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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 384, Letting One Go Without Absolute Control is not an Option

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One of the strongest professions was indeed a heavy title.


In the previous era, when cultivation was at its peak, there was a flourishing of a myriad of professions. To emerge as ‘one of the strongest professions’ among so many options speaks volumes about the terror of such a vocation.


Of course, the strength of a profession depended on the individual himself.


In the case of Ah Long and his Panda, one was an elite among Humans, and the other was a recognized Mutant Beast from a Royal Clan. The overall combat power of their combination was far from a simple addition of their strengths.


However, if the Panda was replaced with an ordinary Mutant Wild Horse, or Buffalo, the outcome would be different.


In the worst case scenario, they might end up dragging each other down, becoming weak links and hindering each other’s progress.


When both parties lack strength, it becomes challenging to achieve any significant success.


Strength and unity made their knight team more terrifying. That was the true mystery of the knight’s profession. Therefore, every knight aspired to find a steed capable of carrying their ambitions.


Some even set their sights on legendary species, like the Wyvern that had recently advanced in Australia.


Of course, that was just a desire.


Becoming a knight was not as simple as just finding a steed. They had to eat together, live together, dress together, cultivate together, they had to do everything together. Until their Spiritual Energy could merge together, as if they were one.


This was the hardest part of being a knight.


Indeed, it was challenging, but if successful, the rewards were equally amazing.


Like Ah Long and his mount, Stormscale, who had just undergone a breakthrough, their combined combat power was nothing short of terrifying.


If Tier-2 Transcendents were categorised based on combat power, then the current Ah Long and his mount together could be considered of Second Order, perhaps even approaching Third Order.


First Order included ordinary Tier-2 Transcendents. Although they could be considered powerful, their combat power would be of ordinary Tier-2 Mutant Wild Horse, Mutant Spider, and the like. In other words, any Human or Mutant Beast that managed to advance to Tier-2 would be at this level.


Second Order encompassed beings like the Mutant White Tiger, who relied on their terrifying race and personal mutations to possess strength far beyond the ordinary Tier-2 Transcendents. 


As for Third Order, it would include creatures like Bull Demon and Whalefall—creatures whose races were inherently already strong and they individually possess strange power over Forces like Gravitational Force and Ultrasonic Waves. If they went all out, they could easily lay siege to cities.


As for Fourth Order, only creatures like Brewmaster and Nine Tails could be in it. Possessing strength beyond measure, they could already compete with the Ten Monstrosities of the Continent.


The strongest entities recognized by China also fell in the Fourth Order.


Except, compared to Brewmaster and Nine Tails, the strength of Empress Ling Er was even more unfathomable.


However, without resorting to exceptional means, it would be a challenging task for Ling Er to take down Brewmaster and Nine Tails. They might even be cautious of each other, because of their Innate Talents and Abilities.


For instance, if Brewmaster strengthened his defences, Nine Tails would find it challenging to deal with him.


However, when faced with Ling Er’s flames that could burn Souls, Brewmaster would have no choice but to step back.


This was mutual restraint.


As for China’s strongest Iron Knight, although his combat power put him in Fourth Order, the specifics of his combat power remained a mystery.


However, it should not be that scary, at least not stronger than Nine Tails and Brewmaster by much. Otherwise, with his strength, he would not have been struggling to suppress a murder of crows along the coastal area, one of the Ten Monstrosities of the Continent.


Of course, many factors affected one’s combat power, such as the amount of Spiritual Energy, physical strength, Innate Talent, Unique Abilities, and even Divine Abilities.


It could not be generalised, it could only be seen as a reference.


As in the case of Golden Ant, thanks to his fearsome Innate Talent, and under the premise that he had ample Spiritual Energy, it would not be difficult for him to join the ranks of Apex Tier-2 Transcendents.


Unfortunately, it had not been that long since Golden Ant had broken through to Tier-2.


Whether it was his Spiritual Energy or physical strength, they had not reached their peaks.


Observing the tall figure not far away, standing next to the fierce Stormscale, Yu Zi Yu nodded in satisfaction.


The harvest was indeed substantial, a rare opportunity for him.


If these knights were properly nurtured, they might have the potential to rival the Strongest Iron Knight, and even contend for the Apex rank.


Such strength, in the present era, would be enough to rule over a territory.


At this moment, as if recalling something, Yu Zi Yu shifted his gaze to the seven figures behind Ah Long.  


“Your time is limited. I’ll give you one night to choose, either submit or face destruction. Submit, and you might even have the chance to reach Tier-2 just like Ah Long.”


Just as he mentioned this…


With a thunderous roar, Ah Long tacitly let loose his formidable aura.


In the blink of an eye, at a speed visible to the naked eyes, a blood-color vortex was formed.


A smile appeared on Yu Zi Yu’s lips, feeling quite satisfied with Ah Long’s tactful behaviour.


Afterwards, he glanced at Liu Zi Yan and others, his tone turning one notch colder as he stated, “As for the second option, I hope you think carefully.”


Yu Zi Yu did not add anything else. As far as he was concerned, this was a simple thing for him.


[According to Ling Er, the most noteworthy among this group is Liu Zi Yan. As one of the seven commanders of the Iron Knights, she is exceptionally talented. If she were to die here, or even join our ranks, it would definitely deal a significant blow to China.] 


It should be brought to notice that Ling Er had already provided detailed information on Liu Zi Yan.


She had no mother or father, an orphan.


Her only Mentor had tried to challenge the surging dark currents in the Chinese government. After having failed in the struggle, he was exiled along the coast, where he eventually perished, fending off the invasion of Mutant Sea Creatures during the Dark Day.


In a sense, because of her Mentor, Liu Zi Yan harboured resentment towards certain individuals in the government, and those people were well aware of this.


However, due to her Innate Talent, most of them hesitated to take action.  


However, several months ago, due to her mount’s injuries, Liu Zi Yan’s cultivation had come to a halt. Since then, she lost most of her influence, and thanks to the intervention of certain individuals, her status had taken a dive overnight.  


In other words, she was a pitiable girl with a tragic background.


If this aspect was exploited well, regaining control wouldn’t be difficult.


After all, compared to anything else, and even China, Liu Zi Yan’s only concern was her mount—Rolypoly.


It was her emotional support, and her only source of support. Otherwise, she would not have risked her life for Rolypoly’s injuries.


What Yu Zi Yu had to do here was to heal her mount.  


With this in mind, Yu Zi Yu cast a deep glance into the depths of the thick fog at the leading Panda, which bore very serious hidden injuries.


[Let’s wait a bit longer.] Yu Zi Yu smiled in his heart, choosing not to act immediately.


[Such matters shouldn’t be rushed. It would be best if Liu Zi Yan took the initiative and made a choice herself. Only then can her loyalty be somewhat credible.]


As for the others, whether they pledged allegiance or not, Yu Zi Yu was not too concerned. Whether they lived and died depended on their choice. There was no third option.


In Yu Zi Yu’s opinion, letting them go without absolute control over them was not an option.


Even if these people chose to pledge allegiance, Yu Zi Yu would still keep some sort of backup plan in case they decided to go back on their words. Furthermore, as far as they were concerned, whether they refused to submit or hesitated after one night, a thunderous strike from Yu Zi Yu would be the consequence awaiting them all.


When dealing with enemies, Yu Zi Yu showed no mercy. If they were of no use, Yu Zi Yu did not bother about them.


The reason Yu Zi Yu paid some attention to Liu Zi Yan was simply that she had demonstrated her own value.


It was as simple as that.



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