi Yu still had plenty of these pieces.


They were a top-level strategic resource of the Misty Mountains. If utilized properly, they could create many Tier-2 Transcendents.


Now, with a gentle sweep of his branch, Yu Zi Yu threw the small piece of black substance into Ah Long’s mouth.


“Eat it.”


Hearing Yu Zi Yu’s orders, Ah Long obeyed without a shred of hesitation.


Additionally, a powerful sense of craving surged throughout his body.


*Haaa…* Exhaling a long, deep breath, the knight named Ah Long opened his mouth and swallowed the black substance. However, before he could chew, it melted into his mouth right away, bursting into a torrent of energy.


*Boom…* In just a moment, Ah Long felt the Spiritual Energy in his body boiling like never before, and even the vortex of Spiritual Energy around him expanded rapidly.


“This can’t be, can it?”


“He’s breaking through, how is that possible?”



Liu Zi Yan and the others’ cries of shock and surprise echoed one after another, and their expression changed drastically at the sight of this.


A trace of envy flickered in the depths of some Iron Knights’ eyes.


Tier-2 was a familiar yet distant realm. For some, it might just be a higher level, but for knights like them, it was synonymous to strength. If they became Tier-2 Superhumans, they would undoubtedly surpass most ordinary Tier-2 Superhumans. With the right opportunities, they might even leap to become Apex Superhumans in China.


Apex Superhumans, that would be on the same level as Empress–Ling Er and the strongest Iron Knight, standing shoulder to shoulder with them.


This level did not correspond to cultivation; it was the division of combat power.


Just like Empress–Ling Er, although her Spiritual Energy was only around 700,000, her combat power far exceeded others’ imagination.


As for the most mysterious and strongest Iron Knight, thanks to his mount, the Panda–Dragonslayer, and their tacit cooperation with exquisite combat skills, he could be considered the strongest among Tier-2 Superhumans.


Compared to other professions, the path of a knight was long and arduous. After all, they were not alone but shared life and death with their mounts.


If their mount made the slightest misstep, it may affect themselves.


This was what the knights called ‘A Knight’s Bond’. It was a testament to their trust with their mount.


While their mount could potentially drag them down due to this bond, the benefits were also numerous.


For instance the combat power, as the most elite Human partnering with a Royal Beast like the Panda, it was not simple one plus one. In addition to a direct increase in their combat power, they would also sense something along with their partner’s breakthroughs.


Just like now, Ah Long’s mount, the Panda, Stormscale, was also showing signs of breakthrough due to Ah Long’s breakthrough. 


*Waaah…* Stormscale let out a bleat as the mist started surging, and the terrifying spiritual vortex expanded rapidly, visible to the naked eye.


It was unbelievable, and also unimaginable.


And not long after that…


*Thump, thump, thump…* Accompanied by heavy footsteps, two figures slowly walked out from the depths of the mist. 


One was a Human with his upper body completely bare, revealing a well-built and muscular physique. Every muscle on his body resembled a Coiling Dragon, distinctly showcasing the extent of his physical strength. Each of his steps sent tremors through the ground and shockwaves through the air. Even the ground caved in as if struggling to bear his weight.


As for the figure beside him, it was a tall and robust Panda on all fours, with a pair of eyes radiating chilling ferocity and brutality. What left a deep impression was that this Panda bore a scar on its face, and half of its white fur happened to be dyed red.


The red and black hair complemented each other, bringing out a fierce aura around it, rendering it incredibly intimidating.


They were none other than Ah Long and his Panda, Stormscale.


Compared to how they were when they entered earlier, they had undoubtedly undergone a huge transformation.


Just the fierce aura emanating from them made everyone feel suffocated.


Not to mention Liu Zi Yan and the others, even Sarcosuchus and White Tiger in the distance, had their pupils shrunk at the sight of this pair.


This was simply unbelievable to them.


Not that long ago, they were just Tier-1 Superhumans, ordinary and hard to notice in an order of knights. However, now, after completing the breakthrough, they seemed to have become the dazzling hot sun, attracting the attention of everyone present.


The auras of Human and beast were in complete harmony, and resonating.


Ah Long possessed a fiery temperament, and in his fierceness, there was a tinge of determination. He had always been the first to charge in the lance of Iron Knights led by Liu Zi Yan.


And so was his mount, Stormscale.


And now, with their breakthroughs, this aura of theirs has been magnified exponentially.


More beastly than any creature, marked by fierce brutality and cruelty.


*Growl…* Stormscale, now several times larger than before, let out a growl that actually left ripples in the air. The ripples were so powerful that they even caused nearby trees to bend.


Even Liu Zi Yan and the others, standing at a distance, appeared as if under a spell, their expressions completely frozen.


“We pay our respects to Divine Tree…” Firm and resounding voices echoed through the sky.


The robust man named Ah Long was already kneeling on the ground, looking at Yu Zi Yu with eyes full of reverence and devotion. 


His mount, Stormscale, had also tacitly lowered its head in a show of respect. 


“En.” Yu Zi Yu nodded slightly, his eyes flickering with a hint of surprise.


It really came as a surprise to him.


At first, he had not taken them seriously, but now, Yu Zi Yu discovered that the knight profession seemed to be formidable. They were more than just companions. Both human and beast were a single entity, their auras in perfect harmony and resonating.


Not only that, Yu Zi Yu even discovered that Ah Long also had acquired some abilities of the Pandas.


For instance…


Unique Ability: Elemental Resistance – Capable of resisting elemental attacks to some extent, possessing 30% of his mount’s resistance. (The resistance to various elements is also determined by the Panda’s various Elemental Resistances.)


As a knight combination, the long-term companionship made the knight and the mount a single entity. And during breakthroughs, the knights also had a certain chance of gaining individual abilities of their mounts.


And now, Ah Long has gained the most formidable Talent of the Pandas.


Although it only had a 30% effect, when combined with the knight’s own strength, it became hard to quantify


[No wonder, a top-tier knight pair was hailed as ‘one of the strongest professions’ in the previous era.]



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