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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 389, An Encounter with the Scorpion Tide

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“Kill…” A thunderous shout, akin to a peal of thunder, reverberated through the sky. Immediately after, a massive figure covered in blood leaped into the air, causing the swarm to back up.


However, covered in blood Ah Long, riding Stormscale, charged straight towards the Mutant Scorpion tide without a moment of hesitation.


Yu Zi Yu’s group was facing the Mutant Scorpion tide.


At this moment, thousands upon thousands of basketball-sized Black Scorpions were emerging from the ground, pushing apart the layers of sand.


*Skitter, skitter…*


*Skitter, skitter…*


*Skitter, skitter…*


Amidst creepy sounds, the Mutant Black Scorpions rushed towards the Knights under Yu Zi Yu’s command, resembling black waves.


Except, compared to the ferocity of these Mutant Scorpions, the Knights and Mutant Beasts led by Zi Yan and Ah Long like a sharp sword cut straight into the black tide with unstoppable momentum.


*Wah…* Ah Long’s mount, Stormscale growled as he raised his blood-colored giant claws and fiercely slammed the ground.


*Boom!* With a deafening clap, waves of sand, tens of meters tall, splashed into the air. What was even more terrifying was that all the Mutant Scorpions within a hundred meters were also thrown into the air.


If one observed carefully, they would notice that the black sheen of these Black Scorpions’ scales had dimmed a bit, and some of them had even been killed by the shock.


This was a swarm of Mutant Scorpions, a kind of social Mutant Beast of the desert. They possessed extremely hard shells, eight eyes, and two large and powerful black pincers. They also had a segmented, slender tail that curved upward, attached to their rears.


At this moment, if one paid close attention, they would definitely notice a faint shimmer at the end of their tails.


Innate Talent: Poison Stinger – A racial Innate Talent possessed by Mutant Scorpions. Most Mutant Scorpions can awaken this talent, allowing the stinger at the end of their tails to bypass half of the defenses, easily piercing targets. Additionally, their toxin is deadly.


There is no denying that caution should be exercised when dealing with this kind of Mutant Beast.


Everything aside, just their Racial Innate Talent, the Poison Stinger, made them extremely terrifying.


Fortunately, most of these Mutant Black Scorpions were at Tier-0. Otherwise, just relying on their Innate Talent – Poison Stinger, they could even tear through the defense of Pandas.


The Pandas were renowned for their superior defenses among their peers. The fact that the Poison Stinger of these Mutant Black Scorpions could penetrate through their defenses and inject terrifying toxins spoke volumes about their level of threat.


But while these Mutant Scorpions were formidable, their defense was not that great. So much so that Stormscale’s fierce swat killed dozens of Mutant Scorpions, and the shockwaves sent hundreds of Scorpions flying.


At this moment, the Knights and Lupin’s group, after entering the tide of Scorpions, were really like Tigers amidst a flock of Sheep, displaying their fearsome power.




Ah Long thrust the blood-colored lance in his hands.




Immediately after, much to Yu Zi Yu’s astonishment, a blood-colored tornado, dozens of meters wide, emerged from the tip of Ah Long’s lance with a thunderous roar, carving a path through the battlefield.


“This is the Combat Technique Humans are so proud of!” Yu Zi Yu slightly raised his brow, taken aback a bit.


The kind of Combat Technique that perfectly combined skill and Spiritual Energy was really quite formidable. In terms of destructive power, it far exceeded the Mutant Beasts’ general perception of Humans’ techniques.


However, at this moment, Ah Long’s eyes suddenly narrowed, as if he had sensed something.


After a moment, he tightly gripped the blood-colored lance and fiercely threw it in a certain direction.




Cutting through the air, the blood-colored lance turned into a streak of blood.


Just a glance was enough to tell how powerful this throw was.


However, what astonished everyone was what happened the next moment.


With a metallic clang, like the collision of swords, a firework of sparks splattered in the air.


At this moment, a knight holding a lance suddenly broke into a cold sweat.


Because, not far from him, a long and slender black tail with a sharp and menacing stinger, shooting from the ground, had suddenly stopped in mid-air. If it were not for Ah Long promptly blocking it with his blood-colored lance, this tail, which was almost invisible to the naked eye due to its speed, would have pierced his heart in an instant.


There was no doubt about that. After all, this was the terrifying aspect of the Mutant Black Scorpion.  Mutant Beasts like these, that focused on one hit kill, employed methods that were far beyond what others could imagine.


*Skitter, skitter…* The sharp and piercing shrieks were filled with fury and unwillingness. 


At the same time, in the rear of the Scorpion Tide, the sand suddenly started shaking before a colossal creature, at least 5-6 meters long, emerged from the ground.


It was a Mutant Black Scorpion, but several times larger in size. But unlike ordinary Mutant Black Scorpions, its eyes happened to be flickering with green radiance, and even its scales were adorned with a dark and deep green sheen.


Its jet-black mouth organs glimmered with a faint yet cold gleam. Further down, its six long and powerful legs, even against the yellow sand backdrop, radiated a glossy black sheen.


However, the most striking of all was its long, raised tail behind.


It could freely stretch and retract. Sometimes it was three meters long, and sometimes dozens of meters. However, amidst its slow swaying, it left a trail of blurry afterimages.


If one looked closely, they would notice a barb-like beautiful black gem at the end of its tail, shimmering with the most dark and ghastly radiance. 


“A Tier-2 Transcendent…” With a tinge of seriousness, Ah Long’s eyes glimmered at the sight of the giant Black Scorpion crawling out of a nearby sand dune.


But that was not all.


Immediately after the emergence of this giant Black Scorpion, the sand dunes around it shook one after another.


*Boom, boom, boom…*


Blasting away the sand, seven or eight hugh Black Scorpions, each 2-3 meters long, crawled out one after another, emitting piercing shrieks.


“Did we stumble upon a den of Scorpion?” With a shadow of a smile, Nine Tails, who had been watching from behind, failed to stop her laughter.


Quite a few powerful creatures had emerged this time.


“I guess so.” Nodding, Yu Zi Yu’s eyes flickered with anticipation.


Although he could take these Scorpions down as easily as a wave of his branch, that would not be much of an adventure.


It had been two days since they had stepped inside the Taklamakan Desert, but apart from giving the final blow, Yu Zi Yu had never truly engaged in combat. So, of course, he would not be breaking this pattern now.


More importantly, while the current Scorpion Tide was terrifying and even Scorpion Kings had made an entrance, the Knights still hold the advantage in terms of elite combat power.


The only thing they had to be cautious about was avoiding getting completely surrounded by the endless Scorpion Tide.


At a glance, Yu Zi Yu’s group looked like a small boat in the stormy sea, constantly facing danger of capsizing.


“Master, should we take action?”


“Let’s see how it goes first.” With a smile, Yu Zi Yu also stopped his advance and slowly rooted himself on a sand dune.



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