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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 390, Turquoise Scorpling

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On a sand dune stood a 10 meters or so tall Willow Tree, adorned with a gentle glow, swaying gently.


At the same time, a Red Fox, as if bathing in flames, halted its stride and chose to wait.


At a glance, the duo of Willow Tree and Red Fox seemed incongruent. However, against the backdrop of the dyed red desert behind them, they created an indescribable contrast.


*Screech, screech…* Shrill and piercing screeches reverberated across the desert as sound waves, visible to the naked eye, rippled in the air.


The Tier-2 Mutant Black Scorpion, looking at Humans surrounded by its colony, was furious. Not only was its rare moment of rest disturbed, but Humans had also trespassed its territory.


In these circumstances, it would be stranger if it was not vexed.


However, before it could do anything…


*Swoosh…* The sound of something rapidly flying through the air echoed as a silvery-white streak of light zoomed straight towards it.


*Screech, screech…* The Tier-2 Mutant Black Scorpion gave out another shrill screech, but it did not retreat. Its long, swaying black tail suddenly blurred, instantly collided with the silvery-white streak of light.


*Boom, boom, boom…” 


For a moment, rapid collisions, like fast drum beats, echoed across the entire battlefield.


However, surprisingly, the black-haired girl holding the silvery-white lance managed to block all the attacks from the Mutant Black Scorpion.


The Mutant Black Scorpion’s tail was swift and terrifying, and very few could withstand it. Even Stormscale, another Tier-2 Transcendent, had to be cautious.


However, now this tall and slender beauty, with just a lance in hand, easily deflected all the attacks of the Mutant Black Scorpion. More importantly, her figure kept getting closer.


It was too shocking.


Just at this moment…


*Haaa…* Zi Yan heaved a long, deep breath as the depths of her eyes flickered with a deep and profound green glow.


Mirror of Soul.


It was a Unique Ability her mount, Rolypoly, had inadvertently awakened. It allowed its user to detect subtle movements and detect the trajectory of Spiritual Energy. It was precisely this ability that allowed Zi Yan to easily block all the attacks of the Mutant Black Scorpion.


However, at this moment, Zi Yan could not help but tighten her grip on the lance.


The impact of the Mutant Black Scorpion’s tail was too powerful, to the point that the webs of her hands started to hurt. If she had not enveloped her hands in Spiritual Energy, just the shock would be enough to tear through her flesh.


This was proof of how powerful the attack of the Mutant Black Scorpion’s tail was. Be that as it may, this was not a solution.


Suddenly, Zi Yan squinted her eyes slightly, sensing the imminent attack of the Mutant Black Scorpion.


In her gaze, numerous Black Scorpion Tails descended from the sky like a squall, covering her entire delicate body.


However, what was most frightening was that none of these was an illusion, rather the Mutant Black Scorpion’s tail happened to be attacking at such a speed that the afterimages left by it appeared tangible.


“Rolypoly…” Hearing his name, Rolypoly instantly understood her intention.


In an instant, the Panda, with fur as white as jade and a touch of contrasting black, let out a fierce growl, shaking the very air. 


*Grrrr…* Subsequently, a storm, visible to the naked eye, gathered at its claws.


*Howl…* The storm grew stronger and stronger, to the point that it almost materialized, as the howls of winds filled the surroundings.


The storm was clearly the size of a palm, yet it appeared quite horrifying.


Unique Ability: Claws of the Wind – A terrifying ability possessed by Rolypoly since birth. It allows it to gather a large amount of Wind Element on its claws, creating a genuine storm with each strike.


*Boom!* Accompanied by a thunderous roar that shook the sky, Rolypoly’s claw fiercely struck towards the sky with a backhand swipe.


Soon after, the palm-sized storm unexpectedly expanded at a visible speed, instantly growing into a tornado with a radius of dozens of meters, heading straight towards the numerous black shadows in the sky.


Even more terrifying was the swirling sand that was pulled into the storm. It made the already formidable storm a bit more terrifying.


*Bang, bang, bang…”


The storm with sand mixed in collided with the numerous dark shadows descending from the sky, bursting with numerous flashes of light.


At this moment, Zi Yan and Rolypoly became the focal point of the entire battlefield.


And right at that very moment…


“Kill…” With a soft shout, Zi Yan, holding the lance, directed Rolypoly to charge out of the storm.


“Her combat sense is impressive.” Yu Zi Yu nodded his acknowledgement, praising softly.


[No wonder Ling Er praised her; her talent is truly commendable. Especially her sense of timing, it’s just perfect.] 


However, Yu Zi Yu did not have time to focus on these things. Because, while the Knights were entangled with the Mutant Scorpion Tide, Yu Zi Yu’s roots had spread out like a spider web under the sand, covering all directions.


At this point, his roots had spread over the entire battlefield.


With just a command, his roots could instantly emerge from the ground and strangle every Scorpion, instantly devouring the enormous Scorpion Tide.


However, at this moment, as if discovering something, Yu Zi Yu’s corner of lips suddenly rose.


Switching his perspective to a root, Yu Zi Yu spotted a small turquoise Scorpion huddled in the corner of what appeared to be the den of Scorpions, at the rear of the Mutant Scorpion Tide.


Around it, there were several Mutant Black Scorpions exuding the aura of Tier-1 Transcendent, silently waiting.


“Is this the child of the Scorpion King?”


Smiling, Yu Zi Yu promptly sprung into action.


*Boom Boom Boom…*


One after another, roots emerged from the sand, attacking the Scorpling not far away.


*Screech, screech…*


*Screech, screech…*


*Screech, screech…*



Sensing the imminent attack, the Mutant Black Scorpions guarding the Scorpling let out shrill screeches one after another, anxious and uneasy.


The next moment, much to the horror, countless strange things, resembling Black Pythons, crawling towards them.


They could not react, or one could even say, Yu Zi Yu did not give them a chance to react.


*Swoosh…” Yu Zi Yu’s roots suddenly accelerated, disappearing in a flash.


The next moment…


*Schlick* With a crisp piercing sound, blackish green blood flowed along the roots.


At the same time, a cold and electronic prompt rang in Yu Zi Yu’s ears.


<Ding, you have killed a Tier-1 Transcendent Mutant Black Scorpion, Evolution Points +30,000.>


Feeling satisfied, the corner of his mouth slightly raised.


[This expedition has turned out to be quite fruitful.] 


However, at this moment, Yu Zi Yu did not have the time to relish.


After taking a deep look at the trembling turquoise Scorpling curled up in the corner, Yu Zi Yu’s roots swiftly entwined around it and dragged the turquoise Scorpling towards his location.


Just as Yu Zi Yu took away this turquoise Scorpling, the giant Scorpion King, locked in a battle with Zi Yan and Rolypoly, seemed to have noticed this and suddenly emitted the most piercing screech.


*Screech, screech…* Its screeches were filled with fury, unwillingness, and even a hidden sense of anxiety.


Hearing its screeches, the entire Mutant Scorpion Colony also became agitated and intensified their attacks.


In a flash, the Tier-1 Knights, including Lupin and others, were in great danger.


“Watch your step,” Yu Zi Yu murmured, but his voice seemed to echo in the minds of the Knights, Lupin, and the others.


In a moment, before the Mutant Black Scorpions could react…


*Boom, boom, boom…* Accompanied by a terrifying tremor, the entire battlefield shook.


The next moment, the sand suddenly sank.


What was even more horrifying was that Black Python-like roots rose from the ground, one after another.


In an instant, they enveloped the entire battlefield.


The entire sight gave the impression of gaping maws rising from the depths of the sand, as if swallowing the entire battlefield. Even if a few Mutant Black Scorpions managed to escape, their eyes flickered with fear at the sight of this horrifying and majestic sight, and their bodies couldn’t help but tremble.


Even though Yu Zi Yu had not revealed his aura, this display of his unfathomable power still scared the Hell out of the countless Mutant Black Scorpions.



| Evolution Begins With A Big Tree |

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