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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 392, The King of Knights of the Great Britain

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Translator:  Ashish

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Just as the pitch-black giant Dragon, or rather, the Wyvern, was gathering an astonishing amount of energy in its mouth, on the ground, a huge crowd had gathered…


Just by a rough estimation, there were thousands of Humans. Each and every one of them exuded an extraordinary aura, and mostly wore a different attire. Moreover, there were flags symbolizing their nations, flying high.


They were not from Australia. This huge crowd had gathered from various parts of the world.


Originally, a lot more had set out for Australia; unfortunately, the seas proved too fatal for many to continue. Even though Humans have developed ships that can shield Sea Creatures’ senses, crossing the ocean was still difficult and perilous.


Presumably, at least 30-40% of those who had set out for Australia had perished in the vast ocean.


This was testament of how perilous the seas were.


Among the people who had managed to arrive, even the weakest of them was a Tier-1 Superhuman. At this moment, everyone stared fixedly at the terrifying entity in the sky, resembling a creature from myths and legends.


“Breath Attack!”


Suddenly, a figure standing on a Giant Eagle had its eyes narrowed as a solemn expression took over its face.


Ling Er was not unfamiliar with a Dragon’s Breath Attack. Before coming here, the Chinese government had given her a briefing on the Wyvern and shown her images.


She had been briefed on how the Black Dragon’s Breath Attack pierced through hundreds of kilometers of a mountain range, even leveling an area no less than the size of an ordinary city.


And it was only a Tier-3 Transcendent. At this stage, it already possessed strength terrifying enough to threaten major nations.


As a Wyvern, a creature evolving towards the legendary race—Dragon, even if it had just advanced to the Tier-3, its strength was far beyond what others could imagine.


And now, this formidable entity was once again gathering that kind of earth-shattering energy deep within the dark clouds.


*Haaa…* Ling Er heaved a long, deep breath, and glanced at the hundreds of Chinese who followed her, a look of contemplation flashing in her eyes.


She was wondering whether she should confront it or evade it.


After just a moment, Ling Er’s eyebrows suddenly rose, as if she had sensed something.


The next moment, she saw two figures, that were standing at the forefront of the Chinese, simultaneously taking a step forward.


One of them was riding a Panda. He was donning a pitch-black armor and happened to be wearing a cold expression on his face.


At a glance, he appeared mysterious yet terrifying.


He was the strongest of the Chinese Iron Knights, a rare ApexTier-2 Superhuman.


The other person was a middle-aged man, wearing a green robe. He was carrying a long sword on his back. He gave off a refreshing and elegant aura.


This was someone Ling Er was unfamiliar with.


However, sensing his aura, she could tell that he too was an Apex Superhuman.


However, she had no idea where he came from; he had appeared out of nowhere.


[Sure enough, China still has secrets I don’t know…] murmuring in her mind, Ling Er signaled the Giant Eagle under her to fly towards the front.


At this moment, with so many Superhumans present, if she were to retreat, the hard-earned reputation she had built would go down the drain in an instant.


While the black Wyvern’s Breath Attack was terrifying, at the end of the day, it was a large-scale attack. Its single-target damage was not as terrifying as imagined.


In other words, the strength of these Apex Tier-2 Superhumans, whose capabilities were beyond ordinary people’s imagination, could easily withstand it.


Of course, the possibility of buckling under it could not be eliminated either.


However, definitely not Ling Er, because her strength was even more formidable than others could possibly imagine.



Just at this moment, something unexpected happened.


*Thump, thump, thump…* Loud footsteps suddenly resounded loud and clear on the noisy battlefield, shaking everyone’s heart.


Following the sound, a girl with European features—blond hair, blue eyes, wielding a large Knightly sword, and clad in bright silver armor—stepped out from the crowd.


However, she also had the characteristics of an Asian woman–a petite figure, delicate features, and an underdeveloped body.


She was extremely cute, possessing facial features that blended the aesthetics of both Eastern and Western. Many people were completely mesmerized by her beauty the moment they laid eyes on her.


At this moment, time seemed to have come to a stand still, and the air seemed to have frozen.


However, the blond girl, who was from the country that used to be known as the Empire on which the sun never sets, did not stop her steps, and had arrived in front of the crowd.


“King of Knights—Cornelia Shelley…”


Whispers broke out in the crowd as countless gazes focused on her.


In this great era of Spiritual Energy resurgence, and the advent of Transcendence, not every country was as stable as America and China.


There were countries, such as Japan, completely surrounded by the sea on all sides, facing crises every day and on the verge of collapsing.


Among these countries, Great Britain was one of them.


At one point in time, Britain lost contact with Humanity.


But, during that dark period, countless geniuses appeared in Great Britain.


One of them was the girl in front of them—known as the ‘King of Knights.’ Following the example of King Arthur, the legendary king of Great Britain, she drew her sword to claim the throne and even formed a unique Knights of the Round Table to defend the glory of Great Britain.


However, while she was known as the King of Knights, it was not as simple as imitating King Arthur.


Because the sword in her hand was identical to the one King Arthur was said to have wielded in ancient legends.


She was the one who pulled this sword out from a huge rock.


At the moment she pulled out the sword, a terrifying Mana erupted from it. 


Mana was synonymous with what the East referred to as ‘Spiritual Energy.’


The moment she pulled out the sword, the flow of time froze for her, and her body and appearance ceased to grow and age.


This was why this girl, who was already in her twenties, looked so young.


However, after giving it a thought, it was understandable.


In the East, there were inheritances, and even Mutant Beasts awakened memories from the previous era. So, the west having some inheritances was not surprising either.


The only thing that surprised Ling Er a bit was that Great Britain’s King of Knights—Cornelia Shelley, whom even China feared, was so young, or one might even say, juvenile.


“All of you, step back…” Cornelia Shelley commanded in a cold voice, giving chills to everyone who heard it.


At the same time, the blond girl, who was already at the forefront, drew the long sword in her hand, and pointed straight towards the night sky, towards the black Wyvern hidden in the depths of the clouds.


Surprisingly, as the blond girl pointed her sword, an incomprehensible vast blue screen of light slowly unfolded in the sky, shielding the Humans behind it. 



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