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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 388, The Transformation of Knights

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Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


*Boom, boom, boom…* Rows after rows of fearsome beasts swarmed towards Yu Zi Yu’s group, kicking up endless sand.


This was the Taklamakan Desert, the most treacherous place on the continent.


In the absence of Ah Long and Zi Yan’s Tier-2 aura, some would always become overconfident and rear their heads. 


*Chirp…* Suddenly, a cry echoed from a nearby sand dune, followed by continuous tremors, one after another.


But right then, a glimpse of coldness flickered in the depths of Zi Yan’s eyes, who was quietly standing on the back of Rolypoly.


In an instant, her feet kicked Rolypoly’s back before she leaped into the air with a lance in her hand, reaching a height of 30-40 meters.


Immediately after, she fiercely thrust her lance as a cold halo radiated from the tip of the lance.


*Swoosh…” Accompanied by loud swoosh, Zi Yan, like a meteor, zoomed towards the ground at a 45 degree angle, stabbing into the sand dune.  


Immediately afterward, a splash of blood shot out from the sand, dying the sand red.


At the same time…


*Chirp…* A painful cry echoed through the air.


However, before the cry could linger in the air for long, cold words emerged from Zi Yan’s lips as the Spiritual Energy at the tip of her lance erupted, “Go to Hell.”


Like a bomb explosion, a shockwave of Spiritual Energy spread outwards, kicking up the sand high into the air.


“Killed in one blow, impressive.” Yu Zi Yu gave a nod in amazement as he looked towards the 11-12 meters long Desert Monitor Lizard amidst the sandstorm, his lips curling into a smile.


[Zi Yan, this girl is indeed packing formidable combat power.]


She might appear as tiny as an Ant before him but she had shown remarkable speed, fierceness, and accuracy when dealing with these Mutant Beasts that were only at Tier-1.


Especially, looking at the lance that had pierced half of the Desert Monitor Lizard’s head, Yu Zi Yu could not help but raise an eyebrow.


Even until now, the lance was still vibrating at a fearsome frequency.


It was a testament to the level of shock the Desert Monitor Lizard, with half of its brain pierced, had to endure.


However, at this moment, as if thinking of something, Yu Zi Yu promptly sprang to action.


With a swish, a green streak of light flashed through the air, like a Spirit Snake shooting out of its cage.


Immediately after, a cold and electronic prompt rang in Yu Zi Yu’s mind.


<Ding, you have killed a Tier-1 Transcendent Desert Monitor Lizard, Evolution Points +50,000.>


Yu Zi Yu slightly nodded, feeling satisfied.


The Transcendent Mutant Beast possessed quite a tenacious vitality. Even with half of its head destroyed, it was still breathing. As such, Yu Zi Yu did not hesitate to make the final harvest.


[Got another batch of points.] Smiling, Yu Zi Yu channeled his Spiritual Energy. In an instant, the green branches that had pierced the body of Desert Monitor Lizard trembled slightly.


“Boom…” With a deafening explosion, swathes of blood splashed into the air as large chunks of flesh shot in all directions.


Without a moment of hesitation or delay, the Pandas leaped towards the scattered pieces of flesh in different directions, smelling the blood.


Not only them, but even Lupin, Snow Leopard, and the others in the rear also shot towards the pieces of flesh.


These pieces of flesh happened to be the meal of Mutant Beasts and Humans alike. In this harsh environment, even eating raw meat was a luxury.


The Knights, who had firm wills, naturally did not mind it.


With a flick of their lances, a small piece of flesh fell into their hands, and more pieces of flesh fell into the mouths of the Pandas under them.


Even the tall and beautiful Zi Yan grabbed a small piece of flesh with her right hand that was enveloped in green Spiritual Energy and gently brought it into her mouth.


While it was a bloody sight, there was a certain elegance to it. Especially the drop of blood not yet wiped off the corner of her lips added a touch of inexplicable charm.


Throughout the journey, the Pandas, even Lupin and the others, never stopped their march towards the depths of the desert.


In a neat and tidy manner.


Enacting strict obedience.


A disciple stricter than the Army was vividly demonstrated by them.


However, that was not the scariest part.


The most frightening aspect was their silence, akin to cold-blooded war machines—silent and ominous.


This was exactly what Yu Zi Yu hoped to see.


As Knights, their duty was to attack. They did not need to use words, their lances spoke for them. The lances in their hands proved everything more than what meaningless words could.


At this moment, as if thinking of something, Yu Zi Yu slowly switched his gaze to a palm-sized Spirit Flower rooted on a branch in his canopy.




“No,” the Five-Color Spirit Flower softly replied, but her voice carried a tinge of inexplicable fatigue.


“Get some rest, don’t push yourself.” Yu Zi Yu used his branch to gently stroke the petals of the Five-Color Spirit Flower. Her current state made him a bit distressed.


The decisiveness and determination shown by the lance of Knights owe much to the Five-Color Spirit Flower.


After all, she was cleaning their mind and polishing their wills using her Spiritual Energy every now and then.


Even China could not provide such treatment.


Not to mention, Yu Zi Yu also intentionally or unintentionally infused his Life Essence into the pieces of flesh provided to everyone.


It could be said that these Knights had undergone a metamorphosis in just a few days, surpassing their past selves.


Not only in willpower, but also in physical strength.


Even their cultivation had increased significantly.


And this happened to be one of the most terrifying aspects of Misty Mountains.


Yu Zi Yu provided resources and treatment that ordinary people dare not even think of.


The cleansing of the psyche, conducted by a Marvelous Flower of Heaven and Earth, and the Life Essence of a Half-Step Tier-4 Spirit Tree—these unique and precious resources were potent enough to turn a pig into a powerful entity, let alone these Knights who possessed remarkable talent and strength.


Yu Zi Yu believes that by the time they return, the entire Human Race and even Mutant Beasts would look at them with an entirely new gazes.


However, before that, what awaits them would be one bloody battle after another.



| Evolution Begins With A Big Tree |

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